Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eats & More: 2 Days in Monterey

A couple of weeks ago, we headed down to Monterey for the weekend.  Considering it was 90+ degrees in the Bay Area burbs, the low 60s of Monterey was a welcome change.  There were quite a few things to see, eat, and check out in Monterey.

Beautiful views and a crisp blue sky:

Basking sea lions (the kids LOVED "arfing" along with them):

Tigers and elephants at a nearby "safari" (Wild Things):
Tigers: Golden Tabby and White
An aside - found out from the tour guide that Golden Tabby Tigers (sometimes called Strawberry Tigers) are actually very rare.  Per Wikipedia, they have a recessive gene currently only found in captive tigers.  

Another aside - they were both fascinated by our 4-year old son and followed his every move.  I think they thought he'd be good prey.  

So majestic

V feeding an elephant

Oaxacan cuisine at La Tortuga Torteria:
A cup of Mexican hot chocolate the size of a giant bowl.  I don't know if it's possible for hot chocolate to taste "fresh", but this one did!

Gigantic Cubano Torta

Seafood extravaganza:
Oak Grilled Oysters - Monterey's Fish House

Clams w/ house-made linguini - Monterey Fish House

Clam Chowder & Crab Salad Sandwich - Grotto Fish Market
This is more of a thick, potato-ey type of chowder with small bits of clam.  It was pretty tasty, but Hog Island Oysters in SF still ranks #1 for me.

Surrey riding:

We were able to squish 3 adults and 2 children in our surrey.  My husband and I did the pedaling.  I won't lie, pedaling an extra 100+ lbs each made for some sore legs afterwards but the kids had a blast.  For $30/hr, this was well worth it for the fun and exercise.

And a random functional old-fashioned gas pump (I think I've only seen these in movies):

We've lived in so many different states, but California is by far our favorite!  Beautiful, sunny days, mild weather, food galore... we can't really ask for more.  Not looking forward to the day when we have to move elsewhere.


  1. I think I may have warned you the you would fall in love :) I'd still love to do an SPG fabric tour of the Bay, you find the best places!

    1. Haha, you were 100% right on with that prediction :)

  2. I want that torta! Looks amazing! And that chowder...yum!

    The seals are adorable! Love that the tiger followed your boy. Looks like a fun trip!

  3. Fabulous images, wish I was ther.

  4. And you will have to come again to see me after we move! ;)

    1. Don't forget your warm CO clothes, it is CHILLY by the water!

  5. I also agree that California is the best! So glad you get to live there so we can drool over your wonderful food posts :)

  6. awww, everything looks wonderful!!! i'm happy you guys are having fun in monterey! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  7. This looks like so much fun :) I miss SF!!

  8. Adding Monterey to my travel bucket list. :)

  9. Glad you had fun and ate well! LOL on your son looking like good bate. Luckily, they were well caged. You certainly ate well. The clams looked yum!

  10. OMG this looks like such a fun trip! Ack I love animals and I am torn when I see them in captivity but I know the would likely not survive otherwise :(((

    I can't wait to head out to visit your's on our list! You can be our tour guide ;)

    1. I completely know what you mean. From what I understand, the animals get plenty of outdoor roaming time outside of the daily 1 hour tour. Hope that makes you feel a little better :)

  11. Sounds like a fun trip! I would love to see the sea lions! The Surrey looks like so much fun. I would make my Dad pedal as he is a cycling fanatic!

    1. Thanks so much! You should definitely give the surrey a ride, very fun!


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