Wednesday, April 10, 2013

H&M and Joe Fresh for JCP Fitting Room Reviews

Lured to the mall so my husband could get a pair of shoes, I couldn't help but snap a few pics for a review post.  My first stop was H&M.

 White Blazer, $30, Sz 4 (tag info below)
For whatever reason, single-buttoned blazers do not work on me, but I feel the need to try them on anyway.  The size 4 fit pretty well in the chest / torso and the sleeves are just a little too loose.  An overall decent fit, but not flattering on my body type.  
Verdict: There's something about these kinds of blazers that make me look more stout, no for my body type
See Jean's H&M blazer reviews here.

The back has a cute back peplum (?) detail.  Click on pictures to enlarge.  The blazer is on promo for $30.  A pretty good price for a lined blazer!

Conscious Collection Blouse, $17.95, Sz 4 (here)
I first saw this top on Ping and loved the ruffled armhole detail.  I was hoping being bigger would work in my favor for a better fit.  I'm trying on my usual size 4 and had the same issues she did - armholes / neckline too low.  The fit is also very blouse-y.  There's no easy way to alter this one since the shirt is pretty short and raising the shoulders would make it too short for my taste.  Oh well, will have to devise my own version at some point!
Verdict: No for me, but found another DIY candidate

It was a fast stop at H&M and as I wandered around waiting for my husband, I decided to go check out the Joe Fresh for JCP collection.  Their ads are everywhere and I was intrigued by the bright colors as well as curious about the fit.  My overall impression?  Cute pieces, decent prices, but do not fit me very well.  See below for details.  Want more JCP reviews?  Elle of FF&FF reviewed a couple of pieces from the Duro Olowu collection here.

Striped Dress, XS, $29 (do not see on website)
This dress is a great basic with the stripes, soft material, and pockets, but it just wasn't flattering on me.  The fit is OK with a roomy torso that made me look more frumpy than I wanted to.
Verdict: Not for me, geesh, so many body type fit issues today

Sleeveless Lace Top, XS, $29 (here)
Wow, this green makes me look tan!  I thought this top was pretty cute.  It's a little big through the torso and the armholes are a little bit low.  I wasn't in love with the large, circular lace pattern so did not purchase.  Plus, there are so many lace top options out there - why not hold out for something perfect?
Verdict: Cute, but not in love with it

Slim-Fit Sateen Pants, $29, Sz 4, (here)
Such a cute print!  My usual pant size of 4 was baggy throughout - waist / hips / legs.  I wanted to try a size 2, but it looked like all the size 2 / XS ladies barreled through JCP and bought it all out.  SO, I *think* sizing down would be the best way to go for these pants.
Verdict: I briefly considered altering these, but seemed like too much work to take in the waist / slim the hips / slim the legs / shorten

Print Blazer, Sz 2 (here)
Holy moly, this blazer was huge!  I'm wondering if this blazer is supposed to be really big and boxy?  The model on the website is swimming in it (and she also looks weirdly sleepy).  If you prefer a more fitted blazer, I'd recommend sizing down 2 sizes or looking elsewhere.
Verdict: Big No

And the shopping OOTD featuring my favorite purchase from Hong Kong - a reverse(?) leopard scarf and my tried-and-true military jacket from LOFT ages ago

No purchases for me (again), but I'm trying to save up for a new bike  :)  

Have you checked out any of the new JCP collections?  Would be interested to see what you thought, especially if you were able to find smaller sizes.


  1. The great thing about not finding stuff that fits is that your wallet stays full ;). Plus, you got a great DIY inspo!!! Too bad JCP has horrible fit on you b/c their Joe Fresh pieces sure are eye catching.

  2. I've returned quite a bit bc of fit issues - too short skirts, frumpy white jeans, and a steal of an Anthro dress that was too short waisted on me. :(. At least it's given me more funds to spend on nicer items, & I feel my shopping habits changing for the better.

    Are you getting a mountain bike or a cruiser? My husband has a Specialized limited edition that he never gets to ride bc he's always gone during summers. They do cost a heck of a lot!!!

  3. i need to get a white Blazer and I was thinking of going to HM just bc the price is not back. with my body type though, i would need a blazer that is a lil longer. Great review!!!

  4. I have to agree, the H&M blouses seem to be a little too big for petites and definitely has their neckline a little too low. Walking out empty handed has it perks, it saves you money for items that you will actually love and fits you right, but you're a queen at sewing, I'm sure you can easily make pieces like these yourself to fit your body :)

    - Christine
    Petite Hues

  5. I want a white blazer, but like you mentioned H&M does not have the right fit (for me). Im glad you didnt buy any of the above mentioned items coz i feel you do so much better when you get inspired by something and recreate it with your SPG-spin added to it :)

  6. I'll have to see the fit, of course, but that sleeveless lace top certainly has my attention. I never go to jcp, but I'm going to make a special trip!

    7% Solution​

  7. Lol I actually have that white blazer you tried on. I feel it is too short for my liking and the sleeves are a little wide and long, but I haven't found any other option out there that comes close to fitting my waist. Oh well.
    & your Loft military jacket looks very cute on you!



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