Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nautical Inspirations & Reviews from Bloomies

After lunch with the girls, I headed to Palo Alto to do a little shopping.  I've shopped Bloomingdales online, but had never been to a brick & mortar.  I stopped in to check out their selection in person and oohed / ahhed at all the purses I had only seen virtually (I'm a bit of bumpkin).  They also had a bunch of cute items to try :)

Aqua High Low Dress - Stripe Tube, S, here
So of course I would be drawn to the stripes :)  The dress is very cute and strapless held up by elastic at the top.  Word to the wise, the elastic piece is very tight to prevent wardrobe malfunctions and gave me some unsightly underarm flab.  This added to the $98 price makes it a great candidate for DIY.

Aqua Jacket - Spike Trim, Tweed, XS, (here)
You can't really tell in this picture, but there are small silver spikes trimming the edges and pockets.  SO (hmm, pretty / cute doesn't seem to be appropriate here) eye-catching!  The jacket fit pretty well and the sleeves were at a perfect length for me, but I didn't like that it didn't have any closures.  I really appreciate the option of wearing cardigans / jackets / blazers opened or closed so this was a "no" for me.  I have a good deal of spikes at  home so I might play around with trimming an existing jacket.

Aqua Tank - Stripe Block Peplum Ponte, XS (here)
I've peplum-ed just about everything except stripes so wanted to see how it'd look.  The construction of this particular piece was very nicely done.  The princess seams plus the angled side stripes provide great fit along with figure flattery.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Color Blocked Boat Neck Dress (here)
Love the navy + green combo here!  I didn't try this on, but I imagine the darker side panels would make anyone appear more trim.  On the list of future projects for sure!

So I'm still being cheap on shopping (I didn't purchase any clothing in Feb - rare for me - my inner glutton is gleefully pummeling my inner shopper), but I did come out with some new inspirations for future projects!

Do you ever "shop" without buying?


  1. Love the idea of DIY your own strapless dress and trimming your own jacket! Lately, I see you are gathering more inspiration from "shopping" than actually shopping and I appreciate it! It's good to have that critical eye!! Me, I hardly ever buy either. I'm either too picky, on the fence, or just don't want to spend any $$. Oh, and I'm preggo and pretty much done buying maternity clothes, so that helps too.

  2. Love the strapless high-low tube dress. I would never pay $100 for that dress b/c the material doesn't seem like it'd be worth it (is it jersey?). I think you could totally DIY the dress at a fraction of the price (and probably better quality to boot!).

  3. I actually really love stopping by the mall on a week day to window shop! I can take my time browsing without worrying about how long the change room lines are going to be. That striped peplum top looks DIVINE. Very slimming. I love me a good stiff peplum!

  4. Such great pieces! Love that peplum top!

  5. I love the stripy dress - Suits you actually :) But I'm sure you can whip up a DIY version :)

  6. That sounds like me and most of my shopping trips. Im a fast and non buying shopper. It has to be on super sale and attract my attention immediately. If I give it a second thought then I know I will not wear it :) Im glad you were inspired for the DIYs. Cant wait to see what you churn up. The high-low dress looks so good on you.

    On another note, I saw this pin on pinterest where they had a peplum belt. I hope you make something like that coz peplum suits you.

  7. ooooh, i love the peplum top! so pretty! :D

    <3, Mimi
    Win a pair of Saltwater Sandals!

  8. Sounds like you had a good time. I like the Palo Alto mall. Something about it makes me happy, maybe because it's all outdoors or something.
    Ooh I can't wait to see you create a dress w/ side panels.
    I don't know if you've already heard of this, but Joann's Fabrics is having 40% off one regular item with code: retmenotae456, good until 4/15/13. I think this applies in stores too. I believe there's a location in Colma?


  9. If I could DIY like you, I would purchase far less. You're so gooda t it.


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