Sunday, March 17, 2013

J. Crew Fitting Room Reviews

I've been fascinated by pictures of bejeweled garments at J. Crew and went to the store to get a better look.

Tilda Oxford Rhinestone Top, 0, here
I wanted to love this shirt.  The jeweled neck and little ruffles are quite pretty.  I wish they had continued with the feminine details with a more tailored fit in the chest and torso.  
Box Pleated Crepe Skirt, 0, here
I rather adore this skirt.  I'm all for the pleats, the shape, and the pockets!  I wish it were longer!  This length makes me a little self-conscious about sitting / bending over to grab something.  I'm officially putting this on my "to DIY" list.
Verdict: No to both

Reverse Jacquard Stripe Popover, XS, here
Stripes!  Very cute, I loved the different texture of the tan stripes.  Made it a bit of jazzed up striped tee.  Fits wells in arms and shoulders, is a little relaxed through the chest and torso.  (I should note that my chest is finally going back to its pre-pregnancy flatness so everything will be looser in that area from here on out.)
Verdict:  Though the textural element was cute, it wasn't enough to make me pull the trigger given the many striped tees in my closet

Jeweled Sweatshirt, XS, here
Beading galore!  As stunning as this is, I can imagine losing bits and pieces until every beautifully designed cluster looked haphazard and sparse.  Darn practicality.  Fits well all over, but feels a little tight at the hem.  I have a feeling I'd have to keep tugging at it to prevent it from riding up and exposing my stomach.  I'd be interested to see how this fit in one size up.
Verdict: No for me, being clumsy and having kids means these jeweled bits wouldn't last long

Crystal Necklace sweater, XS, here
See also on Gigi
I'm still in love with green + navy together and thought the embellished neck of this sweater was just beautiful (and I'd be a little less worried of jewels falling off if they're in one area).  The torso / chest area of this was a little roomier than expected.  I would size down in this.
Verdict:  Would consider on sale in XXS

Schoolboy Blazer in Mixed Stripe, 00, here
The thing I love about J. Crew is that I can expect, with a relative degree of consistency, for certain styles like this Schoolboy Blazer to fit in a certain size.  This particular version seems to run smaller with both the sleeves / torso being tighter.  I would recommend sizing up.  I'm very drawn to the contrasting stripes, but I have similar garments so did not purchase this one.
Verdict: No

Contrast Knit Blazer, 0, here
I didn't know this about myself, but maybe single-buttoned blazers are not my friend.  Comparing this blazer with the Schoolboy above, I look very "poofy".  As I'd rather not artificially inflate myself, this goes firmly in the "no" pile, though I do rather like the contrasting elements.  Argh, I wish I were proficient enough at sewing to make blazers!
Verdict: No, lovely design, but not flattering to my body type

No purchases for me which seems to be my habit as of late, but did come out with an item to DIY :)


  1. my favorite is the striped blazer!! i was in j. crew today and saw that. have you tried making a blazer or is that too difficult of a feat?

  2. btw i love the new it new or have i just been oblivious? i esp like the needle under your blog name! very fitting!

    1. Thanks Ping! I changed the header slightly (just the blog name and needle) some time in the Fall. You're the first to notice :)

  3. Can't wait to see your DIY version of the skirt! lol, I totally understand the uncomfortable feeling with short flared skirts when bending over and sitting :)

  4. The green and navy top is really pretty :)

  5. I've tried most of these & think you're spot on w/your descriptions. Can't wait to see the SPG white skirt!

  6. None of those links screamed out at me either :( but can't wait to see your DIY!

  7. The stripes blazer is adorable. The rest of the items is kinda meh. I can't wait to see the DIY.

  8. Hi, I'm petite like you. You may want to give the Tilda a try in the petite size for a better fit. I got it in petite and love it.


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