Sunday, February 10, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target & Amazon Price Matching

I was drawn to the beautiful prints of the Prabal Gurung for Target collection and decided to check out the fit in store (which seems to vary from collection to collection).  I got there around 8:15 am, and though many of the smaller sizes and some in-demand items were gone, they still had plenty of larger sizes in a variety of items.

 Sleeveless Tee in First Date Print, XS, $26.99 (here)
Aside from the Floral Crush Dress, I thought this item had a lot potential when I first saw it.  I love the mirror print and the sheer top portion (similar to the Jason Wu floral top that I bought via kind-hearted Jean).  I thought the fit was pretty good and the price was decent, but the deal-breaker was the super-itchy inner stitching along the edges of the mesh.  I only had this on for a few minutes and was dying to get it off. 
Verdict: No, due to skin irritation

Beware of the itchy stitching and the large-ish armholes.

Dress with Full Skirt, 2, $49.99, (here)
I tried this solid version to gauge how the Floral Crush Dress would have fit me.  The size 2 fit well in the shoulders / ribs, but was a little tight at the bust (for reference is 34") as indicated by the pulling.  The waist is cut very high and is really at my ribs.  My hand is placed at my actual waist to show the difference (~2-3" lower).  A very cute dress in concept (love those black waist insets for a slimming effect!), but it just doesn't work on my body type.
Verdict: No, due to fit issues and would have preferred the floral print

The red version is 100% polyester, has a ribbed texture (like a grosgrain ribbon) and a slight sheen.  The size 4 is about an inch bigger through the torso, but the waist is still too high for me.

Short Sleeve Dress in First Date Print, 4, $39.99, (here)
This dress was adorable on the hanger, but when I put it on, I thought that maybe the print + contrast would have worked better on a fitted sheath dress silhouette than this flirty skirt one.  Size 4 is a little too big as evidenced by the floppy excess fabric in the chest and torso.
Verdict: No, not in my size and not into the silhouette for this look

Sleeveless Blouse in First Date Print, XS, $26.99, (here)
The fit on this one seemed a little billowy for me and the armholes are cut a little low.  The details are cute though!  
Verdict: No, fit is meh on me and it seems a bit "young" for the old mommy in me :P

Amazon Price Matching Experiment
I read on Twitter (I think from Kimmie?) that Target was price-matching and decided to give it a try.  I brought 5 items (2 x Tylenol, Listerine, ant gel, and shampoo) with me to Guest Services  and asked how the Amazon price matching worked.  The associate looked at me and asked, "All of these?"  A little judgmental there, but she was nice otherwise.  The process took a total of 10 minutes (plus 5 minutes of waiting for my turn).  They busted out their iPad (which did not have the Amazon app for scanning and thus had to hand-type each item and then search for the correct size) double-checked with me to make sure the price they showed matched what I had found, and then charged me those prices.  I saved ~$14 which accounted to more than 50% of my bill.

Would I do it again?  I would for large savings, but would probably stick to 2-3 items early in the morning when there isn't a crowd.

Have you tried price-matching?  If so, would you do it again?


  1. love the prints but i'm disappointed to read that the fit is weird.

    have done price matching (my sister though is the queen) but agree that it's best to go on off hours so you don't have the added pressure of lots of people in line behind you.

    hope you are having a great day! xox P

  2. Thanks for showing us how these fit on you! Since I have a short torso, I'm curious if the Red Dress with Full Skirt would fit properly on me. My waist is basically where my ribs end.

    Also, thanks for the info about the Amazon price matching at Target. It sounds like Target should install the Amazon app on their iPads.

  3. Thanks for the reviews! I woke up super early this morning trying to figure out what to order online since this collection looks gorgeous! I only ended up ordering a pair of shoes, but still curious of the other items. I'll have to check my local store if they carry this collection!

  4. Great and fast review. I went later on and managed to grab the floral crush dress in a size bigger than I normally wear. I will have to have it altered. It's so pretty. I am actually wearing it right now as I type :)

  5. Thanks for posting your review and great savings on your price match!

    I really wanted to like this collection but after touching the material I had to walk away. A lot of the tops were thin looking and the synthetic feel was just not appealing. Although the price point for this collection was much more appealing than the previous Neiman Marcus collaboration.
    Going during off peak time would make the price match worth it. Currently I have amazon prime and I'd stick with the convenience of having the items delivered to my door than having to wait in store for a price match.

    xoxo, Phoebe

  6. That 1st top totally looks like the Jason Wu top! I wasn't too excited by the prints for this collection, so I passed on the early rush to Target.

    Thanks for the price matching insight! I don't know if I would have tried it out if I hadn't heard it done from someone else. Now I might just try it.

  7. I also tried on the red dress and black panel dress. The red one did not fit well, and I thought the black panel one ran small in the chest and waist. I got that sleeveless button-front blouse. Such a fun print! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  8. I really love the 1st top on you. Too bad it was so itchy. I'll have to check into that Amazon price matching. Thanks for the info :)

  9. Too bad none of the pieces worked out for ya! And I have no tried price matching. You are right, prolly on larger purchases it'd be worth the wait.

  10. That red dress looks really cute in theory! but yeah, it's not perfect.

    And I haven't tried the price matching yet. I had one item in my cart the other day that was 10.09 in store but I knew was 9.99 on the target website, but I felt it was too much of a hassle to get them to price match it to save 10 cents. I'll definitely try it out when I have some big/pricey items to purchase!

  11. Ah... I was not that impressed by the new collection!

    Havent tried the price match yet. Will definitely check out when I have a big ticket item.

  12. I ordered a bunch of stuff from online without going through too much thought process. I stopped by the store and there were still a few things left hanging. I was not impressed by the material. In fact I was disappointed. Of course the flower crush dress was no where to be found. The packages were shipped already so I guess we'll see if there were any keepers.

    Thanks for letting us know the price matching information. It comes in handy. You know there's an app called ShopSavvy that scans in the item's bar code and tells you the cheapest online and in store prices? If only target match all online pricing that'd be really cool.

  13. I *really* liked the floral crush dress when I saw the campaign ad. Then a few days before the launch, I saw a photo of the dress "in real life" and it just didn't look as good. The colors looked more muted and the print wasn't as eye-catching, so I didn't even bother setting my alarm for an early wake up.

    Thanks for these reviews, S. Can we expect a DIY dress with black waist insets from you soon? :) Hope the next collab will yield better results!

  14. Thanks for the reviews! I've been sick so I haven't made it out to see anything in stores. I was just a crazy person who woke up at 2:00 am to buy what I desired online. I'm hoping I have good luck with everything! xoxo


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