Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Sale Reviews: J. Crew & Banana Republic

The time period between Thanksgiving and New Year's is when my inner shopper kicks into high gear from all the sales, hence all the review posts as of late.  I stopped by the mall the day after X-mas to scope out what was available.  Prices noted are from the promotions running in the store on that day - J. Crew 30% off sale and Banana Republic 50% off sale + extra 10% off for cardholders.

 Schoolboy Blazer, Wool Flannel, Modern Red, 00, $63 in stores, (buy here)
I'm a big fan of the Schoolboy Blazer and thought this orange-ish color was so pretty.  The sleeves are a little snug which makes layering with a long-sleeved top a little difficult, but the chest and torso seem to fit well.
Verdict: I was thisclose to buying it, but I have 2 red blazers already and one is a tomato red that is pretty close in color to this one.  Plus, I wasn't sure what I'd wear with an orange blazer that I wouldn't wear with the red ones I already have.
See also on Elle, Jean, and Ping.

Midnight Tweed Jacket, 00, $90, (buy here)
I thought this looked good in the mirror and seemed to fit better than other tweed pieces I've tried.  But then I reviewed the picture and realized I look like a box despite what I thought was a good fit.  I would say the 00 fits TTS and would look better on a different body type.
Verdict: No for me

Lustre Lace Mockneck, XS, $42 (buy here)
I saw this on Cee and was really curious about it, so was glad to see it available at my store.  I would recommend sizing down in this one since the torso seems to be cut a little on the boxy side.  And Cee is right, the lace is really itchy for some reason.
Verdict: No, but looks fantastic layered like Cee's post

Colorblock Top in Stripe, S, $14, (buy here)
Do you ever grab something you know is unlikely to work, but you try it on anyway?  This is one for me.  I was drawn to the stripes and was hoping it would run a little small since I could only find S, but unfortunately it runs TTS for J. Crew.  Very cute, but makes me look frumpy.
Verdict: No

Honeycomb Wool Sweater Jacket, XS, (buy here)
Sorry for the blurry pic.  This sweater jacket runs large.  The sleeves cover my finger tips and body of the jacket is larger in general.  I would recommend sizing down in this one.
Verdict: No for me

Refined Crystal Bow Buckle Belt, $21, (buy here)
Very cute belt for a good price!  I was tempted to buy this, but then reminded myself that this isn't something I would wear very often.
Verdict: No, don't need

J. Crew Liberty Crystal Braid Bracelet, Pink Berry, $7 (buy here)
I think this bracelet is adorable and it seems so desk job friendly.  Unlike most of my metal bracelets, the soft fabric on this won't dig into my wrist nor will it make clacking noises when typing.
Verdict: Yes, good price, cute print / colors

And at Banana Republic:
BR Buffalo Plaid Pullover, XS, $20, (buy here)
I love this check / diamond pattern and was happy that the overall fit is slim without being tight.  Good for layering and wearing on its own.
Verdict: Yes, good fit / price / look

BR Riviera blouse, S, $24 (buy here)
When I originally tried this, I thought it might be a good work blouse that I could nip a little along the sides.  I bought it, but am now second-guessing myself.  
Verdict:  Undecided.  I'm leaning toward returning because I shouldn't be buying things to "fix" if they aren't spectacular in some way.

Exposed Zip Lace Tank, 0, $16, (buy here)
I was really surprised at how well this fit.  The princess seams curved in all the right places.  Almost too much?  It made me feel a little self-conscious since I generally purchase to wear to work.
Verdict: No for me, but would recommend for others

How are you holding up this sales season?  Getting good deals or refraining?


  1. I actually like the BR Reviera blouse of all the items here....maybe i'm biased though since I love everything purple :) I'm attracted to the button detail and how the fabric seems soft and flowly.

  2. Love your critical eye throughout the shopping process! I loved that diamond/cross pattern sweater. It fit great on you and I love the subtle colors :). Happy New Year!

  3. Love the plaid pullover. Others didnt impress me much either.

  4. Thanks for posting the reviews! I actually ordered the schoolboy blazer in red and it's supposed to be on its way. :D The BR Buffalo Plaid Pullover looks great on you and I love how it's a different pattern from all the sweaters I've been seeing in stores and the price point is fantastic. Love all of your critiques and honest opinions. xoxo, Phoebe

  5. I think if you slim the sides a tad just so it's not as billowy at the waist, the Riviera blouse would be lovely. I just culled my fall/winter shoes, and ordered a few pairs of spring flats & wedges. Holding out for further cuts in 2 weeks when I go shopping. I'm hoping I can find clearance items that will work well for spring!

  6. Thanks for sharing your reviews. I love posts like these.

  7. Bummer about "Cee's top" not fitting. :(

    Love all your selections. I vote yes for the BR Riveria is nice to have some flowing blouses to reach for. But...does it have an elastic bottom? Those annoy me.

    Hope you enjoyed the holidays in your new home! :)

  8. Thanks for the review. I really like the lace tank on you! That fits you really well but I agree maybe it fits you too good to wear to work.

  9. the banana republic sweater is so fun - i love it on you! the jeweled belt is so cute too! the riviera blouse is nice, and a keeper for a fuller looking blouse if you are looking for that kind of shape (i say it bc the colour looks amazing on you). i hope you had a great holiday too!

    xox P

  10. I really like the necklace you were wearing that day! Also, like that sweater you picked up. I would have picked up that belt as well, because it's just so cute. As far as the Riviera blouse goes, I would get it. It's a nice staple piece you can dress up and down. You can leave it loose or tuck it in and it seems like it's a good price for nice material (so it seems).

  11. I like your banana and republic finds more.

  12. Thank you for your reviews, but I could not take my eyes off your necklace! Please tell me where you got it.

    1. It's from F21 in 2012, they have another similar one online:

      Hope this helps!


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