Monday, December 10, 2012

J. Crew & Crewcuts Fitting Room Reviews - Dec

I spied a J. Crew with Crewcuts near my off-site meeting and pretty much headed right over afterwards.  I know that sounds incredibly silly, but sometimes there are treasures to be found in the kids' section (i.e. cheaper versions of the adult style).

Crewcuts Long-sleeve Sparkle-collar, Sz 14, $49.50 (buy here)
You might already know that I have a thing for stripes and I have a little bit of a weakness for anything that pairs a trend with stripes.  This one was a cute combination of sparkly Peter Pan collar + stripes.  It fits approximately like a J. Crew 00 with a little more ribcage room and I was kind of surprised the sleeve length was right on.  Who knew?  Even with the 30% online (at the time making it $35), I think it's a little pricey for a tee.  
Verdict: Am still feeling cheap, but would consider on further sale

Close-up of the collar
Love that there are rhinestones in the mix

Giant Bow Sweater, XS, $98, (buy here)
I saw this on Gigi and wanted to give it a try.  I have to say that this is much cuter IRL than in pictures. Fits pretty true to size, maybe a little more relaxed than a typical J. Crew sweater in XS.  Very soft!  I looked for the Girls' version of this but they only had very small sizes left in the store.
Verdict: Waiting for further sale

Gabby Top in Dot, Sz 00, $50, (buy here)
This was adorable on the hanger, but a little boxy on the body.  I would say that this runs about one size large.  I love the pleated neck and the light, airiness of the material.
Verdict: No, fit is too boxy

Long Sleeve Tweed Dress, Sz 0, $215, (buy here)
Gorgeous on the hanger, a little too White House for me though.  This fits a little small in the waist / belly, but a little big in the chest.  Unlike most J. Crew dresses, this one definitely does not hide the good old tummy.  The tweed material felt a little scratchy to me too. 
Verdict: Not for me, would probably look fab on someone longer limbed or different body type

Crewcuts Cotton Anchor Sweater (Boys'), Sz 12, $59.50, (buy here)
Ok, how could I resist giving this a try?  As Aubrey mentioned, I think this would look great layered with a plaid button down underneath.  Though I'm digging all of these novelty sweaters with bows / anchors / neckties, I'm hesitant to buy one because I don't think this will be something that I wear year after year.  I do keep telling myself though that maybe my son will wear it when I tire of it LOL.
Verdict: No for now

Have you fallen in love with this year's novelty sweaters?

And I am finally getting over my flu / eye infection / cold / longest illness in years.  Thank you for the get well wishes!


  1. I love the giant bow sweater on you.

  2. I am happy that novelty sweaters are on-trend this year...that said, I am hesitant about spending money on them. I really liked the giant bow sweater online (and on you), will have to visit a local store and check it out for myself. :)

  3. I saw the tweed dress online and contemplated it for awhile, but the $ and lack of occasion to wear it were deal-breakers. (Lol @ "White House") I bet you can whip up something more figure flattering in tweed if you wanted :)

    It's taken me so long to branch out from solid colors into patterns. I think novelty sweaters are a long ways away for me, haha. If the design is right though, I can see myself changing my mind.

  4. on the hanger, that tweed dress has potential right? i keep looking at the catalog and the model makes it look so good.

    i agree w/Cee. you can probably whip up smthg in tweed more to your liking.

  5. The sequin peter pan collar looks great with the stripes. I've been eye-ing that bow-tie sweater! Good to hear you're feeling better.

  6. Oh I was eyeing the striped crewcuts shirt and it's good to know how it fits. I heart the novelty sweaters but I have to draw the line at the hen one I bought b/c I'm afraid to go overboard with the sweaters. :) Thanks for posting your pics!! xoxo, Phoebe

  7. I hope you get that Bow sweater on sale ASAP! It looks good on you.

  8. i love the first striped/peter pan shirt on you! so cute!

  9. thanks for this review - was considering the tweed dress, but this definitely tells me i was right to pass. the bow sweater looks amazing on you!!


  10. That first tee is great (I thuoght it was a sweater)! Love the collar and the fit seems great! Sorry you aren't feeling well :(. It's the changing seasons.


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