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J. Crew Factory Fitting Room Reviews

A good blogger would have posted this when you still could have participated in the Labor Day sale prices (noted below).  Unfortunately, I am an apologetically slow blogger.  I hope this at least lets you know these items are available in the Factory stores and you can look out for future sales.

Factory Lightweight Lace Shell, Sz 0, $24, (buy here)
A very cute shell with lace over a nude colored lining.  Fit very well in the shoulders and chest with the perfect amount of torso looseness for tummy camouflaging.  
Verdict: Bought, will be a great layering piece for work

Factory Classic Crewneck Cardigan, XS, $30 (buy here)
I rather like the way this looked in the photo, but IRL the color was VERY bright and seemed to emphasize the yellow tone of my skin.  Fits great and is a good, closet staple.  Had I needed a different color, I would have purchased this cardigan.
Verdict: No, not a fan of the bright IRL color

Schoolboy Blazer, Sz 0, $168(?), (don't see online)
I've purchased Schoolboy Blazers before in the regular stores and have very consistently been a 0.  The Factory versions seem to run a little looser all over, but particularly the torso.  I was pleasantly surprised by all the colors they had available (camel, red, gray, and blue), but of course somehow gravitated to gray.  I'd size down in this blazer.
Verdict: No for now.  Will consider camel or gray on sale.

Factory Silk Shirt, XS, (don't see online)
I love the stripes motif!  Untucked, it has a very loose and blouse-y look as I'm sure is intended.  The sleeves are very long and almost reach my fingertips.  I would recommend sizing down on this particular shirt.  Though, as Kelly taught us, the fit can be faked by pushing up the sleeves and tucking it in.
Verdict: No, not a must have

Factory Perfect Shirt, XS, (don't see online)
This XS shirt had a more tailored fit to the torso and a good sleeve length for me.  The dot print is very cute, but I'm not a fan of the white buttons.  I think this would be a good candidate for a DIY.
Verdict: Cute and fits well, but I think I can sew something similar

Factory Workday Dress, Sz 0, (pinstripe version here)
Normally, I find J. Crew dresses to be very tummy friendly and actually help hide a belly pooch.  This one was more of a tummy revealer and was quite snug (fit more like a typical J. Crew 00).  The neckline was also too low for my taste.  I did like the sleeves though.
Verdict: No, too tight and low-cut

Factory Edie Bags, $76, orig. $158, (don't see online)
Leather bags were 40% off and I had an additional 20% off coupon to bring down the price to $76.  I thought about this for awhile because I love the nice, clean shape.  Ultimately, I decided against it because the strap is too short to carry crossbody.
Verdict: No for me personally, but is a beautiful option for others

On a personal note, we are moving to San Francisco in mid to late October!  The whole family is so very excited - especially about the food!  We are also planning on taking advantage of nearby areas (relatively speaking, since Ohio is far from everything) like Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, LA, Vegas, Seattle, Vancouver, and maybe a flight to Hawaii.  

In other new, I'm currently running a giveaway for one of my sample skirts here:

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love that striped shirt and polka dot blouse. Would love to see your own DIY version too. I have the Edit, but you are right. . .it would be so much better if the strap was longer and could be worn cross body. That is so awesome that you are moving to Cali!! I've visited many, many times and would absolutely love to live anywhere in California!!

    xo Jenny

  2. Thanks! Are those the only colors the purse comes in?

    1. Hi Abby! Sorry for the delayed reply, the Camel and Red were the only ones I saw. Not sure if bigger stores would have more colors or not.

  3. the first top is pretty - it would look nice in many other colours too, like taupe! i'm not really into the gold buttons on the grey blazer but they are definitely versatile work pieces

    pandaphilia style

  4. Loved that lace shell and the dress!

  5. Bummer most were a no!

    So excited for your move!! Definitely let me know when you stop by Vegas or Seattle!

  6. Congrats on your move!! We'll be headed to Boston or Monterey for 2 years in 2014, so you'll have to post about how you like Northern Cali!

  7. i dont even put up a lot of reviews, so you beat me!
    thats a big move! what was the reason, if you dont mind me asking :) we are applying to residency programs in the next week and are still figuring out where we'd like to go!

  8. Wow, that's a big move! Any particular reason, if you don't mind my prying so rudely into your personal life :) As a fellow scientist I just have to share that I'm starting my first day in a pathology lab tomorrow. I'm very excited to work with infectious diseases!

    Onto less macabre things, I'm a little surprised that you passed on the black dress. Maybe it was more obvious to you IRL but I didnt see any of the cons you mentioned about it. I do really like the eyelet top though - it should work well through the fall as well as next spring/summer. Can't believe we're counting down to 2013 though. How time flies, eh?

  9. I always love your j. crew room reviews and it makes me wish I shopped there more! The first top is definitely the winner for me, so I'm so glad you went with it! It really is such a great layering piece and can be styled many different ways!!
    On a different note...that's so exciting that you're moving to San Fran!! What a crazy-fun city!!!
    A's Fashion Files
    Shop Kawaii Kitsch by A on Etsy!

  10. I like the lace top since it's very versatile, good luck on your move to SF! I never been there but I know for a fact that it's gorgeous with nice weather and yummy food!!!

  11. I felt the same way about the factory edie bag, I wish the strap was just a little bit longer! Congrats and good luck on your move! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I thought long and hard about that little bag as well! I really wanted the straps to be longer. Maybe next time.

  13. vegasssss!!! whooo!!! 5 hr ride.

    SF is gonna be amazing. I go up there often enough. I hope to catch you one of these days. there's so much to do there. SO SO MUCH. i'm so jealous.

  14. I wish I had outlets close by! We have two that are about half an hour away but they don't have the "better" stores. The nicer outlets are like an hour away and I just can't bring myself to drive so far just to go shopping. :(

    And if you ever visit Seattle, please let me know!! :)

  15. The polka dot shirt is sold out. They had it listed with 4 or 5 other prints and the dot sold out a couple weeks ago. I love that one. I hear you on the Edie strap. Crossbody is necessary for me as well. I saw the (retail) grand Edie the other day & it's really beautiful. I'm sticking to my purse carrying rules, though. It has to be easy, y'know? The F21 necklace looks so pretty!

  16. How exciting! I adore San Francisco despite having been back there in 25 years! You're so lucky to have a J Crew outlet store nearby. Just as well I don't have access or else I'll be there every other day!

  17. Beautiful styles and I love the brown bag :)

  18. I like your explanations of the verdict, but I do love bold bright colours although not for everyone. I love the lace top. Good luck with the move, SF is my second home. -xo

  19. I grew up in SF, so I am always happy to hear folks moving there. (I actually wanetd to live in Boston, but it has similar cost of living issues). There are a few good outlet areas here too, especially in Gilroy (south bay) and Vacaville (on the way to wine country). Your posts are very cool-- even though I don't sew, I enjoy seeing your creations.
    Hope the move goes well.

    1. Thanks so much for the outlet recommendations and your kind words! We are so excited about the upcoming move and have been researching the area as much as we can during our free time :)

  20. Excited for your move up to SF where Ping and I live! Good luck and hopefully we can meet up when you are here! =)

  21. I have to find a BR factory and get that Edie purse! Bummer that it's not cross body though...


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