Sunday, August 12, 2012

J. Crew + LOFT Reviews: Dots, Snowcat, Snake & Stripes

Dots, snowcat, snake and stripes - oh my!  It was a print extravaganza in the fitting rooms :)

First up, what I found at J. Crew:
Tie-neck Top in Dot, Sz 2, (buy here)
I fell in love with the top online and was happy to be able to try it on even though they didn't have my size.  The main thing I wanted to check was whether or not the tie-neck got lost in the print.  Unfortunately, I think it does.  Looks lovely in person though!
Verdict: No, main detail gets lost in print so price is not justifiable (to me)

Jules Dress in Snowcat, Sz 0, (buy here)
I'm rather fascinated by the concept of a shift dress (easy silhouette / tummy hiding / comfortable), but this one appeared to make me look pregnant.  A horrible thing when you're not.  I thought the print was adorable.  The arms, shoulders, hips, and length fit well.  The negative was that they built in a lot of extra chest room.  Since I obviously don't fill that out, the extra floppiness fell and settled into a wide pouch-y area.  The sleeves fell to an awkward length a couple inches above my wrist (where my watch is) - looks much better pushed up to 3/4 length.
Verdict: No, not flattering to my body type

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Snake Print, Sz 0 (buy here)
I've never been much of a fan of snake printed garments.  It always seemed too edgy for me, but I was drawn to the simple, clean lines of it in pencil skirt form.  I thought it looked beautiful in person.  The material doesn't have any give so I'm guessing it's a woven of some sort.  When comparing this with the double-serge cotton version, the snake print runs smaller.
Verdict: Will wait for sale

And then at LOFT:
LOFT Corded Dobby Stripe Trench, XS, (buy here)
I originally saw Gigi wearing this beautifully and filed it away as a future wishlist item.  When I found out LOFT was having 40% off everything, making this coat $89, I went to check it out in person.  My store didn't have it in petite sizes, but luckily, I can sometimes straddle the line between regular and petite sizing.  The XS had a slightly roomy fit that skimmed my body well making it a great coat candidate for fall layers.  The sleeves are a bit long, but nothing's new there.
Verdict: No for now.  Ultimately, I thought this was a cute coat but it wasn't something I had to have considering how many coats I have in my closet.
See also on Chloe and Wendy.

Also spent some time at Gap for the Friends and Family sale (giant thanks to Gigi for the info and code email!), but will save that for Wednesday.  17 pictures in one post seemed a little much :P


  1. That 1st blouse is so cute!!! That stripe coat too. But I agree, I have to think about getting more any coat when I have tons of them already.

  2. The snake print skirt looks fantastic on you. Definitely get it when a sale rolls around!!

  3. I agree with you about thinking what's already sitting in your closet before making a buy. But I do like the look of the striped coat on you, just saying =]
    Thanks for the reviews!

  4. I like the striped coat on you too :)

  5. The striped coat is cute but you're right, the sleeve is a bit long. I like the red pants you were wearing. Where did you get it? Thank you!

    1. Thanks! The pants are actually a bright pink that I got on promo for $15 from NY & Co - here's the link:

      Fits pretty well off the rack, but there is a little too much fabric at the crotch leading to some weird wrinkling / floppiness. Am hoping that will shrink in the wash.

  6. oooooh, the striped trench is so pretty! it has a very parisian vibe to it. :)

    <3, Mimi
    Win 3 kinds of truffles from The Madelaine Chocolate Company! :)

  7. great.
    follow eachother?

  8. looks great!
    follow each other?ummm?yes no?
    yours truly, L.

  9. I lovelovelove the polka dots! They are too fun.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. I really like the polka dot top on you. I don't think the neck tie disappeared into the background at all. It's subtle but still very chic.

  11. Always love your J-Crew reviews. I totally agree on you on the polka dot blouse detail been lost. I bought it online and I might return it back for that.

  12. I love your reviews, saves me the trip of going and trying something on, haha. I LOVE that striped jacket, but I think I might feel the same as you. And I know the sleeve will probably be too long on me too. What do you usually do for that, do you alter it yourself?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. I love a good print! Too bad no winners that day, but oh, the possibilities!

  14. SPG - i love the snake print pencil skirt on you! i ordered the LOFT trench in the XSP .. i hope it fits!! xox P

  15. The blouse is cute but I didn't even notice the neck tie detail until you mention it. Out of all the items you tried, I like the strip trench. It definitely a fun piece to have. The strip trench was sold out in my side so I order the star printed trench to try out. I hope it work and doesn't look to kiddish on me. I will be waiting for your review on gap.

  16. I actually really like the striped jacket on you- probably the most out of all the bloggers I've seen wear it thus far! If it gets marked down farther, you definitely should get it!!! I can't wait to see what you found at gap!

    A's Fashion Files

  17. Thanks for the reviews! I was on the fence about the Loft coat. I really don't think I can wear a stripey coat for a long time.

  18. I love all of these and that polka dot blouse is something to die for!

    following you right away..hope you'll do the same :)
    Don't forget to join my giveaway too!

  19. I went shopping at loft without looking at this post first! But thank goodness I did see the coat. It was nice but I didn't really love it.

  20. Good self-control not getting the coat! I noticed it on a model online when ordering during the F&F sale, but $98 was not something I wanted to spend when I already have a black coat that I don't even wear much in Vegas. But it is difficult to say no when so many people make it look so cute!! :)

    I know you saw my post on the J. Crew dress way back in May ( It is the same style Jules dress that you tried on above, but a different print. It is one of my favorite dresses ever. Next time you are in the store, take a belt with you and see what you think. But do not buy full price! :)

  21. do you know if this striped trench even comes in petite? i thought it didn't.

  22. The snowcat Jules dress almost looks like a floral print from farther away. So pretty! A bummer it didn't work out.

    I also saw the LOFT striped trench in person and hadn't realized that it's made of cord fabric. No wonder there were ridges up close. Duh :) It's really flattering on you though, the length and where the waist tie sits.

  23. Amazing styles, love your trench !! :)

  24. That's a really good point. The tie does get lost in the dot top. I like the trench on you. I think you might find it on sale. I know I'm hoping for a cold winter to wear the coats I own! Thanks for the link love :)


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