Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gap & Limited Fitting Room Reviews

Armed with a 40% off Gap F&F email graciously emailed to me by Gigi and a $20 coupon for The Limited, I headed to the mall.  I wound up taking so many pics, I split up my review posts.  See here for J. Crew and LOFT.

Gap Ponte Academy Blazer, Vamp Red, 0P, $53 during F&F (buy here)
I know burgundy is THE color everyone is excited about for fall and I was tempted to buy this for that reason alone (I'm easily influenced), but I honestly could not think of how I would pair burgundy with any non-neutral color.  Also, though the sleeves on this petite size were the PERFECT length (hit right past the wrist where your hand starts), I felt like the overall jacket length was a little too cropped for me.
The material is a fully-lined, nice thick knit.  Knit blazers conform nicely to the body, but the sleeve lining tends to pop out randomly because there isn't enough structure to keep it in place - just a minor annoyance of mine.
Verdict: No, can't think of many pairings & too cropped for me
See also on Gigi

Gap Ponte Academy Blazer, Dark Heather Gray, Sz 0, $53 during F&F (buy here)
I almost never wear a blazer buttoned up, but I always try it on that way to make sure it's an option.  The difference between 0 & 0P lies in overall length, sleeve length, and overall body snugness.  The sleeve length is too long on me, hitting at my 2nd thumb knuckle, but I liked the looser feel of this vs. 0P to allow for more layering flexibility.  Gray, though not adventurous, is more suited to my needs as something that can be worn for many seasons and, as a neutral, can be paired with any color.  The gray with olive / yellow tones seen pictured above isn't accurate.  It's a true heather gray with cool tones, but the lighting in the fitting rooms gives everything a warm cast.
Verdict: Bought - great price!  I love the contrast piping & fit.  Perfect for my return to work.

Gap Colorblock Crewneck Sweater, XS, $24 w/ F&F, (buy here)
I loved the combination of navy / green / gray / white and this fit decently (I would say size down), but it just didn't have the same appeal on as it did on the hanger.  Sleeves / chest are nicely fitted and torso is a little loose for tummy hiding :)
Verdict: No

Gap Striped Three-quarter Sleeve Cardigan, S, (buy here)
I am still enamored with navy / green items so was instantly drawn to this cardigan.  I was disappointed that they only had a Small but tried it on anyway.  Firstly, the 3/4 sleeve is wrist length on me, but this is nothing a little scrunching can't fix.  Since it was one-size up, everything was a little baggy (sleeves were fine).  I prefer sweaters to fit like the colorblocked one above - fitted shoulders / chest / sleeves and loose-ish torso.  Resigned, I was putting this back on the rack when I came across a helpful SA who checked the computer system and found that there was one XS in the store.  It happened to be on the mannequin - so a note to those looking for XS / S - don't forget to check the mannequins! :)
Verdict: Bought in XS

Then I went to The Limited:
The Limited Mandarin Collar Split-V Blouse, Cobalt, XS, $8 (buy here)
I've been looking for a cobalt shirt of some sort and when I came across Jean wearing a button-down version, I decided to keep an eye out for something similar.  I honestly can't help it - she makes everything look good!  The XS fit pretty well and it has roll-tab sleeves - something I've always liked.  I don't particularly love the mandarin collar with a split neck (would prefer a traditional collar), but I loved the color and fit.  The material is polyester with a slight sheen (also not optimal), but there's a promo for 40% off shirts and since I had a $20 coupon, this blouse was only $8!
Verdict: Bought. Beautiful color and good fit for $8? It's coming home with me.

No-Closure Jacket, XS, $118 (buy here)
The fuchsia color of this is so pretty!  I thought it was a little strange that they would have a blazer in XS-L sizing versus numbered sizing, but the XS had a nice, slim fit.  The sleeves are very long, but alterable / scrunchable.  If I was being nitpicky, I would also say the shoulder seems to extend a little too far for me as seen in the sleeve photo.
Verdict: No for now.  The price is too high for a "trendy" color like this, but will consider on sale.

Sheer and Stripes Poncho, XS, $30 (buy here)
I saw this striped poncho top and was fascinated by the simple construction.  It literally was a rectangle with tapered edges and a hole for your head.  2 lines of stitching on each side created the sleeves and bodice.  I can totally DIY this :)
Verdict:  No. Of course love the stripes, but I tried this on more for sewing applications than for purchasing interest.

Striped Knit Pencil Skirt, Sz 4, $20 (don't see online)
The bright pink on navy was a pretty combination and the thick knit fit nicely, though the skirt was a touch on the long side.  This runs TTS (not vanity sized), so smaller ladies will probably like the fit of a 0.  
Verdict: No.  It's very cute and fits pretty well, but can't easily think of pairings.

I have a weakness for sales and used to overbuy, leading to a stuffed closet full of things I feel lukewarm about and don't really wear.  So I'm trying to have a mini heart-to-heart with myself on each item.  Can I wear it for more than one season?  (If not, it better be super cheap and fit well)  Can I think of many pairings on the spot?  Can I wear it on many different occasions?

Fueled by this new "system", I escaped the mall with 2 items.  :)  How about you?  Do you have a shopping "system"?


  1. Yes, my "system" is similar to yours =) I don't have a problem saying no when it comes to shopping at the moment. However, it will be a different story after the baby is born. Have a great week, S!

  2. i love the mini heart-to-heart moment. there are a few things in the closet that should have had that talk.. thank you for these reviews SPG.

    and i agree - jean makes everthing look good! xox P

  3. I received a 40% coupon from Gap for one item and am considering a blazer like the one you tried on! Love a knit blazer! Can't wait to see what you DIY, inspired by that HUGE top! LOL. And yes, great system. I always have to justify every purchase. But lucky for return policy!

  4. I am trying to control myself the way you described: "Can I think of many pairings on the spot? Can I wear it on many different occasions?" I do have a habit of overbuying sale items. And now that I almost always shop sale items, I need to be really careful and employ those questions and Kelly's "does it give you a stupid grin?" advice.

    I really like that poncho on you a lot!! Especially paired with that necklace. Excited to see your own DIY!

  5. I was actually really interested to read your reviews - i don't follow fashion blogs, typically just sewing ones - but your insights were fun to read. After buying too many things that i don't love and then don't wear much, I recently started to only buy things if i can say "I LOVE This" (and i'm willing to spend a tad more, because i know i will wear it a lot if i love it.) I have to Love the color and Love how it fits. If I'm on the fence, I don't buy it. Instead I'll just go buy some fabric and keep up my new sewing habit. (i haven't always Loved what I ended up sewing, but more than half of my enjoyment with sewing is the process not the result)

    Good advice about checking the mannequins! I used to work at a retail store at the mall. We also would put larger sizes on the mannequins and pin them up in the back if the back wasn't in view. Best wishes!

  6. You are absolutely right! I kinda get influenced by the price so much that sometimes that I forget about the actual piece!
    Love the blazer you picked up. I saw one in the dark pink which looked quite good but since im not working there is no point unless it goes on a mega sale and I get influenced by the price again :-D

  7. I'm totally trying to stick to my color picks for fall and that is helping my temptation quite a bit. I like the burgundy on you, but see how the grey will have more utility. Plus, it looks great w/burgundy underneath so you can still do that. I like colorblock skirt & striped poncho top from Ltd. I'm still a sucker for stripes ;)

    1. ps I like the green/navy sweater on you. Glad they found XS!

  8. I tried to have a heart to heart system like you but sometime the want overpower the need. I need have a stronger will power. I'm currently having that battle now with the Gap Ponte Academy Blazer. I saw the the OP is available online. To buy or not to buy. sigh.
    The regular size blazer looks better on you than the petite and I'm glad you got it. I also tried on the Limited Blazer but it was huge on me.

  9. I love the 2 items that you bought, the blazer and striped cardi. They look great on you. I'm seriously so excited to see you DIY the striped poncho. I wish I was as talented as you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. I would love to see you DIY that poncho top! Looks like it would come out very well, and for a fraction of the price!

  11. Before I go to the mall next time, I'm going to check your blog and tweet you to ask if you know any deals. I went to these stores on my last trip too! GAP seemed kinda boring to me, but I do like the color block sweater. Just not necessary for me though, so no regrets.

    I feel bad for missing the shirt at the limited though. Ah well.

  12. I like that striped pencil skirt. Knowing me, I'd buy it, then take it home and be only able to think of exactly 1 outfit to put together with it, haha.

  13. That gray jacket looks good on you. The red vamp is def. cute but I agree it is difficult to pair. The truth is that I want that red one, but I have no idea how to do!

  14. lovely pics. I adore the blue blouse you got.
    I try to have a heart to heart with myself, which usually goes like this, you don't need it...walk away...walk away quickly

  15. i actually like the Sheer and Stripes Poncho on you hehe I dont have a system but right I am staying away from the mall and I unsubscribed to all shopping alerts. Hopefully I dont buy anything during my shopping ban :D

  16. Love all of these looks! You picked some great pieces!

  17. Count me in as another new burgundy lover for fall! Enough that I'm seriously contemplating a burgundy Chanel mini flap o.O

    I hate it when different colors of the same item fits differently (ie, burgundy vs gray academy blazer)! I can see you getting more wears out of the gray year-round too.

    Have you worn the Limited mandarin collar blouse yet? I'm pretty sure I bought the one Jean was wearing last year at full price and then returned to wait for a sale... but never found it again. But, AT just came out with a version for this winter! The shade of blues are a little different (I think), but it may be worth checking out in person. Though I have to say $8 is pretty darn hard to pass up.

  18. Great pieces loving all the stripes

  19. Great reviews!! We're the same height, so this helps a ton. :) I actually love how the sheer striped poncho looks on you... hope you do a DIY and post on it if you make your own!

    Love, S

    I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog!

  20. A lot of beautiful clothes, love the two first jackets :)

  21. that gap blazer is a fab find, and great price, too. it looks something from jcrew. i'm surprised you didn't like the skirt in the bottom pic... it looks from the pic that it's a perfect fit... great reviews. hope you enjoy your wknd w your fam.

  22. I lovelovelove that Gap blazer. I think it looks great on you! A girl can never have too many blazers, you know. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  23. You're making me want to shop for blazers S :P



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