Sunday, July 29, 2012

Old Navy Fitting Room Reviews

I popped into Old Navy to redeem my Super Cash and found quite a few cute new arrivals.

For those who were interested in seeing a better pic of the DIY necklace I was wearing in my PFC post, here it is:

Old Navy Dotted Chambray, XS, $25 (do not see online)
Elle was looking for a dotted chambray shirt on Twitter.  So when I saw this at the store, I decided to snap a pic of it.  Well, I fell in love with it.  Up till now, I had resisted the whole chambray trend and now I've finally succumbed, lol.  Thanks Elle for unintentionally enabling me ;)  The fit is a little big.  Usually ON button-downs in XS are very tight in the bust, but this one fit just fine.  I would say size down in this.
Verdict: Buy

Here's the tag - you can call Old Navy CS and they will locate it for you.

Printed Racerback Tank, Green Stripe, S, $18 (buy here)
I initially tried the XS, but the bust was too tight and I felt like I couldn't breathe.  The material is a really silky feeling fabric (I'm guessing a poly?).  The fit is blouse-y and a tiny bit on the low-cut side.  I'm planning on shortening the straps a little to mitigate that.  
Verdict: Buy.  My current favorite color is green (especially in a striped format) and I'm collecting green items left and right.

Split Neck Button Front Blouse, Navy Stripe, XS (buy here)
I loved the stripes on this, but wish it were a long-sleeved blouse instead (a la Kelly's Equipment blouse).  The XS is TTS, meaning the bust was tight and you can kind of seeing the gapping in between buttons here.  The torso fits a little blouse-y and the shoulders fit well.
Verdict: Passed, cute, but not a must-have
See on Gigi.

Buttoned Drop Shoulder Dolman Top, Cool Multi, S, $18 (buy here).
I loved this kind of color-blocked take on the classic striped tee, but I did not love the drop shoulder.  It makes everyone look like they have jiggly upper arm flab.  I always size up for tees to ensure my paunch is hidden, but this S was very big and roomy in the torso.  I would size down for this.
Verdict: No, do not like the drop shoulder
See on Gigi.

 Printed Ruffled Top, Navy Dot, XS, $25 (buy here)
After reading Gigi's post (linked below), I decided to see how this fit.  Overall, the fit was pretty good - skims the body without being too tight or loose.  The negatives?  The armholes were cut too low and the material is kind of see-through.
Verdict: No.  It's a cute top, but I don't need it.
See on Gigi.

Printed Racerback Tank, Warm Multi, XS, $20 (buy here)
Pretty print and colors!  Fits well with a good neckline that doesn't dip too low.  I think this would be adorable paired with a  cardi or blazer.
Verdict: No for now.  I came very close to purchasing this, but decided that I prefer the green striped one to this one.

Ruffle Trim Tie Belt Dress, XS, $30 (buy here)
Like Cee, I saw these green hearts and instantly thought of J. Crew's Heart Throb print.  I was a little confused by the partial ruffle.  It was like one ON designer wanted it plain and another wanted it ruffled.  As a compromise, they went halfway...and it looks kind of strange.  It's a slip-over-your-head type of dress with elastic at the waist.  The fit was decent (fits well as shoulders chest, a little loose at the waist, and armholes were not too big), but it was too low-cut and I didn't feel like it was very flattering on me.
Verdict: No, but it's a gorgeous print
See on Gigi and Cee.

I'm pretty impressed with Old Navy's offerings this season!  Are you a fan of their new items?


  1. I spotted the dotted chambray in the old navy window but I wasnt able to stop in (husband and kids are apparently not old navy fans) and was sad when I got home and couldn't find it on the website! Its super cute and I love that old navy clothes is getting cuter every year. I really like the green striped tank and the printed ruffle top.

  2. I just bought the chambray polka dot shirt today. I'm new to the shopping/petites blogs so I missed the coupon. It's right by my house so no biggie- I'll run by tomorrow. I'm gonna check out Gigi's boyfriend capris too. So I'm a 5'3" petite, 33-34" bust? and old navy's XS sized button downs always seem to pull at the button at the bust. While the S is a little roomy I bought it anyway (no XS to compare to) and have no regrets. I've already tried on with pencil skirts (looks great) and its cute with both Bermudas and short shorts!

    1. Thanks for sharing the suggestions - will def. try! :)

  3. Like you, I was able to resist the chambray trend too until now. The few times I went shopping at ON, I didn't see the shirt but then again I usually do a quick walk through ON.

  4. ON is really coming up with good stuff these days! I love when they have coupons. Makes me feel like I got a good deal :-)
    The ruffle trim dress looks cute on you!

  5. This is a really cute post and I need to go to Old Navy more often. I love how you took pics in the fitting room because I can totally relate and I'm a huge fan of your style in the wrap dress at the bottom.


  6. Haha thanks S for the shout-out...though my image is somewhat tainted now because of all the (unintentional) enabling that I do. ;)

    I didn't find the dotted chambray shirt from ON over the weekend so have decided to order the one from the Gap. We'll have to compare notes when I get mine! :) The printed ruffle top looked promising - but I agree with you, the armholes are too big!

  7. I'm loving Old Navy lately too! I almost bought that dotted chambray myself, but passed on it for who knows what reason. Now I'm starting to rethink it! The green striped tank you bought, I have the same one in purple! I recently picked up some new sweaters there too and I can't wait to wear them.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. old navy definitely has some great stuff sometimes, it can be hit or miss, love the necklace! i can't believe you are 31 with 2 kids, you look incredible :D


  9. Great items but what I really love is that necklace!

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY

  10. ps love old navy as well that polka dot chambray top is adorable.

  11. I've been hemmning and hawing weather to get the Gap chambray shirt as well. I'm hoping that it'll be marked down soon as they seem to have a sale every other month. I still can't believe the ridiculously low prices you guys get in the US.

  12. Nice tops and I love your necklace ;)

  13. I'm DONE! Of course, I'm terrified I failed the whole thing (which is entirely possible, considering I hardly had enough time for anything). But life goes on nonetheless.

    Last time I've been to ON was in high school when I bought a few pairs of their $2.50 flip flops. I would go again (I always say that, I know) but I've adopted the Nordstrom Rack clearance philosophy: buy rarely but always score a deal. I'm glad you drank the chambray koolaid, though. It's a timeless classic and you won't regret the inevitable denim expansion your closet will suffer. ON is a good place to start with uncharted fashion territory but my love for chambray is past mere lust. I'm seriously eying the official J. Crew version now. How have you been?

  14. Thanks for sharing your review. I went to ON actually but didn't see so much. Just walked through. Now I'm thinking to go back to check the last dress!

  15. ON really seems to be getting in cuter & cuter stuff! That polka dot chambray top is so cute!!!! And I really love the print on that last top as well!! And of course, your DIY necklace adds a cuteness factor to everything!!!


    P.S. I'm having an INTERNATIONAL $75 Shopbop giveaway on my blog, so don't forget to enter! :)
    A's Fashion Files
    $75 Shopbop Giveaway!

  16. Thanks for sharing your ON picks! I haven't shopped there in years, since nothing ever fits me, but it seems like they have more sizes geared to shorties now.

  17. i am obsessed with paisley right now!! i might need that old navy tank!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  18. I just saw on their FB page a collection by Mary Song. I'm VERY intrigued by it. Alot of sheer blouse pieces. Check it out. Let us know what you think!

  19. stunning necklace.

  20. I like how our eyes gravitate towards different items when we walk into the same store. Striped tank was my fav of your buys too. Hmm, I may have to make another trip out to my store to take a look so I can join you in collecting green items :) Thanks for these reviews, S!

  21. Soo want that striped shirt and the denim polka dot shirt

  22. I didn't like ON's dotted shirt on me. It's interested how we have similar fit complaints, but things look different on us. I really like that paisley print tank. Your pic looks way better tan the one on the website. Thanks for the link love. I added your link to my ON posts.

    Still can't get over that you made your necklace :)

  23. love your necklace! Where is it from?

  24. I just found your blog - it's cool because I just a "Old Navy Copycats J.Crew" post on my blog. I too noticed the similarities between the Heart Throb pattern and Old Navy's dress.

    Anyway, if you're interested, here's the link to the post:

    Keep up the good work!

  25. I just wore the same polka dot chambray top on my blog! I would love for you to check it out and follow me!



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