Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Old Navy & Ann Taylor Fitting Room Reviews

Enticed by the thought of July 4th sales, I headed to the mall to see what was available.

Old Navy Printed Cuffed Shorts, Blueberry Smoothie, Sz 2, $19 (buy here)
Aren't these blue gingham shorts adorable?  I think these are a new-ish arrival because they weren't marked on sale and seemingly very popular because there were only 3 left in my store.  The waist runs big (sits at hips) in these shorts so I had to size down.
Verdict: Undecided.  Print is adorable but it's a little too short for me (indicated by the visibility of my running shorts tan line).  

Old Navy Plain Front Capris, Raspberry Punch, Sz 4, $28, (buy here)
I've been looking for slim-fitting fuchsia pants (Jean & Cee make them look so good!) and this pair comes so close to being perfect!  The color, length and slim leg fit were exactly what I was looking for. The only negative?  It seemed to enhance my pear-shape with a wider cut at the hips.
Verdict: No for now, but may consider on further sale

Ann Taylor Minimal Strokes Print Pencil Skirt, Sz 2, (buy here)
Such a cute print!  Fits well and sits just above the hips.  This wasn't on sale so was a bit pricey at $88.
Verdict: No, too expensive and a little too short for my taste

Ann Taylor Striped Diagonal Seamed Dress, SP, (buy here)
I saw the stripes and I had to try it on.  I should have known better though.  My body type just does not look right in dresses like these - I look like one stripe-y rectangle.  I loved the all the different aligned stripes though!
Verdict: No, not for my body type

Ann Taylor Compact Double Weave Cropped Jacket, Sz 0 (buy here)
I'm still looking for a white blazer of some sort.  This fit well in the shoulders, chest, and arms but the torso was so boxy.  Overall, gave me a matronly look that I'm not quite ready to indulge in.
Verdict: No

Banana Republic Blue / Cream Enamel Necklace, $18 (no longer see online)
I love all things striped so imagine my elation when I spied this "striped" necklace :)
Verdict: Yes, yes, yes

And my OOTD composed entirely of older items from my closet:
Banana Republic Melon Top w/ Braided Detail
Old Navy Charcoal Tie Shorts
J. Crew Turquoise Necklace (a gift from my friend B :) )
Rebecca Minkoff MAC (w/ chains doubled up)
Aerosoles Slides (comfort for the weary footed)

I wasn't too impressed with any sale items this time around, so escaped the mall with just one necklace.  Did you go sale shopping?


  1. The gingham short is super cute. I went to the mall early too but didn't find anything great.

  2. I love the shorts on you and dont think its too short!

  3. Cute shorts. I may consider shopping when they have a 40% sale 7/11 for card holders. No shopping for me today

  4. my favorite is the AT pencil skirt. love the the b&w print. i don't think its that short. heehee!
    i agree, its a bit much. im sure it will go on sale!

  5. Love that AT skirt but I agree that it's a bit pricey!! And I really do love those ON shorts! The print is so cute & for the price, it might be worth the "short" risk. But, I guess that's just me! :) Also, love your OOTD, especially your bag!
    A's Fashion Files
    $75 Shopbop Giveaway!

  6. Those Old Navy shorts are super cute! I really like the print.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I'm with you about the sales. All the classic items that I want to get aren't on sale. Bummer. I haven't been all that inspired by anything I'd seen in the sales either. I now think so carefully before adding anything into my closet. It's amazing how £20 here and another £50 there quickly adds up to several hundred £££. I'd much rather get one good quality piece that I'll wear to bits.

  8. I love these kinds of posts! I really like that brush stroke skirt

  9. Oooo love the striped BR necklace! I've been meaning to respond to your comment about it :) I did see it on Twitter - great deal! Can't wait to see it in action!

  10. I actually love the Old Navy capri's on you! they are on sale for $10 online today and even less with extra 20% off. I grabbed one to try!


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