Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Safe(?) Print Mixing: Floral (DIY) + Stripes

I love shopping for fabric.  Every bolt that catches my eye yields so many creative possibilities.  The blue and green floral print below was something that appealed to me instantly as a great skirt material.  To make the florals more casual, I dipped my toe into print-mixing with my go-to: stripes.

Thin shirt stripes + bold belt stripes + floral = safe print mix?

Martin + Osa Blue Striped Button Down
DIY Floral Skirt
DIY Striped Belt
Gucci d'Orsay Pumps, Camel
Target Pearl Necklace

Leather Horsebit Bracelet (bought here, but no longer available)
DIY Navy / White Nautical Bracelet
DIY Pearl Bracelet
Timex Watch + J. Crew Strap

Patterned this skirt off of my nautical / military DIY skirt

What are some safe print mixes for you?

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This month we have a colorful challenge involving a bowl of candy ;)


  1. hey, you! i wish i knew what it was like to shop for fabric. i am clueless about sewing and DIY projects... but I am eager to see if I can do it. i can't get a sewing machine until i check off a few things i need to get for the house first on my list... this is such a pretty print! love the colors, and it goes really well with the neutral gucci pumps you have on. i always love the way you use your accessories. my safe mixing of patterns.... well, i just don't think.... i just put it together, and if i think it works, then i just go for it... so can't really say. btw, you are so sweet. thanks for the compliments on my legs... i haven't been that diligent this year with running... but when i do, it's usually on the treadmill, and i do intervals. sometimes i put in on incline on 1 or 2... up to 3 sometimes, but i'm afraid of getting bulky, so i don't do much higher than that. how's your running going? you look great, s!!! :) hope you have a great day, and hope the babies are well. :)

  2. Great print mix! Stripes + floral is one of the print mixes I feel the most comfortable with, especially when the sizes of the prints vary.

    And I am, once again, SO impressed with your sewing skills.

  3. Your sewing is awesome. Great combination!


  4. Wow, so many DIY projects. You are so talented! The patterns all work and it looks great together!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Every time you show a DIY :) I'm inspired to make something and go to the fabric store! Just need to find that time to do that piece of sewing! Love all your accessories!

  6. cute combo! the floral print and the color looks fantastic on you. you're so good at DIY. Have you ever done this professionally (because you should!)?

  7. i think its pretty safe :) i feel like your style is changing so much recently, i love it!

  8. Love the mix! I dont think I have mixed patterns yet!

  9. For me, safe pattern mixing is always florals+stripes! It can look bold, but it almost always works and looks so cute together! I really like how you mixed these patterns, it looks so easy and well put-together. (And love the scheme!) Your bracelet with the leather band and the horse bit on it is so fantastic, Im going to have to go find one like it now! :)

  10. Thanks for the reminder for the PFC! I better go find some candy..LOL I think you did a great job mixing prints. You did a fantastic job on the floral skirt:)

  11. you daughter is sooo lucky to have you as a mom, i bet you sew a lot of her clothes! i love the skirt with the simple button down shirt. looking very pretty and classy!

  12. I'm pretty inexperienced at print mixing. I'm not even sure what I'd do.

    PS. Fried pickles sounds like such a pregnant food. Haha. I'll give it a try based on your recommendation though!

  13. 1st mixing of prints very subtle so yes for me! I love all print mixes, but don't do any of that myself ;). Unless it's unintentional and I arrive at work smacking my head ;) I signed up for the challenge, but then I had a last min. business trip this weekend, so I might not pull anything off for it. Sorry! Can't wait to see everyone have fun with candy!

  14. I love this! The print mixing is perfect!! I really wish I could sew like you!!! You make so many amazing things!

  15. I'm terrible at mixing prints which is why I tend to look at bloggers like yourself for inspiration.


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