Sunday, June 24, 2012

Outlet Mall Reviews: J. Crew, BR & LOFT

I probably went to the mall a week too early since July 4th sales are next week, but we were running errands in the area and figured we might as well drop in (by we, I mean me.  I'm sure Hubby wasn't too jazzed about it but he's very accommodating).

J. Crew Factory Thandie Sweater in Stripe, Navy Multi, XS, $27 (buy here)
Ever since I let the Gondola Stripe Top slip through my hands (my size is no longer available, review here), I've been looking for a red / white / blue striped shirt.  And now I've found one!  I have a real appreciation for the way things are cut at J. Crew because they fit my body shape very well - fitted in the shoulders / chest / arms and then relaxed in the torso to hide that pouch.
Verdict: Bought, in store promo was 50% off original price

Lands' End Canvas Anchor Belt, L, bought on promo for $20 but is now back to $50 (buy here)
This wasn't at the outlet mall, but I figured I'd review it since I'm wearing it here.  I bought this belt last week online when all accessories were 60% off at LEC and ordered a Large to sling around my mommy hips.  Based on the size chart, a Large was supposed to fit a waist size (or in my case, a hip size) of 33-36" but it actually measures 38" at the smallest setting and 43" at the largest setting.  Thankfully, the clasp will also work on the braided portion allowing for smaller settings and versatility in wearing on the hips or waist.  Another note, little bits of the leather seem to rub off upon use but you can just brush it off.
Verdict: A good buy for $20!  Just make sure to size down.

LOFT Outlet Lace Shift Dress, 0P, $40
This fits well and follows the rule of skimming the body rather than hugging it.  It's a good rule (thanks Jean of Extra Petite)!  It's a good length for petites but a little too short for my taste.  I prefer my skirt / dress lengths to be just above the knee so that when I sit, a good deal of leg is still covered up.
Verdict: No, but would be good for less self-conscious petites :)

LOFT Outlet Eyelet Blazer, 0P, $39.99
I wanted so badly to love this blazer.  The combination of color + eyelet is just so pretty, but it wasn't flattering on me.  There was too much pulling at the chest and just didn't look right in general.
Verdict: No, not for my body type

BR Outlet Yellow Jacket, 0P
Um, excuse the blue and white neck action.  I was trying something and it does not look the way I hoped, LOL.  The jacket fits well throughout the shoulders / chest / torso, but I just didn't love it.  I think maybe the color was a little too bright for me.
Verdict: No

BR Outlet Braided Colorblock Top, XS
I loved the green / navy color combination of this, but the torso was just too billow-y.  Made me look puffy and pregnant.
Verdict: No

BR Outlet Yellow Striped T-Shirt Dress, XS $19.99
The material was a soft, medium-weight knit (not see-through, woohoo!).  The length was perfect, but everything else was cut too broadly for my frame.  I tried belting it.  Unfortunately, that just emphasized my lack of waist. 
Verdict: No, but a good price and quality if you find one that fits

Today's OOTD:
BR Chevron Tie-Neck Top (old)
LOFT White Cropped Pants
Lands' End Canvas Anchor Belt (buy here)
LV Pochette Bosphore bag (perfect cross body for mommies!)

And patriotic arm decor:
DIY Leatherette Bracelet
DIY Pearl Bracelet
Hermes Clic H, PM
DIY Nautical Stripe Bracelet

Did you do any shopping this weekend or are you waiting for the Independence Day sales?

PFC #17 is this Thursday!  Can't wait to see everyone's entries!  If you need to sign up, just click here and leave a comment.


  1. Thanks for sharing your review. Lace dress is super cute on you. LOVE your DIY bracelets. So cute. Wish I had such ability like you do.

  2. I tried on the BR yellow striped dress a few weeks ago and I actually liked it. I didn't get it because it was a bit tight for my tummy =) Thanks for the review. The arm candy looks great on you with the mixed materials.

  3. Love your arm candy! and the eyelet blazer if it was better fitted :)

  4. Love the shift dress! Thank you for the review

  5. I can't believe you didn't get the lace dress, it looks great! Can you send it to me now, j/k! I thought the yellow blazer looks ok too. And loving your patriotic arm candy!

  6. I always love your reviews! That's too bad about the white blazer, it would have been great to have for the summer. Love the patriotic arm candy, so cute.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Pretty! I love the shift dress and the BR yellow blazer. Didn't get a chance to go shopping this past weekend, hopefully I can catch some deals for the holiday weekend =)

    Suzie Q

  8. Glad you found the blue/white/red stripes you were looking for! I also had my eye on the gondola stripes...but never caught it at a good enough price. :/

    Wow...the PFC is already coming up so quick!

  9. Great first sweater at a great price! Love the eyelet blazer too. Too bad about the fit :(. Cute 4th of July arm party! And cute OOTD. So stylish. Love the messenger LV, but I'd be afraid to wear for fear of looking too young.

  10. I love the Thandie sweater! That is so cute! And the belt is adorable as well- I can't wait to see how you pair it with other items! I'm so glad you inspired me to go to J.Crew last week- I got some great sale items!!!

  11. i just did some antique shopping... not clothes. you made a good choice there with the striped sweater in the first pic. it really looks amazing on you. so awesome that you're hubs is understanding... i rarely go shopping with my hubs because he really hates it.... and i don't want to make him miserable.

    have a great rest of the week! hoping i can fit in a run today. :)

  12. Boy, do you get crazy deals in the US or what?! My favorite is the J Crew top for $27.

  13. love the sweater! What do you usually wear when you're out and about with your kids (park, playdates, etc)? I'm hestitant to wear 'nicer' clothes around our 10month old b/c I feel like they'd end up covered in drool, smushed food, snot and all that fun stuff!

    1. Hi Diana! If I know there's a good chance I'll get dirty (or smelly - like going to a bakery / heavily aromatic restaurants), I stick to machine washable items like cotton garments. I avoid chiffons (I hate washing chiffon, I ruin it 90% of the time so now use one of those Tide sprays when I have to and then take it for dry cleaning when it gets bad) and silks. Typical outfits would be a button down + cropped pants or striped tee + colorful skinnies. Hope that helps!

  14. Love the shift dress and the braided top they are so pretty!! I'm having a you choose cashmere giveaway on my blog, please pass by and enter I think you will love it.


  15. Oooh, I was so excitied when I saw you trying on the LOFT shift dress, I've been drooling over it online, but I hate ordering clothes without seeing them on someone. It looked amazing on you, the lace is so pretty! (And now I think Ill have to order it!) I was also excitied to see you trying on the white blazer, since I'd been watching that online as well. Blazers can be such a pain with the fit, if the button isn't in just the right spot along the waist, it just doesn't work. That J.crew striped top looked pretty darn cute on you as well! (Well, everything atcually looked really cute on you.)

  16. Is it wrong that I totally forgot that the 4th is coming up - which means sale, sale, sale?! But I can make up for it!

  17. beautiful pictures! and great blog :D

  18. I actually really liked the eyelet blazer on you! I like where it hits your waist. Too bad about it not feeling right - that's always such a downer!

  19. I LOVE your B&W tie-neck blouse and your shopping insights! Your blog is so fun, all the "dressing room" pics/posts are so cool, what a great idea!

    Thanks for following LCDF! I'm following your blog! Love it! Even though I am the viking of the LDCF crew (both of my blog cohorts are adorable and {jealousy-inspiring} petite!) and can't buy the petite clothes, I can totally appreciate great fashion in any proportion! :) Plus, your DIY posts are awesome!



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