Sunday, June 3, 2012

LOFT Fitting Room Reviews - 50% Off Sale Items

Most of these items are no longer available online, but my local store had plenty and the SAs can probably find these items via Style Finder for you.  I think if you have one of their credit cards, they will ship it to you for free, but not sure since I've never done it.  Also, they are still doing the additional 50% off sale items so this is a good time to head to the store.

LOFT Modern Straight Leg Jeans, Sz 4P, $25 (buy here)
I've been admiring the mint trend on bloggers like Jean and Blair, but wasn't sure if I was too late to join in.  These jeans fit exactly like I want them - fits waist / hips well, slim in the thighs / knees, and then straight through the calves.  The material is a soft and comfortable twill.
Verdict: Purchased and worn already :)  
One note to add, these stretch and get baggier throughout the day so size down (I wish I had!  Hoping to shrink them in the dryer).

LOFT Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Sweater, XXSP, $10 (buy here)
LOFT Striped Sweater Pencil Skirt, XSP
The sweater has a rather roomy fit in the torso for one of those slouchy, relaxed fits.  I'd normally wear XSP but was able to size down for this.
Verdict: Bought.  I love the stripes and the relaxed torso (good for mommy tummies!).  Plus the price is so good!

I also tried on the pencil skirt for fun.  I love the stripes but it's a little too body-con for my tastes.  I probably should have sized up to see how that looked but was in a hurry (see that little boy / stroller in the background?  LOL).
Verdict: No

LOFT Vintage Eyelet Ribbon Waist Jacket, Sz 2, $45 
This is such a pretty and romantic piece but it made me feel a little boxy.  I also wasn't so crazy about the cuffs contrasting so much from the black.
Verdict: No, not for me.

LOFT Striped Sweater, XS, $25
I loved the way they did the stripes on this sweater - it has a little bit of a tie-dye effect.  This was very light-weight and a tiny bit sheer.  It'd be perfect as a summer sweater if the weather here wasn't blazing hot all summer long.
Verdict: I hemmed and hawed on this one, but ultimately decided I didn't need it.

Button Shoulder Stripe Sweater, XS, $20 (buy here)
So many cute details on this sweater - the buttons on the shoulders, the navy / orange stripe combo, and the overall fit.  This one was a more substantial knit than the one above so could be worn in spring / fall as well.
Verdict: I came thisclose to buying but held back.  I've been buying too many things!

Shopping OOTD
Kate Spade Take a Bow Ring
T+J Designs Dashes of Purple Ring (buy here)
Banana Republic Pearl Bracelet
J. Crew Factory Girls' Bangles

LOFT Dress (with baby bump here, hehe)
Rebecca Minkoff MAC
Gifting Grace Coral Necklace

Do you think it's too late to buy mint-colored items?

P.S. Would those of you who have blogs using the Captcha word verification system please take pity on this little old lady and do away with it?  It's getting harder and harder for these old eyes to tell what those blobs are supposed to be.  Another option to prevent spam comments is to route comments for approval prior to publishing.  Many thanks in advance!


  1. OOoo yes! Just say NO to word verification! Especially now they've got those graphics! These are some great finds, I was just at LOFT yesterday, but my size was picked over. I like the eyelet jacket,I only saw it in white, so I have no idea what the contrasting cuffs look like. I don't think the white was on sale either... Great finds! BTW...I scrolled down to see your PFC...WHAT? A $24 j.crew dress found at their factory store!?!?!? EVERYTIME I go in that place I see a save $5 tag! Hardly worth the outlet trip wouldn't you agree?

  2. Great score on the striped sweater- $10? How could not buy it? You and stripes...too cute!

  3. I love your boy in the background. Such a trooper! Great find at the store!! Cute ootd dress too! I also hate captcha. Some folks just don't even they have it!

  4. Love that stripe sweater on you! Im surprised you didnt buy that!! Oh and love the dress and the Jeans too. For me if jeans stretches after wearing it then no matter how much I fry it, it goes back to the same state after a few hours. Lemme know if it worked for you.

  5. I love these finds, great selections. I especially love that striped dress! xo

  6. omigosh yes! those word verification things are like murder on these old eyes. :D i think it is still a good time to buy mint! you look so cute - thank you for these reviews!!! xox P

  7. It's never to late to join. I'm still on the search for mint clothes. I haven't had much luck with the Loft here lately. You found some great items.

  8. Love fitting room posts! I still love mint clothes so I say buy one item at least :) I haven't been to Loft recently but I saw their windows lately and wanted to stop by.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  9. Oh my I love all of these things... the KS bow ring, I just about died. Nope, it's not too late to buy mint clothes!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. I love those mint jeans! I don't think I'm quite adventurous enough to pull them off, but I love them on you!

    I'll just live vicariously through you and other mint-jean-ed ladies. ;-)

  11. You are so funny! But totally understand with the captcha. Maybe it's the two kids but these eyes are consistently blurry.

    Really like your picks. I do need to stop by my local Loft. I purchased the Modern Straight jeans when Loft had it's 30%.


  12. Ha ha...I was loving the top in your first pic then realized it's your ootd dress. Great arm bangle situation and the bow ring is so cute. Nope, not too late for mint. :)

    Toootally agree about word verif. Good point!

  13. Love all the stripes - they look great on you!

    The Other Side of Gray

  14. No! Mint green looks lovely all year round (IMO) :p Its such a lovely color and easy on the eyes. If you really must but still hesitate to get a clothing item, just go with a nail polish :)
    That mint green jeans is spot on mint green though. I tried different ones in store and they aren't quite the right shade of mint green.

  15. Love the bracelets, are amazing! :)

  16. very cute shopping outfit. :) funny because almost everything that you decide not to buy...i actually think it looks really awesome on you. :)


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