Wednesday, June 13, 2012

J. Crew Fitting Room Reviews Part 2: Summer Sale

Update:  Stores are now doing 30% off sale prices, but purchases are final.

It's J. Crew week over here in SPG-land.  If you saw my last post, you'll know that the J. Crew in store sale was SO good, I actually went twice.  How's that for drinking the Crew-lade?  This is part 2 of my fitting room reviews.  In store pricing noted below.

Scoopneck Blouse in Anchors Aweigh, Sz 0, $64.99 (buy here)
I loved ye from afar and I love ye still.  This dang shirt has been on my mind ever since I saw it pop into new arrivals.  The fit was TTS (for J. Crew) with a slim fit in the arms and shoulders with a blouse-y torso.  The only odd thing for me was the sleeve length.  Too long to be 3/4 and too short to be a typical long-sleeved blouse.  It hit a little above my wrist bone.  The small, white anchor print buttons on the shoulders were a nice detail.  Despite my sweeping declaration of love for it, this particular blouse had a fraying tear on the shoulder so I did not act on my impulse to buy it.
Verdict: I was undecided because the cheapie in me didn't want to spend $65 on a blouse with a trendy print, but I'm going to track it down now that the stores have an additional 30% off.
See also on Gigi.  Her post also has links to other IRL pics.

Dizzy Anchors Mini, Sz 0 (do not see online yet)
Not on sale, but I just couldn't resist the anchor print.  I've been loving the dizzy anchors print online but it seemed a bit too much when I put it on.  Such a shame!  Wish the print was just a wee bit smaller.
Verdict: No, print overwhelms

Stripe Button-front Dress, XS and XXS, $34.99 (buy here)
I have a thing for stripes.  As in, I pretty much feel like buying every striped item I ever come across - especially in the blue / white / cream combination.  The XS is overall loose with a mid-knee hem.  The XXS has a better fit in the chest but is still a little loose at the waist.  Though the hem length is much more suited for my 5'2" build.  I can't say that either is exactly flattering as I pretty much look like a striped rectangle in this dress, but I *think* I can save this dress with a belt.
Verdict: Bought, but second-guessing myself.  The material is a nice, thicker type of knit and the cut of the dress masks my belly, but should I really buy an unflattering dress?  I'm going to try this with some belts at home and see how I feel afterwards.
Stripe Crystal Stretch Bracelet, Ivory, $19.99 (buy here)
As I was checking out, a sales associate took a handful of these bracelets to mark down behind the counter.  Curious, I asked to see them and became enamored of the sparkle.  Currently selling online for the regular price of $39.50.
Verdict: Total. Impulse. Buy.  I'm so weak.

In my limited J. Crew experience, I've typically found better deals online from their frequent sale codes.  I'm rather surprised that the in-store deals were so much better this time around.  What has been your experience - better deals in store or online?


  1. I just love anything with sailboats or anchors on them, too bad those didn't work out for you. I think that striped dress looks good on you but I agree a belt might make it that much better!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. That Anchor blouse is now on sale? Been wanting it in my closet for a while!

  3. Love that bracelet!! wise picks SPW!

  4. ohh i saw the Scoopneck Blouse in Anchors Aweigh in store as well and thought it was so cute! i also am a cheapie and decided to pass because of the price.

  5. You're cracking me up with all the punny puns! Crew-lade, LOL. Too bad about that 1st blouse. It's super cute. Is it the fray in the shoulder that kinda put it in the "no" category? Cause I woulda totally attempted a DIY sleeve shortener. Of course, you probably could turn that blouse into a full-length gown, you wizard! I agree, the anchor print on that skirt was a bit big for a small frame. Stop talking about your bump because YOU DON'T HAVE ONE! :D I can't wait to see the striped dress with a belt and see if you like it more/less/same. What a pretty impulse buy!

  6. That anchor blouse was at my local store (Town Square in Las Vegas) in a size 0. The "cheapie" in me thought the exact same thing you did!! Lol! Plus, it was dry clean only...I like to keep those items to a minimum! :)

    I vote return on the stripe dress. I know you love stripes, but I don't think it is flattering enough on you.

    Last summer is when I started shopping at J. Crew more regularly...but like you said...lots of online sales. Now, it is many amazing in-store steals!

  7. I really can't wait for their store to open sometime next year. At least their online store now extends to UK customers and shipping cost is relatively minimal.

  8. argh!! i love all of these!! the store SA has an anchor's aweigh top in my size!! *la la la la* i hope you track down your size in store!! (yay extra discount!) xox P

  9. lol, i would have bought the bracelet too

  10. Love the blouse! I have it bad for stripes too. Adore JCrew jewelry, every piece I've bought still makes me smile when I pull it out.

  11. Absolutely LOVE that anchor print blouse!!! You need to buy it, and so do I!!! My experience has been that it's almost always cheaper online. The only time I found a better in-store deal was this January when they had an additional 50% sale items. . .I found the best deals!!!

    <3 Jenny

  12. That bracelet is so beautiful! I would buy it too.

    The stripe dress is for sure cute on you, which size did you buy by the way? I'm looking forward to seeing you in that dress with belt/brazer. Pretty summer dress tho!

  13. Wow, it looks like a serious trip is needed into J.Crew. The dress you bought was so cute! I think it will work very well with a belt!
    And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  14. i agree w/your verdict abt the anchor skirt.

  15. the anchor print blouse is really cute but for $65, I would pass on it too.

    xo erica

  16. i really love the first blouse on you... but yes, 65 bucks is a bit pricey.... before kids, i didn't think twice about price, but now that my kids are in school... all i think about is spending less on myself and more on the kids. that bracelet is soooo pretty!!

  17. I have a better time finding deals in stores (outlets more often). My size is usually gone by the time a sale comes around. I don't know why. Like the pebble dot blouse was no longer available. I do feel like I return majority of my J.Crew online purchases due to fit.

    I really like the maxi dress. Looks comfy. And J.Crew's jewelry are always my breaking point.


  18. Great navy style!



  19. The bracelet is so beautiful. I love bling.


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