Wednesday, May 9, 2012

J. Crew Ultra Eyelet Shell & Maritime Anchor Dress

I hopped into my J. Crew store hoping to see some Anchors Aweigh items but they either hadn't arrived yet or I didn't look hard enough for them.  I did spy some other cute items to try on:

Ultra Eyelet Shell, Sz 0, (buy here)
Ever since magazines have been heavily pushing the spring LV eyelet looks, I've been keeping my eye out for a more affordable option.  This shell fits the bill as far as the eyelet goes but I didn't love the way it looked on me.  The armholes are cut a little too deeply for my taste, as evidenced by the visible underarm-meets-fleshy-upper chest-area and the torso is boxy.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want every garment to taper into the waist but if they're going for a loose torso, I want it to fit very well at the shoulders and chest as well as having a slightly longer hem to balance the look.

Maritime Anchor Dress, XS, (buy here)
I'm a nautical-aholic so I gravitate towards stripes / anchors / sailboats and etc.  This dress looked so cute on the model but I felt like the large anchor looked out of proportion with my short (5'2") self.  Sizing runs big - the chest / shoulder area was roomy.  The torso is boxy but I expected that from the website.  A cute detail that I should have photographed are the 2 bronze zippers on the side that start at thigh and go down to the hem (though would never be unzipped on me).  The material is a thick knit - this added to the sleeves might make it too warm to wear on a summer day unless you plan to sit indoors under heavy air conditioning.

J. Crew Striped Dress, Sz 0 (looks like the Blouson but don't see this color combo)
I loved the navy / green / white stripes but this dress didn't do me any favors.  I'm virtually waist-less and this particular style of dress seemed to emphasize my boxy shape.  A belt could probably do wonders but the material was thin and kind of flimsy-feeling.  It also had kind of a nubby feeling?  It wasn't soft and smooth like I expect most knits to be. 
See Gigi rock a navy / green dress from ON here as an alternative.

I left with a necklace but was glad that I wasn't missing out on anything big.


  1. I was interested in the anchor dress too. Too bad it is not very petite-friendly. It would be a very cute summer dress if it had worked out. Enjoy the rest of your week, S! We're going to have a beautiful weekend =)

  2. Good call not buying any of the items. Fit not perfect. You got an eyelet shirt in the DIY plans?? Can't wait to see the necklace you bought!!!!!

  3. I think you can create a better eyelet shirt than JCrew. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. I've been slacking on Twitter and blog comments lately, so I apologize for not responding earlier. It's a bummer about the anchor dress running big because it's so cute! I bet the model in the J.Crew catalogue had her dress pinned in the back ;) Looser shift dresses are so hard to pull off without a belt, but I wonder if that would detract from the anchor design.

    I saw ON's navy/green over the weekend during their promo period and was so close to buying. Argh now I'm kicking myself, but I really have placed a lot of orders lately, so trying to hold back.

  5. The anchor dress is cute. Too bad about the sizing though it would be a cute addition.

  6. good decision. However, I liked the eyelet orange color on you, DIY maybe?

  7. Great reviews as usually SPG. I really think that the Maritime Anchor dress is so cute. Would have preferred it to have a lighter fabric for summer.

  8. the anchor dress is cute, but i wish they made the sizes a bit smaller. but anyway, yay for getting a new necklace! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  9. I actually like the striped dress but I'm not sure about the anchor print on the bottom. I'm still so jealous you have a J Crew store handy to you.

  10. cute blog!

  11. Would love to see how the zippers looked... I love anchor styled/nautical dresses, but it's too bad about the fit. glad that you found a necklace. -xo

  12. The anchor dress is cute. Great and honest reviews on the items =)

    Suzie Q

  13. Love the dress with the anchor, is stunning :)

  14. i am obsessed with everything nautical also. :) love the middle dress on you.

  15. (way late) Thanks for the link love. It's interesting how the same items fit differently on everyone. I agree that you have great skills to make much better fitting clothing for yourself :)


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