Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reviews: Gap Sale Items and Old Navy Dresses

The Gap family stores had some great online deals recently (20% off purchase at Old Navy and 30% off at Gap) and I couldn't help but order a few things to try out.  The prices listed below were what I paid after using the promo codes.

Current promos
  • Old Navy - 20% off today, 5/20, and 15% off tomorrow, 5/21, using code
  • Gap - 25% off 5/21-5/22 using code
Old Navy Fold-Over Jersey Skirt, Brite Nite, Sz Sm Tall, $16 (buy here)
Ever since I got the convertible J. Crew Factory Sanur dress, I've been wondering what other skirts out there may double as a dress.  I initially tried this in regular XS and thought it was too long as a skirt so I decided to see if tall sizing would allow it to work as a dress.  I think it actually looks quite nice this way and I love the chevron pattern.  Currently debating whether or not to add straps to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.  
Side note: do you see my awesome t-shirt tan? LOL
Verdict: A keeper - can be worn as dress or skirt and material is super soft jersey.

Boat Neck 3/4 Sleeve Shift Dress, Sm, $12 (buy here)
I fell in love with this dress on Gigi and have to say it looks much better on her than me.  In order to avoid tummy cling, I sized up to a small so the shoulders / chest area is a bit large.  Also, this particular shade of green seems to make my skin look even more yellow?
Verdict: Undecided.  I love the concept of green / blue stripes but this dress doesn't seem very flattering on me.

Ruffled Eyelet Cami, Bone White, XSP, $17 (buy here)
I love the eyelet details at the hem and think it looks so cute peeking out from underneath a cardigan!  The cami fits well without being too tight or loose and the elastic waistband falls at my natural waist.  Something that is hard to find!  Most fall at my belly button and then inevitably ride up.
Verdict: Keep - looks good as a layer and by itself

Gap Striped Boat Neck Sweater, White / Black, XSP, $13 (buy here)
I'm not sure why they labeled this as white / black because the "white" is more of an oatmeal color.  I've been subconsciously looking for a wide black striped sweater ever since I tried on this one at J. Crew Factory and was delighted to find this one at such a good price.  The sleeves fit slimly, shoulders fit well and the torso is slouchy and comfortable.  I have to say that this is my favorite fit for sweaters since it completely hides the belly while still maintaining a slim silhouette.
Verdict: Keep - great fit, price and color

Have you been taking advantage of any Gap family online sales?  Any good buys?


  1. Loved all your purchases! My fav is the dress/skirt :-)

  2. Hi there! Long time no chat! I like the chevron striped dress on you but I'd be too self-conscious to walk around in strapless jersey material - especially when it wasn't made to accommodate the bust (it IS a skirt after all). I strongly recommend the shoulder straps!

    The green striped dress is a keeper, SPG. At least from the angle you've provided it looks very flattering on you both in terms of color and fit. And can you imagine it with a wide (or hell, skinny) waist belt? A great summer piece I'm EXTREMELY temped to pick up myself (if I ever make it to the mall :)

    1. Hi Anna - I've missed you! You convinced me - will definitely be adding straps. And thanks for the dress feedback!

  3. great buys SPG! i like the green striped dress on you.. i vote keep!!

  4. Love love the chevron print dress on you. o cute. Really like the necklaces you paired with all the outfits.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. i love the first dress! all the outfits look great!

    A Petite Treat

  6. I love the layering piece and the first dress :) Great finds!

  7. That tall chevron skirt as a dress is genius! I actually bought a jersey chevron dress at ON on sale for $9 last weekend! I can't wait to wear it this summer! I think the green/blue shift is amazing on you! Form flattering without being clingy or boxy! I don't think it brings out your yellow undertones at all!!!!!

  8. LOVE those dresses - they look so cute on you!

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. I really like the old navy dress, I am now kicking myself for not stopping by old navy over weekend! $16 is not a bad either!!!

  10. I like all the items you picked up. From what I can see the green w/ black striped dress looks great on you. You should keep it.

  11. No tshirt tan to my unobservant eye :) I LOVE the skirt-as-a-dress on you! Keep, keep, keep.

    I saw the green/navy striped dress too and while I like the concept, I wasn't a fan of the not-quite elbow-length sleeves. Does it look awkward to you too? I say go with your gut and return if you're unsure.

    The eyelet cami is very cute, especially layered underneath the cardigan. If the ruffles around the bust area becomes bulky and/or troublesome when layering, I bet you can easily remove the extra fabric with your l33t sewing skillz ;)

    I *think* I tried on the same striped sweater awhile back but the sizing looked off on me. It's lovely on you and a classic piece worth keeping.

  12. You definitely picked up some great items! I was just at the gap a few days ago but didn't see anything... The skirt you turned into a dress looks great and the striped dress looks good on you! You'll get a lot of wear and $12 is a steal!

  13. I haven't really checked out Gap for the past 2 years. You've definitely piqued my interest again after seeing the striped pieces. I'll have a look at their website again.

  14. I don't shop at Old Navy much but the Gap is a regular stop for me. I love their chino shorts, t dresses and Gap Body is great. Lots of supersoft lounge and sleepwear. I've also been loving their nylon running shorts, the fit is much better than anything I've tried at Sports Authority.

    The Gap kids is awesome too, really cute stuff.

  15. LOVE that boatneck sweater and eyelet top; glad you're keeping them both!

  16. the green striped dress you must buy... it look amazing on you!

    love, love that eyelet top. you have a great figure! :)

    i hope you have a great week. :)

  17. I didn't pick up anything during the sale because I picked some things up at Gap outlet 2 weeks ago. Those are amazing picks though. I especially like the eyelet cami. It looks great as a layer.


  18. I recently bought the green striped dress above in black/white stripes. Although I think the green dress looks great on you, I just wanted to mention the black/white stripe option since you seemed to be hesitant about the green against your skin.


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