Sunday, January 1, 2012

BR and H&M Fitting Room Reviews

Happy 2012!!!  The winner of the chunky, hand knit scarf has been announced!  Click here to find out who won.

Winter sales shopping is my weakness.  Virtually every store has a sale upon a sale and the deal hunter in me goes nuts.  This year, I really made an effort to reign it in and my purchases are a fraction of what I spent last year.  Baby steps :)

I went to the mall and stopped by Banana Republic and H&M.  I didn't even bother going to LOFT because our mall is set up in such a way that you have to go outside to get there (all other stores are indoor accessible) and I didn't want to drag Baby Girl outside just so her Momma could peruse the sale rack.  First up is BR.

BR Heritage wool plaid jacket, XS
orig. $225, purchased on sale for $45 (used rewards) (buy here)

Ever since I saw Olyvia blog about a plaid coat, I've had it in my head and I was so happy to actually find one for such a good price!  It fits nicely in the shoulders and torso.  The belt helps cinch it in to give it a more shapely look.  The sleeves are a teeny bit long (maybe 1-1.5") but it's not a big deal.  After using my BR rewards, this coat was only $45!

BR Cowlneck Sweater, Orange Velvet, Sm
orig. $79.50, purchased on sale for $15 (used rewards) (buy here)

I sized up on this one to avoid tummy clinginess and LOVED this orange color and large, dramatic cowl.  It looks orange-red in real life and I actually like the fit of this so much that I also purchased the camel version (to be seen shortly in an OOTD).

I then went to H&M and tried on a couple of items but was mostly interested in their accessories.

This knuckle ring here runs small.  The medium fits like a size 5 / 5.5 so if you have tiny fingers, size S will probably be perfect for you!

I also purchased another ring with 3 "gemstones" that reminded me of a beautiful Ippolita ring as well as an orange snake print bracelet from H&M.  The gemstone ring is true to size where a medium fits like a size 6 / 6.5.  

The curb chain necklaces are Vince Camuto from Dillard's that were marked down from $98 to $11 {{jumps for joy}}.

I also spotted this Mulberry Alexa look-alike at H&M but it had scuffs all over so I passed.

H&M Colorblock Dress, Sz 4, $39 (I think?)
This dress looked so cute on the hanger but just looked like I was wearing a cardigan with a top and skirt when I tried it on.  I had been hoping it'd give a more graphic effect.  Oh well, good for my wallet.

H&M Contrast Cardigan, XS, $25
This was another item that looked cute on the rack but didn't look as good on.  I think it has real potential but I don't have any good ideas for pairings so I passed.  The XS fit is a tiny bit roomy on me so will be loose on smaller ladies.

I was going to post resolutions today too but Baby Girl has finished her nap and I gotta go!  Did anyone do any winter sales shopping?


  1. Great score on that BR jacket!! Love your accessory finds!

    I found some great deals at J. Crew on Friday! Just posted about it. :)

  2. Happy New Year!. You got an awesome deal on the BR jacket and the BR jacket look great on you. =) I only brought a BR cardigan and AT skirt.

  3. Great finds! I didnt go shopping this year which was a bit of a shock for my husband :-D

  4. Great finds! Thanks for the fitting room pics- those are not as easy as they look!

  5. I wasn't finished commenting and then my phone froze

    Can't wait to see the accessories in action!! Thanks for all u do and hope this year brings you everything that you want :)

  6. Oo nice finds on the accessories! I'm going to have to go back to H&M for those, lol.

  7. I'm wondering what kind of reward program you're on because you practically lifted these things out of the store.

    LOL about the "colorblock dress" - it really does look like a cardigan over a top/skirt combo. I was in H&M recently and didn't see it (though it would've been tons of fun playing with such a dumbly-designed piece) :) H&M in general kills me - I see gorgeous pieces styled by fellow bloggers but once I see them in person the quality turns me off forever. I may have been spoiled by H&M-like prices on eBay but I'm not forking over $35 for a crap quality blazer.

    I hope you had a great New Year with your family!

  8. I love the accesories :) and too bad about those scuff marks! These after boxing sales are really tempting me! Even in this heat we are having I managed to score some finds due to all the discounts! I'm not complaining tho :P

  9. i havent gone shopping, but hope to this month! it looks like you seriously scored some awesome things! i hope there is stuff left when i get around to going!!

  10. Yay! I was anticipating your new plaid jacket post! It looks so cute on you! Happy you got it at an awesome price too! I'll have to head over to my local BR to see if they have any left in this style and I haven't checked BR for the longest time!

  11. wow those 2 BR purchases are a steal and they look great on you!! the sleeves don't bother me either. i have a weakness for sales too.
    i tried on that h&m sweater and thought the same -- better on the rack.

  12. You certainly purchased some excellent items! I was also at BR and committed another sin, I bought 4 new sweaters...ah! But with the 30% off the sale price plus and extra 20% off I couldn't help myself! Love your plaid jacket :)

  13. Loved those H&M accessories!

    And Happy New Year from Japan!

  14. Great buys. I love H&M and so sad that we don't have it here. I don't like the outdoors stores in the winter also.

  15. Love that first coat, great find and nice pick! Have a happy 2012 SPG :)

  16. congrats to the winner of the scarf! so jealous!! :)

    i use my rewards and whatever i buy always ends up being a great deal. the plait coat is amazing on you--and super stylish. i am inspired to go on a hunt for one myself! don't call me a copycat if i do. :)
    love getting great deals on costume jewelry. i am kind of "afraid" of knuckle rings... lol! I do love the VC necklace you got for such an amazing deal! Good for you. :) I really didn't get to shop much this winter because I've been sooo overwhelmed with the closing process of our new house. good for you on your haul. :)

    hope you're new year is to a great start. i look forward to interacting with you a lot more. :) if you're ever in my area, let me know... would love to meet up.

    CHEERS! :)

  17. Everything you are wearing looks super cute! I especially love that orange top -- the color is striking!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. I really like that contrast cardi, so it's disappointing to hear that it runs big! Nevertheless, thanks for these reviews, they're super helpful. :)

  19. got your tweet. so lucky about those vince camuto chain necklaces. that's a STEAL!!!! I"m looking for one that goes all the way around.

  20. I didn't see that contrast cardi in my h&m! It looks very nice on you. I did however grab some nice swing jackets that were on sale so I am pretty content, for now ;)

  21. Thank you! Baby and I are doing well! I have been solely breastfeeding him so he's gone from 5 percentile to 73 percentile in 5 weeks! Babies grow up so fast--I can not wait to continue making more memories with him.

    I agree with you on the colorblock H&M dress. It's a neat idea though! I'm in need of a purse and that look alike looks so nice--too back it was all scuffed up!

  22. Michelle - Thank you! Just checked out your post - don't you just love all these sales? :)

    Ying - Happy New Year to you too! I saw your new items - super cute!

    Newpetite - LOL, is this a new resolution?

    Annie - No problem at all - I love seeing other people's fitting room reviews so I hope this might be helpful to someone :)

    R.L. - Thanks! Yes, definitely - they have some cute pieces of jewelry in stock right now!

    Anna - I have the BR Luxe card and had recently racked up a $30 rewards card to use up :) I seriously laughed out loud on your comment about the "dumbly-designed piece." That dress was so disappointing! I think the quality is hit or miss. I've seen some items that have already fallen apart in the store whereas some pieces in my closet have lived through many years of washing / wearing.

    Kat - It must be funny to see northern hemisphere bloggers donning heavy clothes while your weather turns hot. I hope you have southern hemisphere bloggers to read for summer inspirations!

    Amber - Hope you find some great deals / items when you shop later this month!

    Olyvia - Aw, thank you! You should definitely check the store - the online price is much higher!

    Ping - Thanks so much! I'm surprised about the H&M sweater - I figured it would look super cute on a smaller person if they were looking for a relaxed look.

    Bessie - Thanks! Ooh, which sweaters did you buy?

    Ellen - Thank you and happy new year to you too! :)

    Patience - If you ever see an H&M item here that you're interested in, please let me know and I can be your personal shopper :)

    Elaine - Thanks so much! Happy new year to you too!

    Jasmine - LOL, I would love to see any plaid coats you find! I was initially hesitant about the knuckle ring for fear of jabbing one of the kiddos, but I'll just be more mindful of it when wearing. Congrats on the new house!!

    Bonnie - Thank you! I'm rather fond of orange right now :)

    JJ - If it's big on me, I can't imagine how big it'd be on you. But if you're going for a loose fit, then you could make it work :)

    Aubrey - If I find a large link necklace that looks good for a good price, I'll definitely tweet you :)

    Thu - Thank you! I want to see your swing jackets!

  23. Curvy - Way to go on Baby Boy! That's a great jump! Breastfeeding for me was such a challenge but we finally have the hang of it now and I'm so relieved :)

  24. I saw the plaid jacket too...but it was so much more expensive in Canada! So i passed on it! It looks great on you though! :) You got such awesome deals, esp the Vince Camuto chain necklaces!!

  25. High five on the finds at BR! I missed out on shopping there this year but went to GAP and Old Navy a lot. =P I love buying jewelry at H& cheap and stylish. Btw I want that Mulberry lookalike bag or should I get the real thing? Hmm...


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