Monday, December 26, 2011

Review: J. Crew Lady Day and Plaza Coats

Twitter friends already heard this story.  I was up early last Tuesday morning with Baby Girl (can you believe she's already 3 months old?!?) and was perusing blogs.  I had just finished looking at Elle's J. Crew post and was inspired to cyberstalk some J. Crew outerwear.  Clicking on each coat to see what colors were left, I saw that both the Lady Day Coat and the Plaza Coat were marked down to ~$80 and that the 30% off promo was still in effect leaving the coats at a major bargain price of ~$56.

Check out Elle's super informative review here.  I won't repeat her info but wanted to give the perspective from a slightly different body type (aka short with a semi-small frame plus a tummy from my recent pregnancy).

For other petite J. Crew outerwear reviews, check out Jean of Extra Petite (2010 Lady Day Coat), Ping of All About Fashion Stuff (Lady Day Coat and Metro Coat) and Annie of Really Petite (2010 Lady Day Coat).  If I missed anyone's review, please let me know and I'll post it here.

On to the reviews!  I'm wearing a button down shirt + sweater to simulate my typical winter outfit.  The sleeves on the button down represent my preferred sleeve length (ends right before my thumb begins).

Lady Day Coat w/ Thinsulate in Heather Majestic Purple, sz 2P, item 52606, (buy here)
The color is absolutely stunning and is more of deep, royal blue than a purple.  I knew the Lady Day Coat had a nipped waist so rather than order a 0 or 0P, I ordered 2P.  The coat fits nicely in the torso - no gaping / no bulges and easily hides a tummy pouch.  The Thinsulate lives up to its name - the layer is so thin that I don't even notice it.  I haven't tested it in cold weather yet but I'm looking forward to seeing how it does!

It gives an overall slim silhouette (major plus!).  The only drawback for me is the sleeve length.  It's not necessarily a deal breaker but it's not optimal.

Plaza Coat in Natural, sz 00R, item 49715, (buy here)
The pictures don't do it justice, but the color is a nice, creamy beige for a great, light-colored neutral.  Fits nicely with ample room in the sleeve and torso for winter wear.

The sleeve length is perfect for me and the straight up and down shape also masks a tummy.

Plaza Coat in Heather Dusk, sz 0P, item 50707, (buy here)
Same coat, different color and size.  

Compared to 00R, the 0P is a tiny bit more snug in both the torso and sleeve.  Sleeve length is also shorter.  Still hides a tummy :)

If I could build my ideal coat, I'd have the fit of the 00R Plaza Coat and the color of the Lady Day Coat.  I feel like the straight lines of the Plaza Coat are more me.

Which coat do you like best?  Do you prefer a feminine, nipped waist like the Lady Day Coat or the straight lines of the Plaza Coat?

Hope everyone had a wonderful X-mas!  It's time to hit those After X-mas sales!


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  2. I cannot thank you and Jean enough for alerting us readers of this awesome deal. Maybe we should be thanking your baby, they sure do keep us up in the wee hours! ;) 
    I got the lady day in 8P and the plaza in 10P (8P was 'stolen' from my cart during the madness of it all). I was able to exchange both for 8R since the fit was not quite right. I prefer the slim lines of the lady day, since I have coats similar to the Plaza and the silhouette does not wow me. I love both on you though, and that blue is beautiful in pictures. I ordered that color in the lady day, but returned it as I felt guilty having 3 coats, then hubby told me that I should have kept it! Aaah! (Please tell me I don't need the same coat in 2 colors to make me feel better).
    Thanks again, and you look great for being 3 months post-partum!

  3. I second Jen's comment - Thank you and your baby for alerting us about the sale =) I am a huge fan of the lady day so my opinion might seem biased. Since you got these jackets at great deal, maybe keep one of each? =)

  4. First and foremost, thank you so much for the morning tweet. :)
    I am absolutely surprised to see how well the plaza coat fits you (the 00R of course) and love the way it looks on you. I think it's a very classic looking coat and you should def. keep it. As for the lady day, I adore the color but not liking the sleeve length on you. I agree it's not a deal breaker. And for $56, I say keep.

  5. i would keep both :) i think they both look great on you and they're so different! im sad i missed out on this one. the funny thing is, i was browsing the site that morning, just didnt look at coats!

  6. This is a tough decision but I like the silhouette of the Lady Day but if the Plaza is more YOU - then I say keep one of each. For that price, how on earth can you possibly go wrong?

  7. I loved the Blue Lady Day Coat and the Plaza Coat.

  8. god i am so jealous you ladies got these coats for such a steal!! it's what i get for being impatient and also not on twitter! this is a really tough choice. i love both and would keep both. lol! sorry i'm not much help. i do like the natural color better for the plaza coat though. thanks for linking me too :)
    hope you had a merry xmas with the fam!

  9. I love the color of the J crew coat! Its so beautiful! What a great bargain! I saw all this happening all over the petite blogosphere :)
    Happy holidays!!

  10. I actually really like everything about the Lady Day coat on you and don't think the shorter sleeves are actually that bad. You must be a "taller" petite because the Lady Day coat hits just above my knee and makes me look short with pants and flats.

  11. Ahhh SPG what an amazing deal you got! Was kind of jealous of you ladies that got a great deal on this, but I wouldn't have jumped on it anyway as the prices are higher for Canadians.

    I love the colour of the lady day coat and love the shape of it. But I think the plaza coat looks just beautiful on you! Which one will you end up keeping?

  12. Love all of the outfits you made with that awesome sweater!


    Erin @

  13. I like the lady day and the plaza in grey on you. That's my vote. Wow, 3 months have gone by so quickly! We hit 4 months this Fri.

  14. Small Fabric - Thanks for weighing in!

    Jen - Aww, thank you for your kind words and no problem on the deal sharing! Glad to hear my fellow petites were able to jump in on the deal too :) Which Lady Day coat color did you wind up keeping?

    Sydney - I think I am going to wind up keeping at least 2 :D Can't wait to see yours on you!

    Vicky - I love deals and I'm so happy that you and others were able to get it too :D The prices are definitely good enough to warrant keeping!

    Amber - Thank you! I had been eyeing the Boulevard trench for the longest time so had been periodically checking in on it. When I saw that most of the colors gone, I looked at all the other coats. Right place, right time kind of thing. Sorry that you weren't able to get the deal :(

    Annie - LOL, you're right - the price point will definitely allow me to keep both :)

    Newpetite / Honey / Erin - Thanks!

    Ping - Think of it this way - you were one of the pioneers that led us to see how great this coat was! I love yours on you. The color is so very vibrant! Hope you had a wonderful X-mas too!

    Kat - Thanks! LOL - it must be kind of funny watching this all happen from across the world :)

    R.L. - I guess on the spectrum of petites, I am a tiny bit on the taller side at 5'2". I never even thought about coat length! I usually just focus on torso roominess. I'm so used to super long sleeves that shorter sleeves are a little jarring to me but these sleeves aren't SO short. I think I'll keep both :)

    Elaine - Thank you! I remember reading that J. Crew items were much more expensive for Canadians :(

    Gigi - Thanks for weighing in! Time honestly has flown by and our little ones are growing so quickly! I love reading about Mini G and am looking forward to your next post :)

  15. love the way the lady day coat hugs your silhouette!! :)

  16. Hi There! Happy Holidays and so glad you received all 3 coats. Personally, I think the lady day coat in the blue looks the best on you! The plaza coat is nice, but with kids and an upcoming snowy winter, the light colours may not be the most practical for your wardrobe. Good luck your decision, I think you look great in all 3 coats.

  17. hey, you! hope you had a fun christmas with your little ones and family. the first 3 months is really hard... (not getting sleep... etc.) but it sure goes fast!
    i have to agree with you on the color of the first coat. it is absolutely beautiful! my kind of color... and the fit is amazing. i prefer this kind of fit because i think it's more flattering to my petite figure. but i have to say, all three colors are gorgeous in its own way, and the fit of the the plaza coat is very classy and elegant.

  18. Oooooh, I love all of these coats, really! The blue coat is the best color, but I really like all of them.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. I prefer the Lady Day coat - it fits you best with how it nips into the waist. I also love the striking color and fit in the wrists.

    This surely is a fantastic deal but once I got around to it all the small sizes in regular were sold out. Can't wait to see how you'd pair it!

  20. I'd like color of plaza coat with shape of lady coat..haha! That's a pretty good deal on the coats, which ones did you keep?

  21. Firstly, I'd like to comment on what nice coats you chose out! I'm looking to get the Lady Day this year, though the price (I missed the Black Friday sale, as well as the fact that I'm from Canada) prevented me from doing so this year.
    Secondly, just a quick question: how did the Thinsulate hold up against the winter weather? Since I'm from Toronto, the weather gets mighty frosty here and I've been dying to get my hands on a coat that keeps the warmth in but the bulk out (I refuse to get a Canada Goose and the like.) Please let me know, thanks!

    1. Thank you! They were such a great deal! I'm actually a poor judge of the Thinsulate because I was on maternity leave last year and only left the house on weekends (basically just walking from parking lot to grocery store or mall). When it was cold / icy outside, I would just stay home. Have you checked Jean, Elle, and Ping's reviews? Jean & Elle live in the Northeast and Ping in San Francisco. I think they all mention the warmth of the thinsulate:

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