Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dots and Happy Holidays

It's a nice, balmy 50 degrees here and I am happy to wear my new ON polka dot sweater.  I first fell in love with the Madewell polka dot sweater on Blair of Atlantic Pacific and Kelly of Alterations Needed.  When I saw this version at Old Navy for only $15 (also used 30% F&F so was only ~$11) this past weekend, I snapped it up.  Other people in the store must have had the same idea because when I got there, there was a lone Sm and all the other sweaters were XXL (there are plenty of sizes online now though!).  The Small is a little roomy in the torso for me but I don't mind.

Whilst I was digging in my closet to find something to wear with it, I found this great ivory-colored, corduroy blazer from almost 10 years ago in perfect condition.  It was like finding treasure :)

Blazer:  Banana Republic, Sz 0, (old)
Sweater:  Old Navy Printed Crew-Neck Pullover, Sm, (buy here)
Shirt:  Banana Republic Button Down, Sz 0 (old)
Skirt:  Gap, Sz 4 (outlet find for $6!)
Watch:  Timex + J. Crew band
Shoes:  Gucci Magenta Wedges

Happy Holidays to everyone!!  The kiddos here don't seem to love being held by Santa Claus but they are indeed excited about Christmas :)


  1. What a great outfit, your kids are adorable!!!!!!!!!!

    They don't look to pleased with Santa though LOL!

  2. what a great deal! it looks amazing, and love how it stands out. great layering... and i absolutely HEART the photo of your kids. they are absolute dolls! you're a good mom--i have no patience, so i never even think about standing in line to get photos done with santa for my kids. cute outfits on the kiddos. hope you have a wonderful holidays! (hope i don't pig out!)

    jasmine :)

  3. such a cute look! i love the polka dot sweater too. i love the way you layered the different material and textures.

  4. Adorable Kids! Santa got the same reaction from our little one too :-)

    Thats a gorgeous Jacket and sweater! We find the best treasure hidden in out closet.

  5. Hahha your kids are so cute! Their reactions priceless :)

  6. that's a really cute sweater. and only 11 bucks? that's definitely a steal. Your kids are really cute. I remember, I hated being held by Santa too when i was a little girl. there's a picture of me and my siblings with Santa, not smiling. It's quite funny actually.

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  7. LOVE your outfit!! the polka dots are soo fun!

  8. Lol! Love the Santa picture! The mad/sad faces are the best! You will always have a good laugh! :) My sister just took her three kids to sit with Santa (they have posed with the same Santa since the oldest was born!) and the youngest was screaming his head off in the picture!

    Love the polka dots on you!

  9. I got the same exact sweater! I was ecstatic to find such a great buy! Looks great one you.


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  10. I have a sore spot for polka dot and the black and white one is so cute and classic. Love it.

    Happy Holidays to you too girl!

  11. AHHH you and Tara from Mix n Match both have this sweater and guess what? I bought it last weekend as well...and also have it in pink and khaki.

  12. lol, love the expressions on your kid's faces! So cute and funny! The polka-dot sweater is so much fun! And I quite like this length skirt on you!

  13. I'm glad you found your blazer again. I just love finding treasures in my closet haha. Aww, your kids are so cute! <3

    P.S. Forever 21 indeed has a lot of fabulous jewelries!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  14. Fantastic deal - you can never go wrong with polka dots.

  15. Your kids are so adorable. Baby girl is getting so big now. Happy Holidays to you and your family =)

  16. The kiddes are adorable! Look at their chubby cheeks ;)

    You always find the best stuff at ON! That dotted sweater looks so chic on you.

    Happy Holidays!

  17. i love digging through my closet and finding long-forgotten clothes, it is indeed like finding a treasure. :)

    p.s. my sisters and brother have this picture with santa claus, and they did not look happy either, it's actually quite funny! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  18. Your kids are adorable! What a cute picture! And love the navy polka dot sweater on you! Love the outfit SPG- so cute!

  19. Happy Holidays! The sweaer is too cuute! Yes me and you both will be enjoying a 50 degree christmas haha

  20. Happy holidays! Your kids are too funny- I love their faces. I've also been looking for a polka dot sweater and the Madewell one was on my list for a while(until I decided to wait for clearance/eBay).

    The blazer works nicely with the whole look- its a great neutral to add to the mix without overwhelming the look.

  21. lol at your kids!!!! Soooo adorable!!! Santa doesn't seem to excited either...but hard to tell when a beard is covering half his face!

    Nice blazer!! I'm gonna clean my closet soon...hope I find treasure too!!

  22. Your babies are precious! Their faces are so adorable and they have hair for days. Did you make little baby girl's hairbow?


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