Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Preppy Layers OOTD

DIY posts are slowing down a little bit since my hands are now literally full with DD and DS so bear with me as I inundate you with reviews and closet remixes instead :)  While I'm on the kiddo topic, I'm behind on comments and responses but if you have a question, please feel free to email or find me on Twitter.  I'm much more "reachable" for things I can respond to using my phone rather than my laptop.

Now back to the OOTD.  As soon as I bought the ON plaid shirt, I wanted to do a preppy layered look with a blazer.  To make it a little less run of the mill, I layered on the wrist wear.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the colors in this plaid!

What kinds of ensembles would you put together with this plaid shirt?

Blazer:  J. Crew Twill Blazer, Sz 0
Shirt:  Old Navy Plaid Flannel, Purple / Teal, Sz S (buy here)
Sweater:  Gray Cashmere V-Neck, Dillards, Sz S
Denim:  LOFT Bootcut Jeans, Sz 4
Shoes:  Ann Taylor Perfect Suede Pumps
Watch:  Timex + J. Crew Strap
Necklace:  Ann Taylor Pearls and Chain
Bracelets:  DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet (tutorial here), DIY Pearl Bracelet, Tiffany & Co. RTT Heart Lock 


  1. Very cute!! I love the pearls with this look! So dainty but they stand out!

    I love the look of plaid with skinny jeans and boots!

  2. I love the plaid shirt! I want one too! You styled it very well!

  3. Ohhh - plaid and pearls, you wouldn't think they can go together because one is so elegant and one is so simple but it looks great on you here. I love the preppy look - you can look smart and chic at the same time!

  4. You styled this plaid shirt perfectly. Love the preppy look. How is your little girl doing at night? Is she still waking up every 3 hours. Take care =)

  5. I love your new blog layout :) Im not sure how new it is as I have to catch up on reading blogs :) Great styling :)

  6. i love that plaid shirt! the colors are very nice and vibrant. it such a nice layering piece. i really like this outfit!

  7. So cute! Love all the layers and did you get that necklace at the AT outlet? My sister has the exact same one- I love it!

  8. Great outfit, SPG! Love the preppy look + the flared jeans (hahaha, all my jeans are flared). Re: your question @ the end, I would also try wearing the shirt buttoned and belted over a dress or skirt w/ tights + boots. ;D

  9. Love the layering!! Cant wait to see how you pair the other yellow shirt :)

  10. Nice is awesome, I love the blazer and vest with the exposed plaid shirt! It looks awesome on you! Thanksgiving in Chicago is a toss-up, it's usually really nice or really crummy... Hope you'll be nice when you visit!

  11. This is very university-chic, which means I can rock it too :) The east coast weather hasn't stabilized yet; it's freezing in the morning and mid-60s in the afternoon with a daily variation of up to 10 degrees from day to day. I like that this look has many layers that can be removed and put back on depending on the changes in temperatures. Can you tell I'm about to steal your flair? :P

  12. I love the colors of that top! You styled it perfectly with the blazer and accessories too. ^_^

    Have a fabulous weekend,

  13. Preppy indeed! I love layering clothes especially as a way to be warm for winter!

    P.S. Hoarding is so bad, but I do it sometimes lol.

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  14. I am loving the plaid underneath! and the subtle but very elegant pearls! great outfit!

  15. Hi, there! nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog - it also gave me a chance to visit yours, and it's great! Thanks so much for commenting and following! I am following you on Twitter and Blovlovin'. :)


  16. HI SPG! Hope you are doing well with the baby and DS. :)

    I really like this look and the way you accessorized def adds a nice feminine touch! :)

  17. I love love how you layered this look. For some reason, I can never do my layers right. I am getting good inspirations though.


  18. the colors in the on top are so vibrant. i ended up w.3 of them. i wore the yellow plaid w/a navy blazer and have also worn the yellow w.a cobalt cardi.

    hope things are coming in the sleep dept

  19. Kat - Thanks! The layout is new - my blog needed to be freshened up a bit :)

    Sydney / Gigi - She had a few weeks of horrible sleeping, but, dare I say it, she's been doing better :)

    Everyone - Thank you so much! I so love preppy looks and layering is just perfect for cooler weather!


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