Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Comfy New Fave: Poncho Sweater

I have a love-hate relationship with sweaters.  I find it difficult to flatter someone like me who has a tummy because the knit usually clings to it.  Going up a size usually makes me look like I'm swimming in it because the shoulders and chest area gets too loose.

This sweater strikes a delicate balance of a fitted poncho.  Sounds a bit like an oxymoron but the slim fit of the shoulders and sleeves (my favorite feature because I can wear a coat over it for cold Ohio winters) in combination with the drape of the torso creates the effect of a slouchy look rather than a baggy one.  I loved this so much that I bought it in 2 colors - Olive Heather (which looks brown) and Marshmallow White (looks ivory).

Sweater:  Old Navy Cowl Neck Poncho Sweater, XS, (buy here)
Top:  J. Crew Sommers Perfect Plaid Shirt, Sz 0
Jeans:  Gap Always Skinny, Sz 4 (I can finally button my jeans after having Baby Girl!)
Booties:  Born BOC
Necklace:  Express (old)
Bracelets:  Leather Cuff from Michael's craft store, Gold Bangles

I've been a little wrist-wear obsessed lately and have been acquiring bracelets etc. at an alarming rate.  On a routine trip to Michael's, I unexpectedly found this leather cuff (sold as a bracelet "kit" in the leather working section) and loved that you could get genuine leather for $4 after using one of their weekly 40% off coupons.  I love how wide this is and how it gives this Mommy a teensy bit of "edge." 

And big thank you to everyone who has entered my Hand-Knit Chunky Scarf Giveaway.   I had no idea this would generate so much interest - you all really know how to make a gal feel special :)


  1. Old Navy is impressing me these days! I bought a bunch of sweaters from them too - can't say anything about how they will hold up just yet, but for the prices and the sales they have I think they're worth it!
    Great find on that leather bracelet!

  2. I thought I was the only one who had an aversion to sweaters. They don't look flattering on me either so I hardly wear the 2 (? I've lost count) that I own. Yours and ON's recent selection has me rethinking this though :) Looking comfy and cozy, SPG!

  3. you look amazing here! so glad to hear that your jeans are finally fitting. :) it took me a whole year to go back to my pre-preggo weight... so you're way ahead of me. :) but then, i loved pigging out, lol!

    i am a huge fan of ponchos. this is an awesome one and very economic as well! you don't look like you had a baby recently at all!

    'til later!

  4. My good friend and I are going shopping as soon as finals end so I'll make sure to hit ON when I'm out and about (if Georgetown even has an ON.. They do have an UO but I digress). I like the plaid shirt that you layered under the poncho - its a great casual look. Congrats on being able to get into jeans again - I don't know how I'll go on if I couldn't fit into my denim collection. Btw, you've lost the baby weight so quickly I wouldnt even be able to tell that you were ever pregnant (ie what tummy are you talking about?)

  5. I can't pull off a poncho sweater but you make it look effortless. I like the layering too.

    I am a huge sweater fan- have way too many cardigans.

    I like your arm candy :)

  6. The structure of this sweater looks like it would work well with a variety of body types. It all depends on the fabric. I usually don't wear a lot of sweaters because of the itchy, clingy quality, too, but since this is a poncho, it might wear better.
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  7. I'm loving this sweater! It's really unique and it definitely hides a tummy *if there is one to hide?*

  8. The poncho sweater looks great on you! I like how you styled it with a mix of prints and textures too.

  9. Nice poncho! I love the gold jewelry against the brown background!


    Erin @

  10. This is such a cute look!! I love the plain poking out! :)

    Great deal at Michaels!

  11. I was lokking for a poncho sweater too, I saw one in H&M but it wasn't my size! I love this old navy one, You have styled very well!

  12. I like this poncho sweater and the shirt underneath looks fantastic!

  13. I tried the very same sweater and was swimming in it :-( you look amazing!

  14. I never really liked ponchos but poncho sweaters I can do!

  15. this poncho style sweater makes you look so chic and artsy! I have never even thought of this kind of sweater shape, I'm heading over to old navy right now to debate if I should get one too! :)

  16. You look the way I wish I could look in those chunky sweaters!

  17. I absolutely love sporting sweaters! They're comfy and great for layering. This Old Navy cowl neck poncho sweater is a keeper. By the way, I love how you wore it! <3

    P.S. Thank you for the birthday greeting and for the comment you left me. You are so sweet!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  18. Great layering. Love the plaid shirt and the sweater. Can't wait to see the ivory one.

  19. Elaine - I agree! I used to shop ON for basics like layering tees and lounge wear but they are coming out with some super cute items!

    Cee - Really? I love how you wear your cowl sweater so would have never imagined that you have a sweater aversion!

    Jasmine - Oh, I heart pigging out! I can really only credit breastfeeding for getting back into my jeans (they are low rise so my still-poofy tummy doesn't affect it). At the moment, I'm really indulging on fatty foods because nursing burns so many calories.

    Anna - The Gap family stores are having such great promos so I'm sure you'll find some good deals when you go shopping again. I really love layering with my plaid / gingham shirts - maybe a little too much bc I wear them all the time :D And thank you about the baby weight comment! There's a tummy there for sure, I just hide it well(?).

    Annie - Thank you! I'm a huge fan of cardigans as well! They are more forgiving on me since I rarely button them all the way :)

    Bonnie - I think so too - I just really appreciate the balance of a poncho torso look while keeping the arms fitted so I don't look like I'm wearing a giant tent.

    Kat - Thank you - you are so sweet! Haha, there's def. a tummy to hide but it's starting to deflate a bit :)

    Karen / Erin / Michelle / Bessie / Patience - Thank you! I've been wearing a plaid or gingham shirt under everything lately :)

    Francesca - Thanks so much! I hope you find one soon!

    Newpetite - Thank you! Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you :(

    Jojo - Ponchos look so good on others but I think my stature makes it less flattering on me. The poncho sweater is a good compromise for me :)

    Olyvia - Thanks for the sweet comment! Let me know how it works out on you!

    Lisa - Aw, thank you! Chunky sweaters can be so comfy but this is the first one I've tried that doesn't make me look much heavier.

    Bree - Thank you! Sweaters are definitely great layering pieces :)

  20. i love how you paired that poncho sweater over a plaid shirt!!

  21. Looking at the sweater on old navy's site, I wouldn't look twice at it but on you it looks really good

  22. Sandy - Thank you! I've been playing with layering quite a bit this winter - such a fun way to mix things up in the closet :D

    Nkauj - Thank you! I wasn't particularly drawn to it online either but thought it was much more interesting when I saw it in store.


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