Sunday, November 20, 2011

Missoni Scarf As Shirt Tutorial

I originally purchased this Missoni for Target scarf so I could wear it as a shirt using my tutorials from past posts (part 1 and part 2) but was dismayed to find that this scarf was too small (or the print would be askew) for any of my previous techniques.  So I had to think of a different way:

Using a sash (choker necklace or ribbon will also work), I looped one corner of the scarf inwards and secured it with safety pins (those teeny, tiny ones) on either side.  Then I knotted the 2 corners that fell at my side and tucked in the bottom corner into my pants.

Alternatively, still using a sash (or necklace / ribbon), loop your top corner in and tie a small knot for a slightly different look:

Do you use any particular techniques to wear a scarf?

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  1. I used your tshirt bag tutorial and made it on the weekend. I will be posting up my pics today :)
    I also tried a missoni maxi today at the shops! I like how you tucked it in with the blazer :)

  2. i bought the same scarf... :)

    you are so talented. i love this idea!

    hope you had a wonderful sunday.


  3. you're so creative!! i love how this scarf looks as a top!

    cute & little

  4. Gorgeous!!

    I was just about to type "You are so creative", and then I saw Kileen's comment at the same time! :)

  5. I lovee these kinds of tutorials. Scarves are so versatile! I don't think I have any scarves large enough to make shirts out of.. I've always wanted to try scarves as maxi skirts

  6. Goodness, the only way I wear a scarf is around my neck. I'm far too paranoid that it would fall off and I'll flash! I'm sure that you can make it secure enough to wear but I'm less than confident in my abilities. Just looking at you wear it makes my heart skip a beat. I only imagine my clumsy hands trying to make a top (this is coming from the girl that had to resew the buttons on her pants at least 4 different times because they kept on falling off). At any rate you look fantastic wearing it and I do have some scarves that would look great as tops... If only I didn't have two left hands.

  7. P.S I can't afford the time for Twitter and/or FB. Id rather stay away than promise myself discipline and failing miserably on day 1. :)

  8. Another scarf tutorial? SPG, you are a genius :) I think top #1 turned out more unique with the high neckline but I do like the casual-ness of top #2. Keep these tutorials for us newbies coming ;)

  9. Love this! You are so talented!! :-) Project Runway is beckoning you :-)

  10. How cool and creative! Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. LOVE this print! So colorful and eccentric. Great way to make use of something that didn't work out the first time. You are so creative!

  12. I have done a lot of things with scarves, I've taken a giant square scarf and turned it into a skirt, a cape, and also a bolero! I missed the target missoni collaboration!

  13. This looks so good! What a great idea to do this with a Missoni scarf - I've seen it done before with Hermes ones and always look gorgeous. Well done!

  14. So cute! I think I like the 2nd look more and will have to muster up some courage to try this out!!! You are so good! :D

  15. Oh and I didn't end up buying that striped LOFT sweater....I wanted to but knew it would end up in my blog sale..LOL sorry for delayed response :)

  16. I love the 2nd look: chic and fun!

  17. OMG. Girl, you are too damn talented. This is crazy. I love the second style!

    P.S. Time definitely flew by way too fast. I'm glad to hear your baby is doing more than fine. :]

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  18. That's a scarf?! Wow, great job. That looks really cool. I need to learn how to do this pronto!



  19. Sooo brilliant SPG!!! I love this look! I think I only have one scarf that's big enough to wear as a shirt, but I might go a give it a try :)

  20. Hey SPG, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family! Have did your Black Friday fare? Mine never happened- I hate standing in line for hours :)

  21. Katattack - I love your take on the t-shirt bag - it turned out beautifully!

    Jasmine - Thanks so much! I love it when one item can worn several ways. It makes me feel like I'm really getting my money's worth :)

    Kileen / Michelle - Aw, thanks so much girls! That means a lot to me :)

    Jessy - Thanks! Do you have the bandana size of scarves? I don't know if I have any smaller than the Missoni one.

    Anna - Thank you! 2 tips: double knotting and always wear something underneath - surefire ways to prevent a revealing wardrobe malfunction :)

    Cee - I probably should put all the scarf tutorials in one big post instead of separating them all out like this but my ideas come in little chunks LOL.

    Newpetite - Aw, you are too kind - thank you!

    Marie / A Rose - Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Thu - Thanks so much! I was definitely disappointed at first but was glad it worked out in the end :)

    Bessie - Very nice! I'll have to keep my eye out for your scarf as garment posts - they sound lovely!

    Katherine - Thank you! Yes, I've seen Hermes scarves worn as dresses and it is simply stunning.

    Rites of Beauty - Thanks so much!

    Annie - You are so sweet - thank you!

    Bree - Thank you! I'm so glad everyone likes the short little tutorial. I was afraid that maybe you'd get sick of all these scarf posts!

    Carrie - Thanks so much! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

    Elaine - Thank you! Let me know how it goes if you decide to try it :)

    Anna - Thank you! I had a great holiday and did a little shopping. Most of it was pre-Black Friday or online though :)


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