Sunday, November 27, 2011

Deals: Thanksgiving Shopping Haul

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  We spent ours in Chicago with extended family and had a great time.  Now that we're back home, I need to catch up on my blog reading!

Overall, I wasn't super impressed with this year's Black Friday deals though that doesn't mean I came home empty-handed.  For years, the Burberry outlet started BF sales on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the deals were AMAZING.  Think cashmere check scarf retailing for $300+ costing $100 or earmuffs for $40 (although earmuffs look very strange on me so I wound up gifting them).  This year, I'm sad to report that not only did the sale get pushed back to Friday but also the deals were meh.  Scarves were only 25% off and all the 50% off handbags were snapped up before I arrived.  I bought a few hats as gifts and left feeling a little let down that there weren't any good scarf deals.

I also wound up going to J. Crew and getting the striped cardigan I had wanted from last spring for $16.  It was at this point that Hubby called to kindly remind me that the fam was waiting.  As the dutiful wife / mother, I left the mall :)

J. Crew Stripe Pocket Always Cardigan (old fitting room pic), $16 BF store price, (buy here)  

Thankfully, there were amazing deals before Thanksgiving and I got to partake in those.  :)  Did you know that Fossil manufactures many designer watches like Burberry, Emporio Armani, and Michael Kors?  I stopped by the Fossil outlet before Turkey Day and found that they had 25% off MK watch sale prices.

Michael Kors MK4238 Python Print Watch, $50, orig. $180
This was such a good deal!  But now I want a tortoiseshell one too and I'm going to see if my Aunt can go back to the outlet to pick one up for me.  This is the one I'm eyeing:
Michael Kors MK4235 Tortoiseshell Print Watch, ~$70-80
The gold accents are perfect for someone like me who doesn't want an all-gold watch but still wants to match metals with gold jewelry.

I also went to H&M and was delighted to find this maxi dress for $7:

And Macy's for this $50 navy trench coat:
I've started knitting and this is my first cowl scarf :)  I love this goldenrod color!  I'm trying to get the hang of a good size for these so there will be some "samples" left over - anyone interested in a cowl scarf giveaway?

Kohl's for these bangle bracelets:
Kohl's Jennifer Lopez Wavy Bangle Bracelet Set, $14 (buy gold version here)

Did you go shopping last week?  Score any good deals?

There's still time to enter my Allison Izu Premium Denim Giveaway for a chance to win a pair of jeans in your choice of style / size!  Jessy and Elle are also doing giveaways, so check them out!


  1. A bargain is only a bargain when it makes sense to get what you're after. I just concluded my eBay haul so I skipped out on black Friday like I do every year (couldn't get me out of the house that late - sales started at midnight this year!). It doesn't seem that I missed out on much since thrifty ladies were saying that there were no deals to be had - looks like retailers dried up the sale fountain this year. I would, however, have gotten that gorgeous J Crew cardigan. It's a steal at $16! Good to hear that the holidays went smoothly!

  2. Great bargains :) I love the MK watch and that's a steal for $50! Also loving the cowl scarf! I would love one! I miss shopping in the US...

  3. I didn't go shopping on Black Friday, either. My family went but they told me they weren't impressed at all with the deals. Glad you and your family had a great time in Chicago.

  4. Wow great finds. Luckily you got called when you got the striped sweater. Looks amazing on you.


  5. Ps- I'd love the opportunity to win a scarf- Even god knows I have a stash at home (and I could always use more!).

  6. jcrew cardi was a good find & the maxi skirt too!!!

    I'd be interested in a giveaway esp if it's handmade by you!!!

  7. Whoa, they still have maxi dresses at your H&M? All the summer stuff is completely sold out here. Bummer...

  8. i love that maxi dress and what a great deal at $17!! and the cowl scarf looks incredible -- so snuggly and warm. :)

    cute & little

  9. hey, there! i'm in the same boat--i was away visiting my family, and now that i'm back, i have to catch up on my reading and work on my next post. :) love your haul--i especially love that maxi skirt--looks amazing on you, and what a great deal! the watch is great also. :)

  10. I love those warches, you must have the turtoiseshell print one too!! ANd You are getting very skinny!!!

  11. You got some great bargains!

  12. my favorite buy is the cardigan! such a great steal. i also love your knitted scarf. beautiful color and love the thickness of it. looks very warm and cozy!

  13. I think you did get some great deals during Black Friday. I was at the Chicago Premium Outlet in Aurora, the JCrew outlet had no good deals, we don't have burberry, and the RL offered 30% off the entire store. OK so explain to me how does a down big pony polo vest at $169 is a good deal after 30% off? I am sorry but for $119 I expect sleeves on the vest, preferably detachable.

  14. I also did not go crazy for Black Friday this year. I didn't think the sales were that great either. I only bought 3 pairs of shoes pre-Thanksgiving day and still waiting for them to ship. Great haul you got here, I LOVE the h&m dress and am so jealous that it was only $7! Hope you had a great holiday with your family my dear.

  15. I love the striped cardigan!! It fits you so nicley. What a great score :)

    And you know how to knit too? You are a woman with many talents. I love the pattern of your cowl neck. The goldenrod color is gorgeous...and def yes to the giveaway! I will try to not be greedy and enter but I can't make any

  16. LOVE the cowl scarf you made - it's a lovely color and you did a great job! Now I'm inspired to make one :)

  17. I felt the Cyber Monday deals were much better than Black Fridays this year. I thought I could resist but placed a few (small) orders yesterday :D

    I passed on the H&M maxi earlier this year (b/c I didn't want to pay for hemming lol) but loveee it on you! I've seen faux fur collars paired with trenches but not cowl scarves -- where have I been? Two thumbs up for the pairing and a yes vote to the giveaway!

  18. I went at 9 in the morning and by then the crowd had died down and i think everything was pretty much gone. So ended up buying some kids clothes n 1 dress from Macys.

  19. You got some really great deals, girl! I love the maxi dress and the jcrew cardigan! Gorgeous!


    Erin @

  20. Anna - Sales have been starting earlier and earlier! Typically, I do not go to any physical stores on Black Friday unless it's somewhere "safe" like a craft store or a drugstore. The frenzy that people work themselves into can make them unpleasant. I make an annual pilgrimage to the Burberry outlet and was annoyed that their Wednesday sale no longer held. Not wanting to waste a trip up there, I decided to brave the outlet on Blk Fri. It wasn't SO bad but definitely not worth the lackluster deals.

    Kat - Thanks - I do love deals! :)

    Sydney - Deals were definitely "meh" for the most part. I liked my pre-Thanksgiving deals more :)

    Jojo - Thanks! My Aunt was able to get that for me and I'm excited to receive it!

    Patience - Thank you! I really love J. Crew's super soft jersey cardigans and the fact that it has stripes is icing on the cake :)

    Aubrey - Thanks! I'm flattered that you'd be interested in the giveaway because it's made by me - that's so sweet!

    Jessy - I was so happy to find this dress! I wanted it when it first came out but couldn't justify the price so imagine my elation when I found it randomly on our trip :)

    Kileen - I know, right? The tag originally said $20 but it rang up $7 and I almost starting jumping up and down like a little girl :)

    Jasmine - Thanks so much! I'm just a huge fan of maxi dresses and this one was a great deal :)

    Francesca - I should be receiving the tortoiseshell one any day now and I'm looking forward to it :)

    Petite size Style - Thanks!

    Ping - Thanks! The cardigan was a great deal! I wish they had marked it down online to make it easier to shop for everyone. The scarf is definitely cozy :)

  21. Bessie - That polo vest doesn't sound like a very good deal! Sorry to hear that the Aurora outlet didn't have anything good :(

    Thu - Hope you had a wonderful holiday too! I was surprised to hear that Black Friday shopping was such a big hit this year since the deals were so "meh" but hopefully that's a good sign for the economy.

    Annie - Thanks so much! Yep, I'm just starting to knit. It's one of the few crafts that can be done with just a couple of items. Also helps that I can do it on the couch while holding Baby Girl :)

    Megan - Thank you! Do you knit too? I've just started and am excited to learn more techniques :)

    Cee - Excited to see what your purchased on Cyber Monday! I was relatively good on CM but did buy a Rebecca Minkoff MAC. Glad you like the cowl / trench pairing - it was more of a color combo than anything intentional :D

    Newpetite - Glad you didn't really have to fight the crowds to get some deals!

    Erin - Thank you! I love getting a good deal - it's such a rush :)

  22. Wow, you found some great stuff and I really love the maxi dress! Also, your cowl looks really great! =)

    star-crossed smile

  23. Nnenna - Thank you! I re-knitted this cowl 3 times before I got to this point so big thanks there :)

    Annie - Thanks! It was such a great deal! :)

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