Friday, November 18, 2011

Burberry Bespoke: Create Your Own Trench

When I received an email from Burberry about designing my own trench coat (Burberry Bespoke link), I was very intrigued.  I have never purchased an investment clothing item simply because my body has changed quite a bit over the years (when I got married, I was 31-24-32 and now?  Well... much bigger LOL).  I'm more of an accessory investor (namely handbags) so call this an exercise in fantasy :)

I am so in love with the epaulette and cuff set!
There is something very appealing about a "regular" belt with a trench.  I'm going to have to try that :)
I like this classic with a twist look and wish I could try on my "creation."

The specifications and total damage.

Interested in seeing how Burberry trenches look on petites?  Check out Jean, Elle, and Kelly in their trenches.

How would you design your trench?  What kinds of items do you invest in?

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  1. Fun idea! I'm an accessories person too. My size has fluctuated even without being pregnant. Not fun

  2. you are so lucky you got the "special invite." :) if i had extra dough... i'd definitely do it. :) it is definitely fun though. :D

    have a great weekend. :)


  3. Burberry have the best trenches hands down. Lucky you got invited to design your own trench.

    Happy Friday girl.

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  4. Awesome! Cant wait to see what you come up with :-)

  5. Against better judgement Ill probably design a cape. But if I care for timelessness (which I mostly do) I'll design a classic trench with leather accents. I like the cuff candy you added- very unique! I don't think I own any investment pieces in the regular sense. An investment piece for me is something I'd wear so often my cost per wear will be pennies. But if I were to purchase something extorbitantly expensive it would in all likelihood be a handbag. I'm currently thinking about a Balenciaga City but we'll see how long that lasts (a girl sitting next to me has a banging Balenciaga in black and gold hardware. Yuuuummmmmm). My least favorite bag brand is actually Chanel :O they're too pricey for what they're worth.

  6. lol @ the exercise in fantasy! hey, we can all dream. i'd love me a burb trench one of these days!

  7. oh this is totally cool! great job. it looks really good. i love the cuffs and the color.


  8. Guess who has a burberry trench? Sadly, I purchased mine in black prior to Burberry revamping their trench fabric, it is 100% cotton in black and has faded horribly...

  9. Burberry trenches are so timeless. I would love to create one as well, although I would probably stick with the tradtional design since I am so boring. What a great opportunity! Have a great weekend my dear.

  10. Wow a burberry trench?? Customised!? Wow thats awesome!

  11. I played around with this when I saw your tweet to Elle. Even with all the options they give - spikes, etc. - I still ended up "designing" a classic looking trench.

  12. I am really glad I don't need or want a trench because boy would it hurt my pocket book! LOL Had no idea you could customize it...that is awesome!

  13. Amber - I can't really blame the pregnancies too much. They didn't help, but I was definitely already on the weight gaining path shortly after getting married.

    Jasmine / Patience - Ahh, the invite just means I spend way too much money in their stores but the link really allows everyone to play around with it :)

    Newpetite - I won't actually be purchasing it but I love the belting / cuff accents here.

    Anna - I think it's perfectly fair to use an investment piece as long as you take care of it. Bal City bags are gorgeous! What color are you thinking of? You know there are a lot on Ebay but just make sure to get it authenticated bc of all the fakes.

    Ping - Ditto! :D

    Carrie / Kat - Thanks! It was fun to play around :)

    Bessie - Oh no! Can you get it dyed?

    Thu - Thank you! Hope you had a great weekend too!

    Jessy - LOL - did you try the studded sleeves? It was quite the departure :)

    Annie - Definitely expensive but it was fun to try different combos :)

  14. I would love to try this, thanks for the link!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  15. Cool I gotta try this when I have time (which might be never)! One thing I would get for sure is 2 gun flaps!! I don't know why some trenches have 2 but most have just 1.


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