Thursday, October 20, 2011

Steal: $12 Banana Republic Striped Skirt

Quickie post here.  I love deals and I love stripes so when I saw this skirt for $12 at BR, I picked up both colors - the gray and the navy blue.  The skirt is made of super soft jersey tiers layered asymmetrically.  Very comfortable and can be worn so many ways!  It's no longer available online so check your store if interested (mine had several).

Skirt:  Banana Republic Maria Striped Skirt, $12 in store (orig. $49.50 - no longer online)
Cami:  Lauren Conrad Petaled Camisole
Sweater:  J. Crew Cardigan
Belt:  J. Crew Metallic Belt
Shoes:  Ann Taylor Perfect Suede Pumps


  1. Omg I love this outfit! So girly and feminine:-)

    And can I just say how amazing you look after just having a baby? Wow!!

    What a major score on the skirt!

  2. Your tummy is so flat! I'm so jealous. Anyways, isn't it funny that the skirt is a mini on the model but knee length on us petites? Just goes to show me that I should judge a piece of clothing by just what it looks like on a model...guess I should also know my measurements...

  3. I agree with everyone, you look amazing after just having a baby =)

  4. New baby, new Twitter, new blog layout... WHAT ELSE IS NEW? : )

  5. Wow! This skirtbis amazing and you are in a perfect shape!

  6. It looks so pretty on you! I need to check out my BR. :)

    Thanks for sharing SPG.

  7. I'm so sorry I haven't checked in with you in a while! Keeping up with blogs has become quiet overwhelming and I was away last week! But I hope to catch up with you soon :)

    ummm you look INCREDIBLE SPG and I'm loving this new header and layout!!!

  8. I love how you styled the colors together. I actually just came back home and went to my closet to see if I have pieces in the same color family so I can do something monochromatic-chic like that (looks like English class didn't stick because this is one bad-boy run-on. I'll leave it here for your enjoyment :). I, unfortunately, don't have free access to BR. The closest store is in Georgetown, DC so I may miss this deal. Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, I'll echo everyone's sentiments and say that your pregnancy was a myth- the stork delivered your girl because your figure is unreal. You look truly incredible!

  9. BTW, I really like the new look of the site :)

  10. I am going this weekend, they're having the customer appreciation sale so an extra 30% off the whole store. I also have a luxe 15% discount, along with my $20 banana rewards card that expires on 10.31...I have an excuse to shop :) The skirt is beautiful and $12??? You can't beat it!

  11. oooooh cute outfit hun and SCORE on the skirt! lol. At a price like that who couldnt resist ;) Love how yu paired blue with purple. Tres adorable ^_^


  12. What the??!! When did this new layout come about?? =P It's very edgy! Hehehe. That tiered skirt is super cute, and now that you're not preggers anymore, you can wear skinny heels again! And yay for you being on Twitter! :)

  13. I love the striped skirt and now that Im in the US I can check out BR!! YAY :)

  14. Cute skirt, SPG! I adore your new layout -- it's so fun and suits you perfectly. And of course, loving the purple ;)

  15. you look great! wow what a deal!such a pretty, feminine outfit

  16. Annie / Sydney / Francesca - Thanks so much!

    L - Aww, thank you! My tummy definitely is far from flat - I credit the photo to good placement of the skirt. If your skirt top is positioned at the largest part of your stomach, it will appear flat :)

    Jessy - LOL! My blog was in desperate need of an update :)

    Jen - Thank you! I hope you found some good deals at your BR!

    Elaine - Aww, no worries, Elaine! Thanks so much! I've been using late night nursing time to tweak blog layout elements - so glad you like it!

    Anna - LOL on the run-on! I do that all the time :) Thanks so much for the kind words - you are so sweet!

    Bessie - I've been loving seeing your shopping hauls and how you pair things up!

    Eeli - Thank you! I do love a good deal :)

    LePetiteLemon - Thank you! I was super excited to debut a new layout - I'm glad you like it!! Do you have a Twitter account? I'd love to follow if you do :)

    Kat - Hope you are still having a lovely time traveling and can't wait to see your purchases!

    Cee - Thank you! I think the layout looks so much cleaner white. I had fun with the redesign :)

    alittlepetite - Thank you! The skirt was definitely a steal :)


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