Saturday, October 29, 2011

Old Navy Promo Haul and Reviews

Old Navy was having an amazing promo on Friday (will have 30% off the rest of the weekend) wherein the whole store was an additional 40% off AND for every $20 spent, you got $10 in Super Cash.  I went to check out the Smocked Chiffon Top in person since I'd been web-stalking it in size XS for weeks to no avail.  I wound up finding other items that looked much better in real life than on the website.

Plaid Flannel Shirt, $16 in store, (buy here)
Purple / Teal Plaid (Sz S) and Yellow Plaid (Sz XS)
The colors of these shirts were so much prettier when I saw it in the store!  I think these will make great layering pieces.  The XS in general fits me better all over except the chest area.  Notice the gap between buttons?  
Verdict:  Buy both in Sz S

Ruffle Tiered Chiffon Maxi Dress, Sz XS, $18 in store, (buy here)
This dress wound up making me look a little shapeless but I really like the print and the dress itself is comfortable and lightweight.
Verdict:  Buy and "fix" with a belt and some layers

Chevron Stripe Top, Sz XS, $15 in store, (buy here)
I like the chevron pattern but there was just wasn't anything about the tee that screamed "must have."
Verdict:  No

Smocked Printed Chiffon Top, Sz XS, $25 in store (buy here)
Holy big shirt!  This was a very large and boxy shirt on me.  I wish it would have worked out because I adore the print.
Verdict: No

Sweater:  Banana Republic
Shirt:  LOFT
Today's shopping outfit is another shot at mixing patterns.  This time a navy and white polka dot shirt with a green striped sweater.

Will you be taking advantage of this ON sale?


  1. great finds at ON! the plaid shirts will be great for layering and i can't believe all the sales they're having!

    cute & little

  2. You found some awesome items, I will be posting my haul a little later... It was a mad house, i waited 30 minutes in line to pay. The chevron top you are wearing was totally sold out...

  3. i havent checked out on in a long time! these are some fun items! i should go look for some layering items, too!!

  4. How strange...must be because I'm in CA- ON was having a diff promo- 30% off plus 40% additional if you use your ON/BR/GAP card plus you get a free tote..LOL

    Great haul SPG! Maybe you can share what your secret is to getting in such great shape after having a baby so I can prepare for when I have one..LOL

  5. Thanks for these reviews! You're right, the yellow plaid shirt is really pretty -- but do I really need another printed button-up?! Gahh! You're an enabler SPG ;) The button gaping in the front shouldn't be an issue for me... let's hope I can try it on in person sometime this weekend!

    I'm so disappointed the smocked chiffon top is that big on you. I've been looking for that too after liking what I've seen online. I tried on this top when it was full-priced in stores awhile back and surprisingly XS wasn't too bad. Blah @ ON and their sizing.

  6. I bought so many sweaters during the last ON sale that we had in Canada - the sizing is so hit or miss with tops and skirts. The first tops (in the S - hate gaps!) look great on you! I actually really like that chevron top! :)

  7. Last time I set foot in ON was high school; I always thought the full retail prices were too high for the quality. But when ON has a sale it *really* does have a sale. Last I heard some sweaters were only $4. I should pop back in there since I need (well, want) gingham shirts. The yellow shirt is very pretty and has a lot of layering possibilities. I like your outfit quite a bit - that striped sweater is a great take on the classic summer striped tee.

  8. i love old navy! i always find so many good stuff on their sale section. Which is HUGE i might add!


  9. Glad to see you back up and about giving us fitting room reviews : ) I love the layered maxi dress you got and can't wait to see it after your DIY fixing.

  10. I am absolutely an Old Navy shopper so I will make sure to check these sales out. :] I'm glad you got to buy some cute stuff and I love pattern mixing!

    P.S. Your babies are going to be so cute for Halloween!

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  11. Excellent haul I really haven't shopped in ON in like forever so I def need to go by and check out there amazing deals.

    P.s. You look gorge in every outfit I really love the plaid shirts on you.

  12. Alright...I've posted my old navy haul, while you got a small snapshot on twitpic it's not the same until I've applied my awesome photo

  13. Cool stuff! I like the shirts and the stripy t-shirt! ;)

  14. I have been loving the plaid trend for Fall and I think the yellow on is a beuatiful color.


  15. Love your blog. I am 5'1" and do not blog but I have learned so much by following you and other petite fashionistas, especially the petite fashion challenges. I have a suggestion: Outerwear can be particularly challenging for petites. Why not a PFC called OUTERWEAR CHIC.. This would be helpful with the cold winter months approaching...The look could be dressy or casual and must include an outerwear garment appropriate for being outdoors in inclement weather.

  16. my favorite is the plaid shirts! I think they look great on camera too! Haha, is the bustiness because of the lactating? You look amazing post-preggers!

  17. I have that same BR sweater! Love it with the layer! I wish I'd been able to check out Old Navy this weekend... looks like there were some good sales!

  18. The tiered maxi dress looks great! Can't wait to see you wear it as you had envisioned it! :D

  19. I did go to ON this weekend but didn't find that great of a deal for some reason. The kids got a lot of stuff since it was an extra 30% off clearance items but for the adult section not so much. I think I walked away with 1 sweater which was pathetic for an ON trip. These are some great hauls you got here - love the plaid shirts.

    I love Jean and Vicky's blog - I have been reading them for about a year now - it's what got me to start my own blog b/c I felt like I spent so much time on here ;)

  20. I don't really think I need shirts like this, but I've been eyeing a blouse so I think I'll have to stop by.

    I hope you enjoyed your grilled cheese + tomatoes!


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