Sunday, October 9, 2011

Missoni for Target Reviews

My first non-maternity post!  I know this post is late considering the collection came out about a month ago but you wouldn't have wanted to see this dress on me with the baby bump - it made the dress length uncomfortably short.  Here it is now 3 weeks post pregnancy (have lost 20 out of the 27 lbs gained):

Missoni for Target Sweater Dress, XS, $54.99
This fits more like a size Small or maybe even Medium because it's a little roomy in the shoulders / chest area as well as the waist.  The design is cute and the material is surprisingly soft and thick.  Overall, I don't feel like it's "me" so this will be going back to the store.

Missoni for Target Rain Boots, Sz 7, $34.99
Similar to the dress, the boots also run large.  I typically wear a size 8.5 shoe but the size 7 fits me well and will even let me wear thick socks with it.  The boots are pretty comfy but I can't think of what I'd wear with this.  Since I have issues thinking up outfits to go with my black rain boots, I don't think I'd have any better luck creating ensembles with these.  I'll be returning these as well.

How did you feel about the Missoni collection?


  1. I wasn't a huge fan of this collection. None of the items had caught my attention. How is little one doing at night? Is she keeping you up every 3 hours =)?

  2. Based on what others have written about the collection, it's amazing that you were able to get those pieces! I think a lot of people are going to be happy that you're returning the items. ;D

  3. I wish I had a Target around here, but I've heard lots of raving reviews on the collection.

    xx Grace

  4. You really think this dress isn't you :(? It's a shame since it looks VERY good. The style and cut of the dress are beautiful on you so I can already think of quite a few looks: Try it with almond-toed black pumps and a black scarf (one of those puffy ones you can make into a cowl neck). You can also throw a leather jacket over it and wear it with black tights.

    The rain boots should go back - I doubt there are many chic outfits out there featuring the crazy-striped-rainbow-Lisa-Frank-esque-Missoni-for-Target rainboots.

    P.S - you're not late at all - I'm yet to feature the tee I got :)

    P.S2 - How's Petite SPG treating you? Does she sleep through the night well? Does she nap well?

  5. Awesome! Just 7 more to go :-) Howz the little one and the older one doing?
    I love the dress but you are right. It is a bit roomy.. A bit of DIY tucking?? Im not a fan of the boots. I was at Target the other day n was surprised to see a lot a Missoni stuff.. Lotsa returns maybe?

  6. What? You're actually going to return it and not try to scalp it on ebay for 5x MSRP? How ethical of you. :)

    You look phenomenal for having just given birth a month ago.

    I tried on the rain boots in a children's size and they fit me fine (I typically wear a womens 6-6.5).

  7. Aw the dress on you is cute! And you lost that weight fast!! How'd you do it?

  8. I'm kinda regretting not getting the flats from the Missoni line, but oh wells! :D littlenashua's comment regarding Ebay made me LOL!!!

    And, yes, you look fantastic since giving birth!! You must tell us your secret! I'm still in awe whenever I think of your birthing story. I told a friend about it and she did not believe me. Hahaha. (She's giving birth in a month!)

    How's the little one doing? Hope everyone in the family is adjusting well since her arrival! :)

  9. that dress looks so cute on you. i can't believe you lost so much weight and so fast! you look great!

  10. I wasn't totally in love with this collection, either, but the dress is pretty cute!! It looks great on you.
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  11. I may have to stalk a few targets for returns...did you by any chance get that cute blue zigzag cardigan that you may want to return??? let me know ;) I didn't make it to the missoni event at target because I came down with a sinus infection the day before. I think the dress is cute but if you are not feeling it then no sense in keeping it! Only 7 lbs to go, you are doing fantastic!

  12. Oooh havnt had a chance to check out the Missoni collection but I adore their consitent use of patternings. It takes such a whole bunch of courage (it seems) to use colour and patter so fearlessly. Great synopsis btw =)


  13. I honestly don't like a lot of Missoni's patterns (except your dress, that's toned down enough) but all the craziness makes me biased against them even more.

    I can't believe you already lost so much weight. Glad you and baby are healthy.

  14. I like that missoni dress - the boots not so much but wow~ can't believe you lost that much weight :) Hope you and baby are doing fine and that you are getting as much sleep as you can !! ;)

  15. Lovely dress and great blog!
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  16. I have encountered several Missoni items from my local target and I didn't quite find anything that fit well for me either. I really like the color and style of that sweater dress you have on but I think you might be right - it gives you no shape at all. There was a silk flower dress that I saw on target's website that might look nice. I'll let you know what I think of it when I get it.

  17. I wasn't a fan of the collection either (like Sydney) so happy you decided to return these two items and look for something else with your money.

    Can't believe you've already lost most of the weight already...some girls have all the luck. :P

  18. I still don't get the whole hype of this collection. I'm not a big fan whatsoever. The zig zags don't do it for me..LOL

    And saw your comment about my sewing machine...I probably will try to teach myself thru sewing blogs and hopefully asking my mom questions via's still in the box...LOL

  19. You have already lost 20 lbs????????????? It took me a while to shed the extra pounds!!!
    That dress is really nice but the rain boots are fabulous!!!

  20. Woohoo for already losing so much of your pregnancy weight!

    I didn't get caught up in the Missoni hype b/c the prints are so bold and in-your-face (too hard for me to pull off, haha). Though I do think the dress is one of their more understated ones and looks great on you! The price is hefty for something you don't love, but I think if you ever do change your mind in the future, I bet you can DIY something similar.

  21. Congrats on your new baby girl. She's adorable, and you look great. I also had my twin girls a day after your daughter's bday. I lost 30 of the 40 pounds gained in 2 weeks since it was mostly fluids anyway....but when does the pooch go away? :/

  22. i totally wanted that dress, but i noticed too that the whole line runs a little large.. you look beautiful in it! and congrats to losing that baby weight :) you are looking great!

  23. i'm so impressed you already lost so much of your baby weight!! i didn't pick up anything from this collection as nothing stood out to me. those rainboots are cute and kinda make me wish it actually rained more than a few times a year here in Dallas. good for you for returning them too instead of scalping them on eBay! :)

    cute & little

  24. The Missoni for Target have cute stuff, but you
    just really have to look through it. Not everything is fab lol. You are looking great! Yay to 20 lbs off. :D

    Hey, I also gave you an award! Check it out.

    XoXo, Bree
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  25. I like the boots, so cool! Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  26. I wish we had access to the Target collections here in London! It looks great on you and your baby girl is stunning! Congratulations!

  27. oh and I am also super super impressed on losing the baby weight so quickly!

  28. i did not get anything from this collection, and i've heard that other bloggers weren't too happy about it...

    but anyways, kudos to you for losing 20lbs! wow, i wish i can be like you in the future! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  29. Sydney - Little one is very particular at night :) She wants to be held while she sleeps so she'll wake up the moment we try to put her in the crib. Right now, we're compromising and having her sleep in the Boppy so she feels like she's being held. Though we're working on breaking her of that habit since we're afraid this is a SIDS risk once she can move around. The good thing about the Boppy is she sleeps for 3-4 hour stretches of time.

    QFFS - We live in Cincinnati where I don't think the demand was quite as high. There are so many Missoni items on eBay right now!

    Grace - Aw, sorry to hear that! There's plenty on eBay but I think most are ridiculously overpriced.

    Anna - Thank you! I feel like I don't have enough curves for the dress so I look like a rectangle. I think it could probably be "fixed" with a jacket or some accessories but I don't love it enough (and the price isn't right enough) to do so. And LOL - I agree - I don't think I can work the boots :) Petite SPG (such a cute name!) is doing well and already growing so fast! She's a little bit of a temperamental sleeper but once we get her there, she sleeps well. I just love snuggling with her and inhaling her baby smell :)

    Newpetite - My little boy seems to love baby sis so far and keeps wanting to "hold" her. I think there's a little jealousy when people fawn over her but he's very gentle and loving :)

    Kerry - LOL!!! It's so much easier to just return it than try to sell it :) Did you get the boots in a zig zag pattern or a different print?

    Jessy, LePetiteLemon, Ping, Aki, Katattack, Elle, Francesca, Kileen, Bree, and Mimi - I can't take much credit on the weight loss - most of it was from the Baby and the extra fluids your body has during pregnancy. The rest of it came from nursing (burns 500 calories a day!) and the lack of time to eat junk food :) Thank you though for your kind words!

    Bonnie, EY, Marella, Fabrizia - Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    Bravoe Runway - Aw, I didn't get the cardigan but I hope you find it! There's a trading / buying page on facebook for Missoni items - I don't think they are as crazy price-wise as eBay. Maybe you can check it out?

    Thu - Neat! Yes, please let me know how the silk dress works for you!

    Elle, Annie - Originally, I wasn't even considering purchasing anything from the collection but I have to admit that as the launch date neared, I got caught up in the hoopla. Call me easily swayed :) Good luck with the sewing, Annie!

    Cee - Thanks doll! I've seen photos of others who really pull off the zig zag look well but it just seems to look strange on me. I think you have to "own" it and I don't even come close to "renting" it LOL.

    Anonymous - Thank you so much! Congratulations on your baby twin girls - that is wonderful!! And yes, I totally empathize about the pooch. If I remember correctly, it took 3-4 months for the pooch to go away with my first child. My hips are much wider right now too.

    Viv - Thank you! Yes, they definitely run large in these 2 items. It's kind of funny because most of Target's other items are pretty true to size :)

    PvdH - Thank you very much! Maybe you can find something from the collection on that facebook page I mentioned to Bravoe Runway or hope to find something reasonably priced on eBay?

  30. I saw the collection online and was hoping to get a sweater/cardigan, the flats, or a scarf (forgot what I was interested in now). Anyways, no luck online it was impossible!! I was hoping I would have time to go state-side to check out, but got too swamped with school! But I read some other reviews and no one seemed too I guess I didn't miss out on much!'re shedding pounds...what's your secret?? ;)


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