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LOFT In Store Deals & Fitting Room Reviews

As part of Chinese tradition, the mother typically stays home for the entire 1st month after childbirth in order to fully recuperate and recover.  Baby Girl turned 1 month yesterday (and is just starting to get some baby fat - the best kind of fat!) so we went out to celebrate.  We also, at my insistence, stopped by the mall :)  Trying on clothes wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I can wear my pre-pregnancy size in most items even though my belly and hips are larger than normal.

LOFT Cowl Neck Shell, Black / Gray, $21 in store (don't see online)
LOFT Scuba A-Line Skirt, Sz 2P, $69.50 (buy here)
Review:  I really loved both items.  
The shell is classic enough to be worn for several seasons and fits well enough for me to wear now and when I lose the rest of my baby weight.
I LOVE the color of this skirt!  The fit is also good - the scuba material really cinches in my post-baby tummy.  If this had been on sale, I probably would have bought it.  Then again, considering I'll be on maternity leave for a year, I don't know that I really NEED an orange skirt if no one is going to see me anyway.  Maybe I should make an orange skirt?
Verdict:  Buy top and possibly stalk skirt until it goes on sale

LOFT Tie Neck Long Sleeve Blouse, XS, $17 in store, (buy here)
Review:  This shirt has been on my mind ever since I saw Kerry blog about it here and I couldn't resist trying it on when I saw it.  It's so pretty and makes me feel "grown-up" LOL.  It's sheer so I'll definitely be wearing a cami underneath and even though it's a regular XS, I feel like it fits decently since blouses are by definition blouse-y and fuller than normal shirts.
Verdict:  Buy - $17 is a great price!

LOFT Long Sleeve Striped Boyfriend Cardigan, XS, $21 in store, (buy here)
Review:  You know I'm a sucker for stripes and cardigans.  So a striped cardigan?  Fuggedaboutit!  I like the wider stripes of this knit and that it's different from my typical navy / white combination.
Verdict:  Buy

LOFT Printed Shell, XSP, (don't see online)
Review:  You can't really see it in this picture but this shell has some interesting pleating / tucking details at the neck.  I was drawn to this and the print but once I put it on - Yuck!  The shoulders / chest part fit fine but then it billowed from there and unfortunately, the fullness of the bottom of this shell makes me look crazy wide.
Verdict:  NO

Total shopping damage was $59 - $15 cardmember birthday gift - $20 LOFT rewards card = $24 + tax.  Not bad!

Trench:  Gap (old)
Tee:  Gap (last season)
Dress:  LOFT Outlet Shirt Dress, Navy Blue
Bag:  Coach Navy Crossbody
Necklace:  Target Chunky Pearls & Chain
Bracelets:  Pearl DIY, Gold Bangles

Today's outfit was an experiment (gone wrong?) in layering.  I like the trench look but when I take that off, the tee + dress looks "off."  Maybe a belt would have saved it?  Or maybe this look can't be saved and shouldn't have been put together?

What are your "rules" for layering?


  1. You look great post pregnancy! I am due on December 16th with my first child! Did you also have to be on a strict diet for a month? I'm actually looking forward to the one month with baby since I'm a Grad student. Luckily, he'll arrive around winter break.

  2. No one can say you just delivered a month ago! You look amazing! Yeah even in Indian tradition we have to stay home for a month with the baby.. But I was soo bored that I did venture out to the malls n movies with out the baby and totally freaked my mom out :-D Hehehe...

    I think the tee would have gone better on Jeans/pants.. since it is that slouchy kind.

  3. WHAT?? That cardigan is only $21 (can you tell I love it?)?? I felt a twinge of pain through my chest when I saw how much everything was - that was one fantastic shopping trip and I wish I was in on it :) I do have a LOFT nearby so I'll pop in there soon. Thanks for the info!

    It's so good to see that you're back to posting! Petite SPG is already a month old? That was really fast - I hardly noticed this month slip by. You look great for having a one-month-old; the pregnancy pounds just melted away, I see. I don't think your laying was off but I hardly ever layer so I may not be a good judge of layering character :)

  4. I tried on that skirt today too and am totally in love with it. Too bad it wasn't on sale. The color is so vibrant and the material feels really nice. I hope it goes on sale soon. Sounds like you and baby girl are doing well =)

  5. One month already?!? How fun that you got to get out, finally! And congrats on fitting in your pre-preg size for most things!! I'm so excited for you that you get a whole year off to spend with the little one! Its going to be so fun, and I expect more DIY's, lol!

  6. i agree with curvy petite. i still can't believe how quick you are getting back into shape! my favorite is the orange skirt. so pretty and i love that color on you.

  7. You look absolutely fantastic! I cannot believe it has been a month already and I cannot tell you had a baby! All these pieces look fantastic, I've not been into loft in a while but I have seen a few pieces I do like! Glad you didn't get the last shell I saw it on someone walking by on the street and it wasn't flattering....

  8. Your shopping outfit does not look horrible! I love the stripes with the dress!

    I love your scores! $24 for all that?! Awesome!

  9. I actually really like your shopping outfit, and I adore the scuba skirt. I may have to keep my eyes peeled for when it goes on sale! Thanks for the review pics!

  10. your month flew by. you look fantastic! nothing like a mall trip as a rejuvenating outing. we stayed in 5 wks, except for dr visits and one afternoon at my mom's. did you get her nites and days turned around?

  11. Girl you look great! :D
    LOFT definitely has nice clothes. I really like the blouse and cardigan. I am obsessed with stripes too!

    P.S. You're welcome! I'm glad you liked the award.

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  12. I think the dress + tee looks good. Also - love the orange A line skirt. I've been stalking a skirt that is orangey/red and A line ever since I saw one on Ann Taylor's fall Lookbook back in late summer. The AT skirt sold out immediately, then H&M had one that was similar, but I don't live near an H&M. But then I was on eBay and I found one from Gap that was available in size 2. I bought it and took it in along the CB seam and it looks very similar to the LOFT skirt, only with pockets. The LOFT skirt is adorable...I need to make a pilgrimmage to the other side of NH/MA to visit my nearest LOFT and H&M (they are like 30 miles away but it feels like an eternity...this coming from someone who drove 2 hours each way on Saturday to get all muddy in a bike race).

  13. What a fast recovery from pregnancy! You look great!!! I love that blouse in the second picture!!!

  14. SPG - I like the layered tee over dress look. I think a belt would also be a great addition with the tee tucked in a little higher up at your natural waistline.

    That red scuba skirt looks GREAT on you! Haha, you're so good w/ the sales (and the waiting for sales)!

  15. I heard that pregnancy hip size will eventually go back to normal due to water retention (?) Is that true? I'd hate having to buy new clothes post-pregnancy!

    Nothing on LOFT's site has caught my eye lately, so thank you for these reviews! I'm hoping since AT has had nice sales lately that LOFT will follow suit soon. Perhaps that will tempt me back to the store ;)

    I actually really like your shopping outfit. Definitely would love to see more of that!

  16. wow - that was a fast one month! And you did not just have a baby! You have a great figure here, I did not look this good when I had my first! So jealous. These outfit looks great on you. I really like the stripe cardigan with the red skirt, very chic.

  17. Oh my gosh! Welcome back. How are you feeling?

    I really like the cowl neck shell. How come I can never find reasonably priced items when I visit? I like your outfit too. Layering done right, as far as I can see.

  18. Buying a car on eBay is not for beginners since there are SO many things that could go wrong. My BF was the one who found it and went though the lengthy process of 1. verifying the listing with the seller, 2. reading reviews on the seller, 3. booking the plane tickets to pick up the car (it was in a dealership in Kentucky). I flew with him to Kentucky mainly because we needed to take turns to drive back to Maryland :)

    We have a philosophy of "we can always find it on eBay." Since then we bought a car for his parents too!

    It's a fantastic car that never gave us any trouble for the 3 years we've had it (I know it's not long for a car but I'm considering the 50000 miles we put on it so far).

  19. Hehehe thanks for the reviews SPG! And your shopping outfit - love- well done on layering :)

    Love that A-line skirt- saw it on a LOFT flyer and wondered how it looked :)

  20. that skirt is beautiful. what a gorgeous color! and you look great, don't worry! :D

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  21. Curvy Petite - Congratulations on the pregnancy!! That is fantastic news! How are you feeling? My mom had me eat a lot of items with ginger and then wouldn't let me eat "cool" items like watermelon, but other than that, no real dietary restrictions.

    Newpetite - Thank you! I did get bored (and a little stir-crazy too) so I was very excited when I was finally able to go out. I had the most fun eating everywhere (ice cream here, bubble tea there, hot pretzel, etc.) :D

    Anna - Thank you! I can't believe she's already a month old! My little peanut jumped from the 25th percentile to 80th and I'm so proud :) I definitely still have some weight left to lose but thank you for kind words!

    Sydney - I hope it goes on sale too! I'd love to see it on you!

    Amber - Thanks so much! Definitely many (I hope) DIYs to come!

    Ping - Thank you! There's definitely more work to be done but I'm glad that it seems to be going more quickly than with my 1st pregnancy.

    Bessie - Thank you! It's comforting to hear that the shell just doesn't look good on anyone - makes me feel better :)

    Michelle - Thanks!! I love deals! :)

    Elle - Thank you! I'm glad the outfit turned out ok - I guess I was being too hard on myself :)

    Gigi - Thanks so much! She does well on some nights and not so well on others. Lately she's been having 3-5 hour waking spells where she wants to be held while I walk her around the room.

  22. Bree - Thank you doll! LOFT has cute stuff often for amazing prices - I love it!

    Kerry - Ooh, I want to see your Gap skirt! Too bad your stores are so far! Mine are around 18 miles away so it's not too bad.

    Marella, Francesca - Thank you!

    QFFS - Thanks for the input! I think a belt might help too especially since the tee is a little loose.

    Cee - I think my hips might stay on the larger size. Before any babies, my hips were 33, after 1st baby 35 and right now they're a whopping 38 although I expect it to go down a little.

    Thu - Aww, thank you very much! I still have a tummy for sure but for the most part can hide it with certain types of clothes :)

    Aki - I'm feeling pretty good - thanks for asking! I have a LOFT (a little farther than the one closer to me) that has an AMAZING selection. I find the best deals on items that have long since sold out in other locations. I love it!

    Anna - I'm so impressed! I would feel more assured since you bought it from a dealership versus a regular person.

    Annie - Thank you! I really love the skirt - now if it will go on sale!

    Mimi - Thanks so much for your kind words! :)


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