Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gingham + Stripes OOTD

I'm having a hard time finding a toddler-proof place to take photos (especially since little one has decided that naps are a thing of the past).  Here I am holed up in the master bathroom while hubby entertained him LOL - thank goodness for auto-fix settings to correct bad lighting.

Now that I'm on maternity leave, I want to accomplish 2 things with my wardrobe:
  1.  Get rid of clothes I haven't worn in a while
  2.  Remix existing items in new ways

Here is my attempt at #2.  I kept it "safe" by sticking to a monochromatic palette but I hope to venture into more adventurous combinations as I go.

Shirt:  Crewcuts Boys' Button-Down in Large Gingham, Sz 14 (buy similar here)
Sweater:  Gap (buy similar here)
Jeans:  LOFT (old)
Necklace:  Chunky Pearls + Chain, Target
Boots:  BOC

Any tips for closet remixes?

P.S.  Thanks to everyone for commenting on my bounce-back after having Baby Girl.  I'm definitely still sporting quite the tummy along with just being bigger in general so your kind comments always make me feel good :)


  1. I love this combo!! So cute! I'm the worst at closet remixes so no help

  2. i love how the gingham looks under sweaters!! its the perfect year-round pattern. i think lots of us are "revitalzing" our closets!! give updates on how its going!

  3. I like the mix of patterns! Closet remixing for this season should be easy because all you gotta do is layer everything to keep warm ; )

  4. ohh i would love to see this with a mini wool skirt and tights and booties or boots please!

  5. I am still searching for the perfect gingham shirt. I really want to get the J.Crew petite version but small sizes are all gone =)

  6. Very chic look. Love the layering of different prints. I hope beby is well.

    Love the new design BTW.


  7. This outfit is soooo pretty - and I'm not saying it because I'm partial to stripes, gingham, and denim. No, I'm saying it because I dig the preppy and classy vibe this look gives off (and because I'd wear it too).

    As far as making the most of your closet goes, have you considered doing a 30 for 30 challenge? That should get you remixing in no time at all. Or how about showing us ALL your wardrobe? This will start you thinking on creative ways to style literally every single piece you own.

  8. I think you did a great job mixing stripes and plaid. The easiest way to first remix items is to switch bottoms, once you feel comfortable with that, I suggest trying different layers, blouse under a sweater, cardigan, over a dress...I'd love to have you over sometime to raid my closet :)

  9. I pattern mixed today, too. Stripes & a floral scarf. I don't have gingham, but will have to try plaid and stripes. Did you get your ON vests? How'd they work?

  10. Great combination! i love that stripes sweater!

  11. Great remixing! I'm not that good with remixing so will be happy to see what you come up with.


  12. oooh, stripes and gingham so cute together! LOL you look all squished up in the corner there, I hope you get your regular photo taking venue back ;)

  13. now i definitely need a striped sweater.

  14. Very cute combo!!

    I have been remixing things lately by layering necklaces and trying out different belts.

  15. Ohhh love the combination of stripes and checker print here. The chunky statement necklace really gives it a glamourous look. I love pairing checker prints with reds so that might be something you can look into. Have fun being on maternity leave! I think I might just have another one so I can do the same :) j/k


  16. Ahh! Love, love, love this stripes + gingham combo. Wide stripes is the perfect complement against the smaller gingham squares. Alright, I'm officially adding this type of sweater to my wishlist!

  17. Annie - Thanks Annie! And that is not true - I've seen the outfits you put together and they are always elegant and stylish :)

    Amber - I'm a big fan of gingham and plaids myself as a layering piece. Printed button downs are so much fun!

    Jessy - Thanks! Very true about the layering! :)

    Ping - Great suggestion! I'm definitely going to try that!

    Sydney - Oh no! The good thing is that they seem to have it throughout the year, maybe you'll find one in your size next season?

    Patience - Thank you! DD is doing well and growing up quickly! :)

    Anna - Thank you! I'd love to see how something similar would look on your tall frame! I'm very intrigued by the 30 for 30 challenge and would be interested to see how far I could go with it. I'll have to see when the next one is :)

    Bessie - Thanks for the remixing tips!

    Gigi - Stripes and floral sound lovely together :) Everyone loves their new vests. The only thing I'm being nitpicky about is that the previous season vests were lined with fleece to be ultra warm and this one is not :(

    Kat - Aww, thanks so much! I'll definitely be experimenting and documenting different things :)

    Elaine - LOL about being squished in the corner! There's not much room to set up a tripod and take a photo in the bathroom :D

    Aubrey - That actually means a lot to me coming from the honest commenter :)

    Michelle - Thanks! I've been loving your necklace layering on your posts!

    Thu - Thanks for the input! I'll definitely try it out!

    Cee - You would totally rock a striped sweater and I'd love to see how you'd wear it!


I'm the type of gal who gets giddy when I receive mail - it's no different with comments! I really appreciate the feedback and love hearing from you :)


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