Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Then and Now: LOFT Floral Ruffle Dress

False alarm!  We were completely convinced that Baby Girl was on her way but turned out she's going to bake a little longer (which is fine with me!).  Good thing I prepped some posts ahead of time because now I'll primarily be spending my time in bed or on the couch.  I am once again behind on blogging (sorry!) so please bear with me as I get caught up on commenting and responding to things.  :)

Pregnancy check-in:

  • Gestational Time:  36.5 weeks -  3 days till I'm full term (when I had my son) and 3.5 weeks till my due date!  (Now on maternity leave - woohoo!)
  • Weight Gain:  23 lbs 
  • Added Inches: +14 at the tummy
  • Current Cravings:  Guacamole!!!!, Chex mix (cereal part only), Fried egg whites, Grilled shrimp, Chicken Tikka Masala

I got this LOFT woven dress back in September for a whopping $22.  It had a slim silhouette from the front but was very roomy in the tummy area - very useful for me right now!  I love how much more vibrant the colors are in natural light vs. the fitting room.  

Then: September 2010
LOFT Floral Ruffle Dress, Sz 0P (orig. post)
My old, comfy sandals :)
Now:  35 Weeks Pregnant
Born Black Slides 
Balenciaga Twiggy, Anthracite

The full look:

On Thursday, we'll have one more ultrasound to make sure everything is ok and then I could theoretically go into labor (for real this time) at anytime after that.  If you've been pregnant before, you know gestational time is 40 weeks (10 months!) but full term is considered 37 weeks which is when my son was born.  So excited!!  <3<3<3


  1. I was so ready after 37 weeks and Thank god she came out 10 days early. Im a little impatient you see :) Love it when the non-preg dresses fit :)

  2. I hope the delivery will go smoothly and hopefully maybe a bit early? Not sure what it would be like to be on bed rest but I'm sure it must be a tough one as you have another one at home! That dress is really accommodating and it looks great on you now and then ;)

  3. Beautiful dress! Esp since you can wear it post and pre pregnancy! Hope all works out well with the birth :)


  4. omg i can't believe the baby is coming so soon! you must be so anxious and excited. i'm excited for you!!! you look great in that dress -- preggers or not. such a pretty print and color.

  5. I was thinking about you these days! I am glad to hear that everything is ok! Hope to see your baby soon! i like the derss! Very cute!

  6. That dress looks great on you. I love the print. I hope everything will go great! Enjoy your maternity leave and your beautiful baby girl =)

  7. ahhhh so excited for you too!

    And hehe who knew clothes can be so versatile...fit you at both normal belly and pregnant belly. :)

    mmmm and chicken tikka masala...look what you've done (and it's only 8 AM over here)

  8. SPG, take care of yourself and the baby. Us readers will always be here :)

    Guacamole?! A girl after my own heart. <3 Chipotle's. Love how the LOFT dress accomodates your belly and only shortens the dress by a couple of inches, but still very wearable!

  9. I am so excited for you that the baby is coming out soon. I can't wait to see! You need to take pictures ok? All the best girl! ;)


  10. that is so exciting! :D
    your cravings sound really good too. now i want guacamole. ;)

    <3, Mimi
    $25 Apothica Gift Card Giveaway :)

  11. So great that your dress fits (and looks great) both pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy! Hahaha, loved hearing about the cravings. I shared them with my husband - would like to prepare him for the time when I (hopefully) am able to have a baby. ;D

  12. So excited for you! That dress looks amazing you both the before and after and will look great in the after, after :P

  13. I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to see your baby girl. So exciting. :)

    You're right. The dress looked way better in the natural light.

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  14. Your cravings all sound so.. healthy and balanced. When my friend was pregnant she was craving fruits (seemingly healthy too) but her blood glucose shot through the roof after the second straight week of NOTHING but the good sweet stuff. Her doctor nearly had a coronary when he heard what she was eating :) It was all fine, of course, but she was very cranky when she had to withdraw from the melons :D

    You're so lucky having a dress that fits pre and during pregnancy while looking like it was made for both times in your life. You look absolutely beautiful.

  15. Hehehe to all your cravings! And the dress looks adorable on you before and now! Love the pink colors :)

    Sooooo excited or baby to be born! So happy for you!

  16. omg I'm SO excited for you!!! Congrats again! Can't wait to hear all about how CUTE your new child is : )

  17. Ooh, good luck with the delivery! That dress is such a lucky find!

  18. can't believe the baby is almost coming! can't wait to see mommy and me outfits! :) best of luck on the delivery!

  19. I finally catching up on blog posts...and you're almost due!! Its great how you can wear the dress when you're not preggers and when you're preggers! can't wait to see pics of the baby (if you post them!)

    and NOOOOOO shrimp!!!! your baby will get eczema!!!


  20. Yay!! Sooon!! :D I keep expecting a birth post....any day now! You crave some good food! Especially the shrimp!

  21. Hang in there. I'm also 36w+4d with twin girls. Same height as you, but gained 40 pounds (started at 102lbs.) My belly is twice as big as yours, and it measured full term 8 weeks ago. LOL. Arms, legs, face are the same size! I wish I could fit into clothes and look cute like you. This belly makes it impossible! I'm wondering what you'll pack for your stay in the hospital.

  22. Newpetite - I kept thinking that she'd be like her brother and arrive at 37 weeks! When we had that false alarm, I thought "oh wow! even earlier?" But nope, we'll see when she decides to make her appearance :)

    Bravoe Runway - Thanks so much! It's actually not too bad - my lovely mother lives with us and takes care of little one (and us!) very well :)

    Kat - Thank you! I love pieces like this that works for just about every kind of life occasion :)

    Ping - Thanks so much! We're currently on Baby Watch and just waiting to see when she wants to be born :)

    Francesca - You are so kind - thank you! Baby Girl should be here soon!

    Sydney - Thank you! I'm definitely taking advantage of maternity leave right now to be a complete couch potato and just relax :)

    Elle - Thank you!! Oh I so love chicken tikka masala - one of my favorite Indian dishes ever!!

    Cee - Thank you for your sweet words! I only recently discovered guacamole! Previously always seemed kind of bland (probably because I had it at Don Pablo's and then just avoided it every other time), but then I had the pre-made kind from Whole Foods and just fell in love with it :)

    Ling - Thank you doll! I'll definitely take pictures :)

    Mimi - Thank you! LOL, looking at this list makes me hungry too :)

    QFFS - Thank you! Aww, you'd be such a cute lil mama! Would love to see you blog through your experiences when the time comes :)

  23. Elaine - Thanks so much! I'm already thinking of everything I'll wear afterwards :)

    Bree - Thank you!! I can't wait to meet her! :)

    Anna - LOL - I'm on a gestational diabetes diet so I'm forced to be mostly healthy. You should have seen what I was eating pre-diet! Did your friend have GD? Thank you for the super sweet words!

    Annie - Thanks so much! Just playing the waiting game now :)

    Jessy - Thank you! We are soooo excited and are on pins and needles just waiting for her arrival :)

    Cat - Thank you so much!

    Olyvia - Thank you! Dressing her up is going to be so much fun! :)

    Grace - Thank you!

    Lor - Eek on eczema! My mother in law (from Shanghai) told me to avoid anything with a shell so I do take it easy. Occasionally though (about once a month), I'll eat a few pieces.

    LePetiteLemon - Cravings, cravings, cravings - I think about food ALL the time LOL!

    Anonymous - Oh wow! Congrats on the twin girls - that is so exciting!!! Will they be your first? For the hospital, I'll be packing a nail file (baby nails can be so sharp!), a pillow, some Junior Mints :), various baby outfits in case it's either hot or cold, comfy undergarments, a nursing pajama shirt, iPad for entertainment, camera, and flip flops to wear in the shower and around the room. Best of luck to you with your delivery! Wishing you 2 healthy and happy baby girls!


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