Sunday, August 21, 2011

Michael Kors 2-Tone Chronograph Watch Review

I succumbed to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale despite my best efforts to avoid it.  I actually wound up buying 2 items but I'll post the 2nd item review (a keeper!) in the next entry.  I have to admit that Jean's post on her new MK acquisition really intrigued me despite my recently purchased J. Crew / Timex watch.  I rationalized that I still needed an everyday-type of work watch so when this beauty popped up on sale at Nordstrom for $150, I didn't hesitate to snap it up.  I love the chronograph feature as well as the combination of silver with rose gold.  The little pops of bling don't hurt either for a gal who loves sparkle ;)

Michael Kors 2-Tone Chronograph Bracelet Watch, $225 (buy here)

Description (from Nordstrom):
Rose gold embellishes a beautiful bracelet watch with a sparkling chronograph dial texturally contrasted by a knurled topring.
  • Deployant clasp closure.
  • Approx. band length: 190mm.
  • Approx. band width: 18mm.
  • Approx. case diameter: 36mm.
  • Water-resistant to 10 ATM (100 meters).
  • Stainless steel/rose-gold ionic plating/Swarovski crystals/mineral crystal/mother-of-pearl.
  • By Michael Kors; imported.

On to the review!

Size:  The watch face size is a little larger than my standard watches but I didn't feel like it overwhelmed my wrist.  Of course, keep in mind, that I also just purchased a men's watch with a case diameter of 40 mm.

Fit:  The fit needs to be adjusted as with all watches but this is easily remedied by removing a few links.

The typical out of box loose fit

Overall Opinion:  I like the general size and I know the fit can be adjusted.  However, a few things made me decide to return it:

  1. The contrast between the silver and rose gold looked very sharp on the website but more muted in person.
  2. The watch was a bit too heavy for my liking.  I weighed it (bc I'm a nerd like that) and it was twice as heavy as my J. Crew / Timex.
  3. I just didn't fall in love with it :(
So back to Nordstrom it went!  I'm still interested in MK watches, but I'll try it on in person next time before purchasing.  What's your favorite everyday watch?

P.S.  Thank you everyone for your kind words regarding my awkward elevator conversation!  I truly appreciated it  :)  


  1. this watch is really pretty, but i agree, its much better to see watches irl. i'm also still on the search for a good watch! i really need one, i just havent been able to find the perfect one yet. maybe there isnt a perfect one? i dont know, too many choices!! i look forward to seeing more watch posts :)

  2. beautiful watch! sad to see you return it. i could see what u mean by the color difference. on the website pics, the gold is more a rose gold and in your pics, the gold is more of a yellow gold. if you were expecting more of a rose gold, i can see y u would be unhappy.

  3. Pretty! I do like the rose gold in the stock photo, looks more yellow IRL in your pics. It's prob better off to return it if you don't love it.

  4. This watch is nice and I would love to try it out if I ever saw it in Australia :)

  5. Girl, I have been looking for watches too! I wanted the all gold MK watch. Just didn't get a chance to try it on as I was kinda busy. Will check those out soon! I look forward to see more review posts from you! ;)

  6. the color is so pretty on the website but not so great IRL.. the pink color seems to disappear on the wrist!! i love looking at watches.. but truthfully am not much of a wrist jewelry type of person.. i always attempt to buy bangles/bracelets even have like jade bracelets in really gorgeous colors like bright green and purple that my parents gave me.. and never wear them hahaha.. so.. a watch i'm fairly certain would be a bad investment for me hahaha

  7. There is a black Michael Kors watch I want so badly! There are some other great rose gold ones he loves to do as well. Great post :)

    ps. thanks for visiting and commenting my blog :)

    Thom @

  8. I agree that the gold and white isn't as contrasted as they show it on the website in person. Sad that this one didn't work out for you :(

  9. Awww, it does look nice. It's good though that you returned it. You have to completely love it or it won't be worth it! :]

    By the way, I’m having an international Pura Vida bracelets giveaway so come check it out! :]

    xoxo, Bree

  10. Ouu I purchased an MK watch from the same sale. I have the gold one that Vicky has as well : )

  11. oh my gosh, i've been wanting a bright yellow michael kors watch for years now! i really really want one. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  12. I am sorry you had to return it! I like it you know and I am actually looking for a nice watch too!

  13. I don't think it overwhelmed you at all, but yet I was a bit disasppointed that the rose gold didn't stand out more. That's what made it unique to me!

  14. I've been loving these watch reviews, but since I don't wear watches (ever) and I'm not looking for an investment piece. I picked up a cheapie watch from target.

    I think I've seen this one around (or similar) and I have to say that I still adore the rose gold. Can't wait to see which one you actually got.

  15. Thanks a lot for following my blog =) I like your blog and I am following back !
    Beautiful watch but I agree it's so annoying when they are too heavy on your wrist ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  16. Sorry to hear this watch did not meet your expectations. You really have to love it otherwise it's not worth it. I own this watch and I love the 2-tone, very versatile :) I also bought the runway rose gold
    (IMO this one has the perfect shade of Rose Gold)

    I have gotten tons of complements when wearing both of them.

  17. This color combo is absolutely gorgeous on the stock photo. I've never been a rose gold fan up until now, haha. Can't wait to see the watch that you've decided to keep!

    I'm not a watch girl, so my cellphone is my everyday watch.

  18. Awww sorry to hear that the watch didn't meet your liking.. bummer. I adore my MK watch. I have the rosegold one. My BFF surprised me with it for my birthday last month. She's so awesome.

    I hope you'll find an MK watch that you adore!

    xx Love & Aloha

  19. i LOVE michael kors watches, i'm saving to get one :) if you want to you can enter my giveaway, you can win a KO YSL Arty ring! :)

  20. Awww, sad to here you didn't like it. I have the gold tone version of it, and I love it. Maybe try the Goldtone one?


  21. Bummer you had to return it but I think it's for the best! If you don't love it- return! LOL

    And I am coveting a vintage Rolex presidential watch..hehehe

  22. That is a really cool watch

  23. Pretty watch! I also have a Michael Kors watch!

  24. Too bad you had to return the watch because it certainly looks lovely. But it's great that you know what you want - don't keep stuff you don't love is my motto too. I wonder, is it too heavy for daily wear?

  25. Amber - There are definitely many different choices out there! At the moment, I'm really loving rose gold although I know I need a silver one to match most of my jewelry. Good luck on your watch search!

    Ping - Yeah, I was definitely looking forward to having a very crisp silver and rose gold color :( I'm sure I'll find something!

    Jen - In the past, I think I would have just kept it regardless but I'm trying to be a little more mindful of purchases - must love it to keep it! :)

    Kat - Hope you're able to find something similar in Australia! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    Fashion and Number - Let me know what you think when you get to try on your gold MK watch! Love to know your take on it :)

    Lisa - LOL, that's ok. All of your other accessories are so amazingly gorgeous that I don't think you're missing out on anything going sans watch! :)

    Thom - I've been eyeing those too! I need to check them out more in detail :)

    Gelene - That's ok - I'm just glad it worked for you! It looks much better on you than me :)

    Bree - I agree, I only want to keep things I absolutely love. It'll help with my crazy shopping tendencies ;)

    Jessy - How do you like your MK watch? Did you post a review (and maybe I missed it)?

    Mimi - He definitely makes some beautiful timepieces!

    Francesca - Good luck with your watch search!

    Andela - Thanks :)

    Elaine - My thoughts exactly! :)

    Aki - It definitely doesn't make sense to invest in something you won't wear much! I need to wear a watch to work to make sure I'm on time for meetings since I don't always have a pocket for my cell phone :)

    Vale - Thanks! I think if the color had been what I was expected or it was later, I might have kept it, but I'll keep looking :)

    Claud - Very pretty choices! I do love the 2-tone options!

    Cee - Hubby uses his cell too - I'm just really bad about carrying it around when I don't have pockets at work. It's the lazy way to just wear something LOL :)

    Sharon - What a sweet friend to gift it to you! Glad you like yours, I'll have to check out more MK ones :)

    Jennie - They are beautiful pieces, I just need to find the right one :)

    Patience - I'd like a gold one too! Right now I know I need a silver and then would like to further investigate gold and rose gold :)

    Annie - I had you pegged for a Chanel J12 gal! :)

    Timothy / Marissa - Thanks!

    Anna - It's personally too heavy for me but maybe it would have been ok once I got used to it. It's definitely much heavier than any of my previous watches.

  26. Nice watch! I didn't buy it...but after seeing Jessy's (I brought it back from US for her) I'm regretting!




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