Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Talbots Super Shoe Haul and Reviews

Thanks to Gigi's post about the Talbots Secret Sale, I purchased 9 (eek) pairs of shoes.  All shoes were $29.99 and Gigi even had a 20% off code with free shipping so they were actually $24 (for leather shoes!!!!!!).

Let me start by saying that I am actually a picky shoe owner.  I have big feet (size 8.5) that tend towards being on the wider side (but don't require wearing wide sizing) and I really need all footwear to be rather comfortable.  Though sometimes I will waver on comfort if it's cute :)

On to the reviews!

Flower Bouquet Espadrilles, Natural (buy here)
I really love the flower "bouquet" details and these espadrilles are actually pretty comfy!  It's a little funny that these cream colored shoes look kind of nude against my super pale legs LOL.
Verdict:  Keep

Croc-embossed Platform Wedges, Dark Sweet Almond (buy here)
These are soooo incredibly cute!  Despite the height, it feels pretty good on my feet - the only complaint I have is that the leather is a little stiff so will hopefully soften up with wear.  I love the color and the croc-embossed details.
Verdict:  Keep

Flower Bouquet Ballet Flats, Flint Gray (buy here)
Again, I just fell in love with the floral detail here!  These are pretty comfy though they seem to run a little bigger than the other sz 8.5 shoes I ordered.  That can be easily fixed with one of those heel inserts though.
Verdict:  Keep 

Suede Chunky Heel City Sandals, Sunshine (buy here)
See them on Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping (leather version) and Jean of Extra Petite
I LOVE this color - it's just oh so pretty and makes me feel all happy when I see it :)  The suede is nice and soft.  Like Gigi mentioned, it seems like these are verging on being a bit too high for me but I think that's due to the pregnancy rather than the shoes themselves.
Verdict:  Keep, but wear next spring / summer

Suede Ruched Boots, Storm Grey (buy here)
Even though these have super pointy toes (which are usually indicative of painful pinching), these are actually pretty comfortable!  The only negative is that they are a tad too high and come up to the bottom of my knee.  But hey, these were originally $250 and I got them for $24 so these are keepers!
Verdict:  Keep

And now on to the shoes I'm on the fence about / not keeping.  Please excuse the flamingo poses.  Talbots wraps their shoes extremely well and I was too lazy to unpack both shoes to take pics.

Leather Bow Platforms, Black (buy here)
I wanted to love these platforms very badly because the leather is super buttery, soft but these are a little too high for me and I don't think I'd last very long in them.
Verdict:  Sadly no

Croc-embossed Peep-toe Leather Pumps, Cafe Au Lait (buy here)
I love the way these look but the leather is stiff and cuts into my foot too much for my liking.  The height also just pitches too much of my weight into the toe area creating pressure there.
Verdict:  No

Leather Chunky Heel City Sandal, Pink Desert (buy here)
I thought for sure these would be keepers after trying on the yellow suede version but again the leather is just a little too stiff for me.  Plus, I just like the yellow color more.
Verdict:  No

Croc-embossed Slingback, Chocolate (don't see it online anymore)
I also love the color and detailing of these shoes but they pinch my toes :(
Verdict:  No

Did you shop this sale?  What did you purchase and what did you think?


  1. I got the croc-embossed platform wedges, too! LOVE!

    Your shoe picks are great!

  2. Oh, you must keep the platform bow pumps! Yes, they're high but not even for special occasions? They're gorgeous and absolutely deserve a place in your closet for $24!

  3. Oh wow...I thought I was the only one that went crazy and bought tons of shoes! LOL

    I was so bummed that the yellow suede slingbacks were sold out of sz 5 so I missed out on that! But I did get 6 pairs- keeping 5...:D

    I don't know how I lucked out and got a super cute pair of yellow leather sandals but I still wanted the suede ones. I am keeping the peep toe croc pumps- they fit me really nicely:D

  4. Oh wow! :-D Cant point out and say which one I like the best coz I loved them all!

  5. I think I'm the only one who didn't end up buying anything from this sale, haha. Now I'm wondering if I should have because the prices were amazing!

    I agree with the keepers and the nos, but like Anna said, the platforms look so good on you! The heel does look pretty thin, but I think the platform helps reduce the heel height some? I say try walking on hardwood/tiled floors to see if they could possibly change your mind.

  6. Nice reviews! I got 5 and am keeping one :( hopefully I'll get a sec to write reviews. I just love your keepers, well done!

  7. wow, great buys!! i love all of them and you got such a great deal on them!

    cute & little
    Sproos Shop Giveaway for cute hair accessories!

  8. Great review, SPG! I'm curious though, your feet haven't expanded too much during the pregnancy? My friend said there was no way she coudl've worn her regular shoe size in the alter months of pregnancy! She ordered several of the same styles as you...bargain suede boots included : )

  9. wowy! so many shoes! I love reading these talbot reviews popping up since I'm a new fan of Talbots with my pointy pumps from the sale :) I especially love the wedges and the boots on you the most. I also kinda of like the leather bow platforms...would be great for formals...but if you don't go to many of those, then pass...cause you have so many more fun keepers up there!

  10. Great reviews! I think the boots are fine. You'll like them better w/tights. It's hard to really see how they'll look in warmer weather. I passed on the shoes you didn't like for the same concerns. I had a feeling that croc embossed one would cut across the foot as you said. The ones you linked to on my blog are the yellow leather ones and are darker than the suede yellow ones you have. I also ordered the yellow suede ones and just took them back today. I loooove how bright they are, but I could just see me banging up the suede. Also, I don't know if my feet are just swollen right now or they fit differently, but I couldn't get them on.

    Thanks for the pics and link love :)

  11. ...oh, I also have to vote for that black shoe w/the bow. Those are soooo cute! If they're too high for a day out, maybe consider keeping them for a shorter evening out...if you could use a dressier shoe. They are really cute on you.

  12. I did not take advantage of the wishing I did seeing all the great finds from the blogging world!! So glad you found so many great deals!! Those boots!! Ah! Crazy price!!

  13. oh my gosh, i love your platform wedges!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  14. wow. You bought a lot of shoes my dear! I bet the baby is jealous of you now.

    I especially love the Croc-embossed Platform Wedges. ;)

    Love, Fashionandnumber

  15. I purchased the platform bow pumps and thought that they were too high too, after I put on one shoe... until I put on the other one. I usually can't walk in anything higher than 3 inches, but after putting on both shoes, they were actually extremely comfortable.

  16. You bought 9 pair of shoes?????????????????? You are a shoeaaholic like me!!!
    I love them all!

  17. Holey macaroni!!! That's a lot of shoes! So envious!! I wish I participated in the sale, but I was too uncertain about sizing, but look at you!! So many keepers!! :D All the shoes are cute, but it's a shame the last few were too uncomfortable. Oh wells, let's just focus on what you got to keep! Hehehehe. And, I'm also guilty too of having crazy shoe hauls, so no worries! =P

  18. wow you got so many!!! i am in love with the yellow slingbacks. sad i didn't get them and now they are out of my size. :(

  19. Wow you scored big time!!! My favorite are the lavender flats and those boots! So pretty!

  20. Questforfashionsense - Don't you just love anything croc-embossed? It really adds an extra oomph! So surprised that these were comfy and so happy about it too!

    Anna - Hmm, you're really appealing to my shopaholic side here. I'm going to try these on again and see how it goes. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    Annie - LOL! I want to see pics of what you wound up getting! Sad that they didn't have the yellow suede ones in your size anymore - they really are super cute :(

    NewPetite - LOL, thanks! I have an incredible weakness for sales :)

    Cee - Avoiding temptation is a GOOD thing, my dear! I am not so good at that and my New Year's resolution went to hell a long time ago :P I'm going to give those bow platforms another whirl and see how they feel.

    Purses and Puppies - Looking forward to your reviews!! I know how busy you must be - hope you have a great weekend!

    Kileen - Thanks so much! I went a little crazy but I'm justifying the purchases by telling myself that I'm only keeping half :)

    Jean - I definitely have my swollen feet days in which it would be a bad day for judging shoe fit. It's a little inconsistent too, I never know what exactly triggers it but I did make sure they were non-swollen for the reviews :) For the most part, (and for my 1st pregnancy) I wear my normal shoes although my TB Revas are killing me (though they are in the breaking in phase).

    Olyvia - Thanks!! I went a little crazy with the shoes but when are leather shoes ever $24? I'm also a new fan of Talbots - I've previously found some cute belts there and I know Jean found the prettiest necklace there once.

    Gigi - Thank you for posting about this amazing sale! Otherwise, I'd never have known about it. I'm becoming a very big fan of Talbots accessories - I've yet to try on their clothes but that will probably be a post-pregnancy activity :) Aww, disappointing about the yellow suede not fitting well but at least the leather ones worked out for you!

  21. Michelle - Thanks so much! The boots in particular were just such a crazy deal - love it!

    Mimi - Thanks! I love that they are surprisingly comfy! :)

    Fashion and Number - LOL, I went a little nuts on the sale. It's a weakness of mine :)

    Stephanie - Thanks for the tip!! I'm going to try both on and walk around the house for a little bit to see how they feel.

    Francesca - LOL! Now I need to find a good place to store them :) What do you do with your shoe and bag collection?

    LePetiteLemon - I was uncertain about sizing too but my big feet usually are pretty good about fitting into size 8.5. Plus, I couldn't bear passing up the deal - I'm so weak!

    Ping - I think the yellow slingbacks went pretty quickly. It sounds like many petites couldn't find it in their size :( Maybe they'll restock and have another crazy sale!

    Elaine - Thanks so much! I really love the floral details on those flats :)


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