Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nautical Rope Belt $25 (FS) + Amrita Singh Finds

Quickie post here - I have been itching for a rope belt (with a leather portion) ever since I saw it in Lucky Magazine a few months back.  At the time, I was contemplating making my own somehow but today I stumbled upon a great deal @ Lands' End Canvas:

Lands' End Canvas Women's Nautical Rope Belt, $24.99 (orig. $44.50), buy here
Use Ebates for 3% off (note this is my referral link)
Use code DEFINED (Pin: 2514) for Free Shipping thru 7/15

In other shopping news,  I just couldn't resist buying more Amrita Singh pieces when I received the email that everything on the site was an additional 40% off (code 4JULY11).  Here are my picks:

Newlight Ring, Dark Coral / Turquoise, $24 (orig. $100), buy here

Shelter Island Ring, Tea Rose, $12 (orig. $50), buy here
I ADORE this ring and already have it.  It's adjustable so I manipulated it until the stones were arranged more like the Newlight ring above.

Marseille Ring, Turquoise, Red Brick & Rose Quartz, $30 (orig. $100), buy here

Cannes Ring, $30 (orig. $100), buy here

Aurore Ring, Lapis Lazuli / Labradorite (the blue one), $24 (orig. $85), buy here

Franchesca Bangle, $12 (orig. $50), buy here
I also already have 2 of these - one in Emerald and the other in Lemon.  I will say that their size 7 runs large and I have to stay very aware of how I'm swinging my arms so that it doesn't fly off BUT it is so incredibly gorgeous and I get nothing but compliments on it.

Citla Necklace in Lapis, $14 (orig. $100), buy here

Hope everyone has a fun-filled, fabulous 4th of July weekend!!  And Happy Shopping too!


  1. That' s an amazing.rebate on those jewelry!! I will check the availability of the ring right now!
    I love the rope belt as well!

  2. That rope belt is really cute. I can see you wearing it with many of your nautical/grecian DIY dresses!

    So much wonderful AS jewelry, but I'm going to refrain from this one. Have a great holiday, SPG!

  3. You can still make your own belt just for fun! ^_~

    If I hear about Amrita Singh one more time, I might have to drop some $$$ and get me some! Hahaha. I've been resisting for so long!! =P

  4. Oh wow the bracelets and necklaces are gorgeous! I just got a couple of AS pieces in the mail - one is actually much too big for me to wear - well at least I don't think I can pull it off so that will get gifted to someone I know that can.

  5. thanks for sharing! I haven't yet jumped on the Amrita Singh wagon, even though I admire everyone's jewelry from there, but wow! $12 from 100! I'm checking it out!

  6. ohhh you totally scored on those amrita jewelry pieces hon!! you got some super cute ones!!

    i know i'm SO behind on blogging and catching up on blogs.. internet has been so spotty for me since we've been on the road.. and i'm too cheap to PAY for it at the hotel haha.. luckily tonight i'm at a hotel that has free WIFI!! WOOHOO!! i will be resuming with a blog post soon!! :)

  7. Wow, those rings are so gorgeous!
    And so is the belt!

    xx Grace

  8. The jewellery is so pretty and I love rope belts, I'd like to have one myself.

  9. i love the belt! its really different

  10. Francesca - AS has the prettiest, most intricate jewelry - hope you find some nice items!

    Cee - Thanks - I was thinking the same thing ;) Hope you had a great holiday weekend too!

    Jessy - Aren't they pretty? I just received them yesterday and the Cannes and Newlight rings are my faves :)

    LePetiteLemon - Hehe, I would have had to figure out leather working first :) If you do succumb to AS, wait for a great sale - there have been a ton of sample sales / site sales the last few months!

    Elaine - I actually had the same problem with some AS earrings - they were a lot larger than I imagined so I'll have to figure out what I want to do with them.

    Olyvia - :) Did you wind up finding anything?

    Lisa - Thanks! Yay for your Vegas posts - love seeing what you do / where you dine / what you wear :)

    Grace - Thanks! I have such a weakness for shopping LOL.

    Imogen - Thanks - you should check them out! :)

    Dilan Dilir - AS really has some amazing jewelry - love them!

    Natalie - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love the belt too and recently received - seems like it's pretty nice quality :)


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