Sunday, June 19, 2011

Color Obsession: Yellow

Eep - I'm really dropping the blogger ball.  I meant to post another tutorial on wearing your scarf as a shirt but the lighting was so dim today that none of my pictures look very good.  I also completely missed this month's PFC and still need to catch up on reading / commenting on those posts.  So here's a post I had waiting in the wings.

I have an obsession with yellow.  I love pale pastel yellows, golds, and deep mustards.  There's just something about it that seems to brighten my entire day :)  Today's outfit is a yellow maxi from my first pregnancy (made for me by my mother - I learn something new from her everyday!) paired with cognac and brown.  To add more color, I turned to jewelry.

Dress:  DIY (by mom!) Yellow Maxi
Belt:  H&M Obi Tassel Belt
Shoes:  Sofft Buckle Sandals
Necklace and Earrings:  Local artisan from mall

I LOVE this necklace and earring set!  There's a new store in the mall that seems to sell handmade jewelry from local artisans / designers.  I am very much in awe of their talent - I would not know how to begin setting stones this way!  Just inspirational.

Speaking of yellow, I got these super cute Xhilaration Teala wedge sandals at Target for $22 (seen here on Jean of Extra Petite):
It looks like they are sold out online but I saw several at my store.  Here's the link in case they restock or you want more info.

What's your current color obsession?


  1. I have way too many obsessions recently, haha, including yellow shoes! The yellow color looks wonderful on you, now I know your sewing talent runs in your family! I completely missed the PFC too and will have to catch on my favorite bloggers as well....after I finish all my own shopping frenzy...

  2. Yellow has become my favorite color as of late. Yellow and cognac go together beautifully. You look so comfy in your dress. Thank you so much for the email. It helps tremendously :)

  3. i'm obsessed with leopard!!! hahahah i use to be afraid of leopard print now i find myself trying to wear leopard print atleast once a day!!! anything with turquoise in it.. which was a color i use to shy away from too.. i'm normally what a i consider a "fall" person.. i love to dress in layers, i love the jackets and boots that fall bring and i L-O-V-E jewel tones to death.. amethyst purples, sapphire blues and emerald greens *drool* but lately i'm in love with all things turqouise :)

    yay you're a fellow mac & cheese afficinado :) and foodie lover.. i hope you visit SF sometime.. there's so many yummie places here!!

  4. oh me too! i been loving the corals and the yellows lately. i love that these colors just brightens an outfit without being too loud. that skirt looks great paired with the belt.

  5. lol...i meant dress and not skirt. i was thinking about my yellow skirt when i wrote that. haha!

  6. Hooray for homemade dresses from your mama! I see where you get your craftiness from. :) I too love the color yellow, which is why I love lemons! It's such a perky color. I guess the reason I don't wear it is because I've heard in the past that it doesn't work for people who are yellow/Asian. Hahaha. I'm hoping that's a total myth cuz you look great in this color! :D

  7. Pale yellow looks amazing on you (I wish I can say the same about myself...but the only share of yellow I wear is the super bright kind otherwise I look dirty. :( )

    Back to topic, what a pretty color on you, seriously!

  8. omg I love yellow too, it's such a nice color for the sunny and hot weather. whenever I see people in yellow dresses and maxis it just puts a smile to my face

  9. i love love love yellow! i just picked out a nice golden yellow to paint my living room yesterday :) great find on that jacket, im a bit jealous. and that necklace is just beautiful. its so unique, i havent seen anything like it!

  10. Oooh I love that tiered jacket! Yellow/mustard is such a fantastic colour! I'm a bit obsessed with finding coral and fushia accessories right now :P

  11. I loveeee pale yellow. I had a few old tops that have been worn to death so I really need to find some new ones. I have a feeling my yellow phase will be coming back soon... but currently I'm obsessed with my other favorite color, blue.

    The baby bump sure is growing week by week. Hope you're feeling ok and she's not kicking you too hard (or have you not hit that stage yet?)

    PS - Looking forward to your future scarf as a top tutorial :)

  12. I love how the pastel yellow looks on you! I always have trouble envisioning Asian skintones with yellow, but this shade is very nice!

  13. What a great dress from your mom. I'm into orange, but haven't been wearing much of it. I like seeing it online, though.

  14. Well, we are both very lucky... In fact, my mum sews for me too! I like the necklace and the earrings. ;)

  15. I totally agree about colours brightening the day. I adore the yellow coat in this post it is so gorgeous.

  16. i share your obsession with the color yellow! :D

    <3, Mimi

  17. Olyvia - Have you purchased your yellow shoes yet? If not, I would totally check out the Target ones in store - I haven't really worn them yet but when I tried them on, they were pretty comfy :)

    Sydney - So glad that the email was helpful!! Hope you find that perfect bag :)

    Lisa - I would have never guessed you used to shy away from leopard bc you look so good in it!! Ooh, I'm a big fan of jewel tones myself!

    Ping - I am totally in love with corals too! And LOL about the yellow skirt - you are too cute :)

    LePetiteLemon - Aww, thank you :) I totally heard the same thing so really shied away from yellow up until about a year ago when I saw other Asian bloggers totally rocking various shades. I say go for it! :D

    Elle - Thanks so much! I'm trying to imagine how pale yellow looks on you and I can't think of it looking bad??

    Pop Champagne - Hehe, glad to find someone else who feels the same way! Such a happy color :)

    Purses and Puppies - Ooh, that golden yellow sounds like a gorgeous paint color! Can't wait to see your before and after photos :) The jacket is still available on Amazon if you're interested! I just can't gauge fit very well at the moment LOL.

    Elaine - Thanks so much! I'm loving coral accessories too and can't wait until my Amrita Singh pieces finally arrive!

    Cee - I've always been a fan of blue and have a ton of navy garments though I'm trying to branch out in different shades like cobalt / sapphire :) She's definitely kicking! But not too hard. Towards the end is where they typically start to kick you in the ribs :)

    Jessy - Aww, thanks so much! I think you would look so pretty in yellow!

    Gigi - I love seeing other people look in orange! For some reason, I feel like most tones look a bit odd on me :)

    Fashion and Number - How wonderful! Isn't it such a great thing to have super skillful mothers? :)

    Imogen - Thank you! The coat is still available on if you're interested :)

    Mimi - Such a fab color right? :D


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