Saturday, May 28, 2011

J. Crew Factory: Preggy Fitting Room Reviews

Headed to the outlet mall bright and early this morning in hopes of catching some good deals for the family  and getting more cutesy things for Baby Girl.  J. Crew Factory was having an amazing sale -  50% off all clearance prices (anything that ended in $0.97)!

First up is an olive green military jacket:
J. Crew Factory Olive Military Jacket, Sz 0, $25 (orig. $98)
J. Crew has a tendency to run a bit big so despite the fact that I'm 5.5 months pregnant, I can still zip up this size 0 jacket.  The good thing (aside from the amazing price) is that the bottom has ribbing for a little bit of stretch so I think it will still fit nicely post pregnancy.
Verdict: Buy

J. Crew Factory Amethyst Purple Open Cardigan, XS, $20 (orig. $64.50)
I LOVE this color!  I know it looks gray in this photo (hazard of iPhone pics) but it's actually a gorgeous amethyst purple like the top and necklace in my header above.  The arms fit well but the body will be a little loose post pregnancy.  Not that big of a deal since I will likely belt it and the color is so pretty.
Verdict: Buy

J. Crew Factory Gray Knit Cardigan with Studded Stripes, S, $17.50 (orig. $89.50)
I have a bunch of gray cardigans already but I was really drawn to the studded stripes detail.  This wound up being too loose.  Once again, not a good sign if it barely has to stretch to accommodate a pregnant belly.  
Verdict: No to this one.  I wound up perusing the racks one more time and found an olive version in XS so I bought that one instead.

And here's my shopping outfit - Bohemian Momma:
Dress:  H&M Olive Floral Maxi
Necklace: F21
Vest:  Open Knit Cream-Colored Vest from Dillard's

So if you live near a J. Crew factory store, it's well worth your time!  Anyone else shopping this weekend?  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. I love J crew!!! Hope they will open a store in Italy!!!

  2. OHHHH! that green army jacket is so cute on you!! and so perfect for spring and fall!!!! i love when clothes are double duty hahaha.

  3. ahhh so exciting shopping for your baby girl!!! if i had to have a baby, i'd want a girl so i can dress her up just like mommy. lol!
    i love the first 2 items. i think both pieces will be a nice stable even after pregnancy.
    i really like your shopping outfit. i'd totally wear that.

  4. the "Bohemian Momma" look is so cute. I wonder if there is a J. Crew factory store around here. (even though i should not be spending!)

  5. Cute outfit. Relaxed and stylish :)

  6. Ooooh I like your boho mama look! Amrita Singh is holding a boho outfit giveaway on her Facebook page. You should totally submit this outfit ;)

    Thanks for the reviews at J.Crew outlets. I was meh about their selections online, but I really like the first jacket on you. I'm hoping I'll have a chance to make it out this weekend. We'll see though :)

  7. i love your boho look!! i'm gonna have to try out pairing a vest like that over my maxi too. and i love the purple open cardigan you found. i'm gonna have to stop by my outlet too tomorrow!

    cute & little

  8. Francesca - J. Crew definitely has some cute clothing but your wardrobe is so much better! :)

    Lisa - Thank you - me too! I love anything that serves more than one purpose or can be worn for multiple seasons - I feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck :)

    Ping - Teehee, I bought her a cute little RL dress with tiny embroidered polo figures all over. It even came with matching bloomers for her little tushie! Baby clothing just makes me melt!! Oh you would look so cute in this type of outfit - I can imagine it right now :)

    Purses and Puppies - Thanks so much! Such great deals (look at me the enabler LOL), I think it's worth a look ;)

    Gigi - Thank you! It was breezy that morning (low 60s but then warmed up to the 80s) - this was originally conceived as a practical way to adapt to the temps but I'm glad it has such a positive reception!

    Cee - Thank you for thinking this looks cute enough to enter! I just took a look at the AS contenders - and Eek on stiff competition! JC is weird sometimes. I feel like the regular JC selection online is better than in-store but it's the opposite for JCF. I tried finding links for my finds and didn't see any. Did you wind up hitting the outlets?

    Kileen - Thanks so much! You would look so cute with a vest / maxi combo! I'm still thinking about your gorgeous lace / crochet overlay on your strapless dress - stunning! Hope you find some good deals at the outlet!!


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