Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2nd Trimester w/o Maternity Wear (A Girly OOTD)

Over halfway through and I'm still not a fan of maternity wear.  I know I may be in the minority, but I just don't feel like it's necessary (at least not yet) and I'd rather wear my  normal "cute" things than super-matronly ones.

I was feeling super girly today hence the pink tee, watch, and floral shoes :D

Top:  LOFT Sparkle Tee, Sz S (during pregnancy and pre-pregnancy)
Skirt:  Banana Republic, Embroidered Edge Skirt, Sz SP
Shoes:  Anne Klein iFlex Wedges
Necklace:  My "Mommy" Necklace with a pendant of my son's name and birthdate + a key with hubby's initials among other charms

Belly pics at 21.5 weeks wearing a skirt beneath the bump :)

Where do you fall?  Do you prefer maternity clothes when pregnant?


  1. chuggin along there SPG!! glad to see you're doing well w/your 2nd pregnancy. and you look great!

    I will prolly hang onto regular clothing as much as possible when it's my turn (in 10 yrs...). hahahaha.

  2. your flats are so cute!!!

    i agree i don't think you need maternity clothes at all.. you're so petite!! just your stomach is getting big hehehe.. it's so cute!!!

  3. what a cute bump! you look so beautiful :) most of the women i see when im working in ob dont wear maternity clothes, actually. maybe its just where i work, tho. i love the "before" and "now" comparison!


  4. you are one good looking pregnant lady :P
    i would do that same as you if i was pregnant, pull out all my stretchy cotton clothes. no need to buy maternity clothes.

  5. I think as long as you can keep wearing regular clothes, keep the maternity ones on hold. :) heheh Though, I've seen some stores carry nice, shapely (not dowdy) maternity wear. You look beautiful!

  6. When it's my turn, I'll probably be too cheap to buy maternity clothes, lol. So I'll definitely be squeezing into regular clothing for as long as I can :)

    Looking great throughout this pregnancy, SPG! I'm always amazed at how the belly sizes varies SO MUCH depending on the angle you stand facing the camera.

  7. omg, you look adorable!! and i think i would hold off on the maternity clothes as long as possible too. you still look so stylish and those flats are super cute!

    cute & little

  8. you look so good pregnant! i only see belly growing and nothing else. i know i will be sooo fattt everywhere haha. (happened to my sister, she was so tiny, way more skinny and i am but she totally blew up during her pregnancy lol.) so i definitely think i'll need new clothes base on family history :(

  9. Such a pretty outfit for spring! Your flats are awesome! When I was pregnant with my first, Old navy only had maternity clothes online. In fact many stores only did online. I ended up buying lots from JCPenney. I didn't buy much in the way of maternity tops because I figured my regular non-petite tops would fit. I definitely had to get bottoms.
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  10. When I was pregnant I thought I was beautiful, so are you!
    I use to emphasize mu tummy with a lot of frills!

  11. You look amazing!!! Not sure pregnancy is in the cards for me but if it were I would definitely follow in your footsteps and wear non maternity clothes for as long as I could!

  12. Hehehe. I would agree with you! No need for maternity clothes until absolutely necessary. I've never been pregnant (yet), but I already have several boxes of clothes I've put aside for that time. They're mainly clothes that don't fit me well at the moment because they're a bit larger (I lost some weight and/or made better choices when purchasing clothes), so I still get to wear some cute clothes when that time happens! =D

  13. ummm, i don't really know, but when that time comes (not anytime soon though, haha) i want to dress as cute as you do. :)

    <3, Mimi

  14. Although I'm a long way from wanting a baby, I fee like you've taught me so much about making normal clothes work!

    And thanks for letting me know about Loreal's Mineral Eyeliner. I honestly didn't know there were so many kinds.

  15. I love the top with the sparkly details down the middle! Looks cute with your baby bump too! I'm nowhere near being pregnant, but I think maternity clothes isn't necessary (even though they make such cutes ones these days)...unless you plan on having a baby every year, haha, then "maybe" on the maternity clothes. I totally would rather have normal clothes I can still still wear after pregnancy too. Saves money! I think I own a bunch of clothes in my closet right now that would work for pregnancy (like billowy dresses, and stretchy tops).

  16. I love that you are blogging while pregnant- I think that is amazing!!!

    You are just so adorable- I can't get enough!!! So happy to know you are doing well and can't wait for baby to arrive!

  17. You look adorable! I hated maternity wear too.. NO. 1 I never fitted in even the XS till the end. I was always too tiny for those gigantic clothes!
    NO. 2 the ill fitting clothes kinda depressed me.

    I wore my normal jeans/skirts with the help of the belly band from Target and the empire waist and the flowy tops always worked well and got me lotsa compliments!

  18. I've had to get maternity bottoms, but many of the stretchy tops are working just fine. Some of the maternity clothes are so boring. Like you, I'm trying to keep my usual style. :)

  19. Maternity clothes (for the most part) are HIDEOUS! I am going to wear non-maternity clothes until the last possible second with this baby. With my last one I gave in and wore the uglies, hating every second of it, but not this time.

    You look fabulous :) Keep flaunting the bump!

  20. AubreyOhDang - Aw, thanks so much! I told someone the other day that I was 5.5 months pregnant and they told me, "Wow, so big already!" You can really only laugh :)

    Lisa - Thank you! Hubby hates them and I LOVE the floral print LOL. I'd just rather spend money on things that will last longer than my pregnancy :)

    Purses and Puppies - Thank you! If I can find more "now" and "then" photos, I'll be sure to post the comparisons. I'm hoping to convince ladies that they're not relegated to muumuus when pregnant ;)

    Ping - LOL, you are too sweet! OMG, you would be so gorgeous pregnant - I can just imagine your teeny self with a little bump :)

    Hurricanekerrie - They've definitely made some advances in stylish pregnancy gear. I did a lot of maternity wear shopping the first time around and found that most stores only carried S-M-L sizing so usually the fit was off. Not everything was bad but if I can stretch my wardrobe (and my money) with stuff that works during and afterwards, I'd prefer to do that :)

    Cee - I know, right? From the front, sometimes I can still look small depending on what I'm wearing. From the side, it's almost always "BA-ZAM" hehe.

    Kileen - Aww, thank you! Just save all those boxy clothes (that I know we all have unless you're super efficient at cleaning your closet) and whip them out when you're preggy OR go for the stretchy stuff :)

    Sunshine - Thanks for your kind words! I've definitely gotten bigger all around but the bulk of it is in the midsection and the tush LOL. Stretchy clothes (as long as they're long enough to cover the tummy) works wonders and my personal favorite is the maxi dress :)

    Jen HaHA - Thanks so much! Huh, I've never thought about JCP. Bottoms are definitely more challenging but I've found that elastic waist skirts / maxi dresses / or using the Bella Band with regular pants have worked out really well. That said, I do have maternity pants from my 1st pregnancy like jeans and khakis.

    Francesca - Aww, emphasizing the tummy with frills sounds so pretty - I'll have to try that! I'll bet you were a beautiful pregnant momma!

    Elaine - Thank you dear! It's like one giant closet remix challenge LOL!

    LePetiteLemon - Yes! I keep absolutely everything so I love that I can now wear those boxy / too-big tops now :)

  21. Mimi - LOL, I'm definitely older than many of my fellow bloggers! Thank you for the kind words!

    Aki - Aww, I'm so glad! If you wind up getting the Loreal eyeliner, make sure you use a different eyeliner brush - the brush that comes with it is really coarse and ouchy on my eyelids.

    Olyvia - I so love girly details like beading and ruffles :) I agree with you! I don't plan on having a whole bunch of kids so for 12 months (since the first 3 you more or less don't show), I don't feel like overhauling my wardrobe with a short shelf life LOL.

    Annie - Thank you doll! You are so very sweet to me all the time!

    New Petite - You said it! The larger than necessary clothes seemed to make me look even bigger than I already was. Definitely not something I wanted! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    Gigi - Maternity bottoms are more comfy than the Bella Band + regular pants especially as you head towards the end of the 2nd trimester. My problem with some mat. bottoms is that they're constantly sliding down and I have to pull them up at regular intervals. I love your style so keep up the great work - I'm finding your outfit posts to be inspirational :)

    Mommy Moxie - I went through the same thing! For my first pregnancy, I bought the ugliest things and it made me feel ugly/fat. This time I'll only wear it if I HAVE to LOL. Thanks for commenting! :)


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