Monday, April 18, 2011

Pregnant Fitting Room Reviews: LOFT

Pregnancy check-in!  I'm now 16 weeks pregnant, have gained 14 lbs, and added about 6 inches to my tummy :)  I had gestational diabetes with baby #1 so I had my glucose test today and I'm hoping that I pass.  If not, I'll start my low-carb diet - no more rice / noodles / potatoes :(

Anyhoo, with the 40% off entire purchase at LOFT, I of course had to go check it out!  My goal with any pregnancy shopping: find items that work now AND post-pregnancy.  The main keys are to find garments with:

  1. stretch (jersey or elasticized), 
  2. flow (volume can be let out now and cinched up with a belt or cardi / blazer later), 
  3. or ability to wear unbuttoned (blazers / jackets / cardigans).

First up, is the Island Flower Peplum Top.  I really loved the print when I saw it on PetiteXXS and was ecstatic when I found one (my closest LOFT had sold out) but the LOFT 15 minutes farther had it.

The elasticized waist allows it versatility for pregnancy and post-pregnancy.  I sized up for this one to make sure I could wear it longer.  Afterwards, I'll probably cinch it with cardis or blazers.
VERDICT:  I originally put this back on the rack because I honestly don't need this, but I really like the print so I went ahead and bought it.  What do you think?  Keep or return?

I really liked the stripes on this and also felt I could wear this now and afterwards.  The back zip was a cute little feature.  The only bad thing is that I have MANY striped sweaters.
VERDICT:  Undecided.  It's a decent price and a cute sweater but don't really need it.

Yay!  I was so happy that they still had this in my size!!  I LOVE the colors on this as well as the stretchiness to accommodate belly now and hopefully lack of belly later.
VERDICT:  YES!  I've been waiting for this to go on sale :)

I thought this had long since sold out but the farther LOFT store had it!  This is an older review pic hence the lack of bump.  I can't button it at the moment (seriously none of them!) but it's still cute unbuttoned :)  
I picked up an extra in XXSP in case any of you ladies are interested.  Just let me know - it will be cost of item + cost of shipping.
VERDICT:  Definite yes!

I also hit the BR Factory store after seeing Aubrey's post but I'll save those items for later.   Did anyone else hit the stores this past weekend?


  1. Great finds! I really love the dress on you. My husband and I spent this past Saturday shopping. We went to Kenwood first but I didn't find anything at LOFT. Then we hit the Cincinnati outlet. Colehaan and BR had amazing sale past weekend. We didn't get home until 10:30 :). I was exhausted but got some pretty sweet deals. Have a great week!

  2. ohhh i love the striped blazer with pockets.. i've been looking for something just like it.. but can never find the right one! yours is SO cute tho!

    and i love the idea you gave me for my faux chanel cardi tucked into a skirt w/ pearls!! i'm going to try that :)

  3. i love this post!! how interesting it must be shopping with a little belly bump now! i really like the sleeveless top as well as the asymmetrical neckline drape dress on you and can definitely see those being great pieces both during and post pregnancy. great finds at the farther LOFT!

    cute & little

  4. omgomgomgahhh... The dress went on sale! So happy! I remember seeing that on you and loving it! It's so gorgeous!

    When I first saw the jacket I thought HOLY COW, it's a miracle jacket!! It hid your baby bump so well! Then I read that it was an older pic. That jacket is sexy! Nice finds!! (lol I used a ton of exclamation points...I'm just so excited!! ;D)

  5. Oh, and I'm not crazy about the first two, tbh. They look good on you because you're gorgeous, so you make anything look darling, but they're not "wow" like the dress and jacket. xx

  6. Hope your test results are passing!!

    Oh! I love that bold striped dress! So much fun! Lots of great finds!

  7. i'm glad you finally got the Asymmetrical Neckline Drape Dress! it looks great on you. i loved it when you posted pics awhile ago.
    i also want a stripe jacket like that! everytime i try on something like that, my bf discourages me from getting it. i think he has something against stripes and gold buttons. lol

  8. Yay! I'm glad you found that blazer. I have the same problem, going to multiple stores to find something I'm looking for... except I never have any luck *shakes fist*

    No purchases for me this weekend besides the AT outlet dresses... which I still don't know if I'm going to keep and alter or not.

  9. The dress is so perfect! The colors, the length, the fit is great! I'm glad you're keeping it!

  10. I have to be honest - I do not like the print on that peplum top but then again, everyone has diff taste. I also tried that striped sweater this weekend but I did not like it on me. I ended up buying the v-neck cardigan with pockets and the yellow skirt with rope ties.

  11. I like everything you chose! If you're unsure of the striped sweater, maybe skip it? I'm just thinking about pregnancy over spring/summer. Would you run hot? Love the dress!

    I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies. My doc had me on the diet without ever doing the glucose test. Hopefully you've escaped it this time around.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  12. i think you could wear that one top in many different ways, so i think it'd be good to keep it. :)

    p.s. i hope you pass your glucose test!

    <3, Mimi

  13. SPG!! AubreyOhDang is looking for that striped LOFT blazer in XXSP!!!!! Please reserve it for her! I will tweet her right now!!!!

  14. Okay I just tweeted AubreyOhDang and let her know about that blazer..don't sell it to anyone...she was looking for it:)

    And had to come back and leave another comment since I spazzed out when I saw that you had an XXSP and had to tell Aubrey..LOL

    I have that blazer and love it!!! Thanks for the preggy fitting room cute of you!

  15. Sydney - Thank you! Glad you had such a great day of shopping in Cincy! We'll be doing the same thing in Columbus tomorrow :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Lisa - Thank you! I have a big thing for stripes and this is actually my 3rd striped blazer (I know that sounds crazy). The first is BR (, 2nd is BCBG, and 3rd is LOFT. I think the BR one is now at the BR outlet - hope you find one!

    Kileen - Aww, thank you! It is definitely interesting - sometimes I'm disappointed at what I can't wear but mostly I rather enjoy being able to be proud of my tummy :)

    Aubrey - I was so super excited about it and can't wait to wear it! LOL on the miracle jacket! That would certainly become a bestseller :) Thank you for your honest opinion (and sweet comment) on the 1st 2 items - definitely helps!

    Michelle - Thanks so much! We're still waiting for the phone call with the results but I'm hoping it goes ok :)

    Ping - Thank you! LOL about BF not liking stripes and buttons - I was just telling Lisa above that this is actually my 3rd striped blazer :D

    Cee - I did not expect to find this blazer at all but it just goes to show me that I just need to visit this specific store more often LOL. Did you wind up making a decision about the AT dresses?

    Hurricanekerrie - Thank you! I so love this dress!

    Jarucha - Thanks for your honest opinion! That yellow skirt sounds so cute!

    Jen HaHA - I will definitely be super hot this summer so likely will only be able to wear it on cooler spring days or post pregnancy in the fall. Lucky you on not having to do the glucose test! The 1 hour test is not so bad but the 3 hour one is a killer. They make you stay the entire time so they can make sure you're not cheating somehow :(

    MImi - Thanks so much! I hope I pass too - so far no call and I'm hoping that means it went OK?

    Annie - You are so funny! I'll hold onto it for Aubrey for a little bit unless I don't hear from her.


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