Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sale Outlet Finds

And the pregnant still go shopping.  I think pregnancy actually motivates me more because all of a sudden everything seems more like a "need" than a "want".  I'm trying to equip myself with a bevy of warm weather options since I had mostly collected cold weather garments for my first pregnancy.  Plus I keep justifying each purchase with the thought that I can still wear it post-pregnancy.

First, I visited the Ann Taylor Factory store to take advantage of the 40% off entire purchase and found some gorgeous shirts that are already floating around the community.

Ann Taylor Factory Petal Shell, Lavender, XS, $27
See it also on Elle and Jean.
This top is a tummy hider!  The flouncy petals minimize bulges and even though this is size XS, the material under the petals is pretty stretchy.

Ann Taylor Factory Petal Front Shell, S, $24
See it also on Annie, non-Factory versions on Kelly, Jean and pre-pregnancy me 
By contrast, this is a belly flaunter.  The stretchy jersey material will show off anything from a large lunch to a baby bump but isn't the petal detail soooo pretty?  I added a belt here because the wide expanse of grayish cream looked a little strange without being broken up.  Post pregnancy this will be tucked into skirts / pants.

Old Navy was also having a 40% off purchase so I went to check out their maxi dresses and wound up getting a pair of shorts too.
Old Navy White / Metallic Maxi Dress, XS (no longer available online), $24
The dress isn't very flattering at the waist since it has a straight up and down shape but this can be fixed with a belt.  It's a nice, soft material and is a great maternity dress.

Old Navy Cuffed Linen-Blend Shorts, Banana Crepe, Sz 4 (buy here), $14
How could I resist yellow shorts?!?  I briefly hesitated since these are regular and not maternity shorts but the I remembered the magic of the Bella Band.  And ta da - instantly maternity friendly!  If you're not familiar with the Bella Band, you can wear it with any bottom and just leave it unbuttoned/unzipped.  The band will keep it in place for you!

I forgot to take a picture with Charlotte :(  Next time!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend!  If anyone else has reviewed the above items, just let me know and I'll add your link :)


  1. i love the first top! it's so pretty and you're right it does hide your pregnant belly. you can definitely wear that post pregnancy so you're purchase is definitely justified! the maxi dress is really pretty on you too. you wear it really well.

  2. I'm still wrapping my head around certain clothes hiding the belly bump but yet others perhaps exaggerating the roundness? Goodness, were all these pictures taken around the same time? I swear you look farther along in the ON shorts. I like all these tops on you, but most especially the ON maxi dress. Such a cute print. Hope you had a great Easter, SPG!

  3. wow, can't believe you are wearing the petal shell in XS! it is indeed a belly hider, it's making me want to get pregnant right now just to wear it and be like "see, no belly?" haha My other favorite item is the yellow shorts! I've never heard of a Bella Band, but that sounds so useful! I wished i knew about that for my friends' baby shower. I will keep that product in mind for the next pregger friend or for myself :)

  4. wow, that first top really hides the belly bump!! and i love the added belt to the second outfit. it's so good to see that even the prego can be super fashionable. and that Bella Band looks so cool!

    cute & little

  5. Oh SPG...can you get any more adorable?

    I bought that AT factory top and then decided to return it this past weekend. Love the last outfit..your baby bump is so cute!

  6. Wow that first top just masks your belly! It's as if there's no baby bump there! Very pretty. I also love the last outfit-- simple and casual and that Bella band is magic!

  7. Ahhh you're sooo cute! I just send my friend the Bella Band info - thanks for that! She's pregnant with her first so I'm sure this will be sooo useful to her :)

  8. I love the petal front shell on you! What color is it? The lavendar one? So gorgeous. The last outfit with the stripes and yellow shorts (so glad you got them) is such a perfect pairing. I notice that you are wearing chunky heels that is so AWESOME. So stylish!

  9. Great outfits, I find most pregnancy clothes to be so expensive here...

  10. Ping - Thanks so much! I was really amazed at how well it hid my belly. I didn't try it on in store because I figured it wouldn't fit until post-pregnancy but I was very pleasantly surprised :)

    Cee - LOL - these pics were all taken within minutes of each other. This just goes to show you how much clothing can affect everything! Hope you had a wonderful Easter too!!

    Olyvia - You are hilarious! The petal shell is definitely a keeper - perfect for pigging out at buffets ;) The Bella Band is a miracle worker and I highly recommend it to anyone planning to get pregnant or are pregnant!

    Kileen - Thanks so much! Without the belt, I looked a bit too whale-esque for my comfort LOL. I'm glad it doesn't look strange! :)

    Annie - Aww, Annie, you really are such a sweetheart! What didn't you like about the AT top?

    HurricaneKerrie - Thank you! The weather keeps getting warmer and warmer - I was initially afraid I wouldn't be able to wear any shorts this summer until I remembered my Bella Band :)

    Elaine - Aww, thank you! Yes, definitely! I hope your friend winds up liking it - I really love mine!

    Banhannas - Thank you very much! The petal front shell is kind of a cream / gray color (sorry about the bluish pictures - the sun all of a sudden peeked out after I'd set my white balance). I love a good chunky heel! Makes it feel much safer than skinny stiletto types :)

    Fashion To Go - Most pregnancy clothes around here are relatively moderate - probably $30-$50 for pants and $20-$35 for tops. The clothes in this post are all non-maternity though :)

  11. omgosh the petal shell shirt is SOO GORGEOUS!! i love it.. it looks amazing on you.. to be honest it's hard to tell you're pregant in that shirt. haha. not that you would want to hide that you're pregnant.. haha i just mean that it's extremely flattering on you.. HAHAHAHA i feel like i'm digging myself into a grave and don't know to stop.

  12. I see your bump! It's the first time I've noticed it from the front view!

    Love that maxi dress from Old Navy. I see a trip there for myself sometime soon.

  13. Lisa - LOL - you didn't dig yourself a grave - I know what you were trying to say :) Thank you!!

    Aki - Hehe, it's definitely becoming more and more apparent! I love many different ON items - it's usually made of a soft fabric and is also super affordable :)


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