Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Color Brigade: Striped Blue Blazer, Fuchsia, and Charcoal

Time for Kileen's Color Brigade!  Today's blue - fuchsia - charcoal outfit is a an attempt of mixing items that I don't typically wear together.

Blazer:  Banana Republic, Blue & White Striped
Top: LOFT Deep Cowl Neck Shell, Fuchsia
Necklace:  Kohl's
Bracelet:  DIY Chan Luu Inspired (see tutorial here)
Pants:  Banana Republic Charcoal Gray Trouser Jeans
Shoes:  Ann Taylor Perfect Suede Pumps, Granite

I really love these BR trouser jeans.  I usually wind up looking rather short and squat in this type of style but I *think* these are a little more flattering because they are more fitted in the hips and thighs.  The best part?  They are super soft and were $10 at the clearance outlet!!

And belly progress :D


  1. Great find on the pants! I've never thought you looked short and squat in other pants before, so I'm no help. But I do think dark denim tend to be more flattering. Are they from BR's maternity line? (Does BR even have a maternity line?) I can see why purple is your favorite color, it looks great on you!

  2. i'm absolutely in love with this color combination!! i'm definitely going to have to try this out sometime. and i love seeing your belly progress. how exciting! :)

    cute & little

  3. I love your drapey top! Very feminine.

  4. EEK!!! i can't get over how cute your baby bump is! muhahaha.. so freakin' cute! love your drapey purple top!

  5. Dang!! $10 for those pants?! Nice!!

    Great job on the outfit!

  6. Those jeans were a nice find... and only $10?? It's ironic but comparatively I think I've actually paid more for my BR outlet items than I do for regular BR due to the distance to the outlets, which leads impulse buying and less returns.

  7. Love, love, love the bump!!!! And $10 that's SUCH a great deal and thoes pants look amazing on you. You are such a stylish momma!

  8. I am back SPG!!! I love the bump too! You are sooo adorable!!!! And great outfit and colors:)

    And YAAAAAAAAAAY I won your giveaway!!! I am so freaking excited!!!!! I hope you got my email!!! :D

  9. It looks very nice on you. It's very cool that you're not letting changes in your body affect anything.

  10. Great blog, lovely pictures :)

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  11. Cee - Aww, thanks hon! The pants are actually regular BR with the help of a Bella band. I am still in a transitional phase where I can still wear some non-maternity pants :)

    Kileen - Thank you so much! I think I creep out some with belly stuff so thanks for being interested :)

    Laura - Thank you! I liked this top so much that I got it both in Fuchsia and Navy Blue :)

    Lisa - Thank you!!! These pics will eventually be shown to Baby #2 for him/her to see the progress :)

    Michelle - Thanks!! I do love a good deal :)

    Liane - Thanks! I'm lucky to have a Gap clearance outlet semi-nearby which carries Gap, BR, ON, Piperlime, and Athleta items for some really great deals! The only bad thing is the amount of time you have to invest to dig through all the merchandise and making sure there aren't any damages/defects.

    Elaine - Thanks so much!!!! I soooo love clothes - it's like a sickness and I'm determined to wear what I can until I succumb to muumuus :)

    Annie - So glad you're back! And so sweet of you to back-comment on my posts - thank you! I hope you like your necklace!!

    Aki - Thank you!! I definitely want to wear as many normal clothes as I can while I can :D

    uhooi - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm going to check out your blog right after this :)

  12. Nice outfit!



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