Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Color Brigade: Paisley, Olive, & Brown

This week's entry for Kileen of Cute and Little's Color Brigade features Paisley, Olive Green, and Brown.  I was feeling earthy today and since we are still experiencing some unseasonably warm temperatures, I decided to go with my new maxi dress from H&M.  You can't really tell in these photos but the paisley print is made up of peaches, creams, and tans - it's quite pretty and the dress was only $19.95!  They also have a blue paisley version in stores.  The fit is pretty decent and something about the top really amplifies the bust - which can be good or bad LOL.

Jacket: LOFT Twill Cropped Military Jacket, Olive Green
Dress: H&M Paisley Maxi Dress, Peach/Cream/Tan
Necklace: DIY Mixed Media Pearl Necklace, (buy similar here)
Belt: Old Navy, Brown
Sandals: Frye Joy Vintage Slide (buy here)

Sorry about the slightly washed out photos.  I was trying a new camera lens and I think I set the exposure too high.  I'm still such a photography newbie!  Anyone have any DSLR tips / settings for good indoor photography?


  1. I remember seeing this maxi dress - it looks lovely on you! I'm sorry I can't offer up any photographer tips. I use a point and shoot - honestly whatever will get my pictures done quickly LOL!

  2. Pretty dress!! And yes I have some tips for you that I learned and still am learning! Don't shoot with a window/light behind you. And try not to use a flash...that alone will make a huge difference!

  3. i love the dress! its so pretty. i like how you styled it with the belt and that cute necklace.

  4. I like this muted paisley print. doesnt' overwhelm.

  5. Ahh!! What a gorgeous dress! But even better styling. LOVE :) I really want a long skirt, but I think a long dress could work too. Must check it out at H&M soon.

  6. I really like the belt with your dress. I love maxi dresses, even though I think they always make me look shorter since I usually wear flip flops with them.

  7. Like Aubrey, I'm a fan on the muted paisley print, and it looks like it's a good length on you too. Nice find!

  8. Hi SPG! The paisley maxi dress looks beautiful on you! It gives off a lovely boho chic vibe to your look. :)

  9. Very pretty maxi dress! I did not see this at my H&M last weekend when I was there because I would definitely remember. I love how it looks on you!

  10. Elaine - Thank you! Hubby is unfortunately a horrible photographer - otherwise a point and shoot would work out nicely! I like the DSLR for the remote capability to take my own photos but that doesn't always work out the way I want :)

    Annie - Thanks for the tips! Flashes are evil but I do want to try a diffuser to see if that will help any.

    Ping - Thanks so much! It was such a great deal @ H&M and super comfy!

    Aubrey - Me too - I really like the blue in theory but this tan/peach combo really drew me in.

    Cee - Aww, thanks so much! You should definitely go check it out - cute AND at a good price point = must buy for me :)

    Ski Petite - I'm a huge maxi dress fan! They are comfy and make dressing a much quicker process. I know they can be a bit of a challenge for petites but I usually wear some kind of platform sandal with them to help a little bit.

    Liane - Thanks! Usually I have to hem some maxi dresses but this one really does fall well at a good length. I hate tripping over too long dress hems.

    Hi Jen! Thank you for the super kind words! :)

    Elle - Thank you! If you want me to mail you one, just say the word (and let me know what size) :)


I'm the type of gal who gets giddy when I receive mail - it's no different with comments! I really appreciate the feedback and love hearing from you :)


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