Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yellow, Blue, Magenta & White OOTD

Yay for another edition of Kileen of Cute & Little's Color Brigade!  This week's entry is partially Emma Pillsbury inspired (cardigan + bow-neck blouse + brooch) mixed in with my favorite - STRIPES lol.  I'm still on a bit of a spring kick as you can tell by my chosen colors of yellow, blue, magenta, and white.  There's something about yellow that just brightens my mood and to think that I didn't start wearing it until last year!

Top:  LOFT Bow-Neck Blouse, XS
Cardigan: Old Navy, Yellow, XS
Skirt: Gap, Navy & White Striped, Sz 1
Shoes:  Gucci Magenta Wedges

I really need to work on getting better close-ups of my accessories, but here's a photo of the brooch I'm wearing purchased from eBay seller auaddmore (photo from listing):

Isn't it cute?  I love bird-themed things!


  1. The brooch is too cute!

    Great outfit- very feminine. :)

  2. i'm loving this outfit combination! i never thought to pair a yellow cardigan with a white top, but it really works, especially when there's a darker bottom item included. i'm in love with your shoes too!! what a beautiful magenta and they look so comfy too.

    cute and little

  3. The whole outfit is so sweet, so spring.

  4. Very cute! I don't know why but my first thought was "hit me baby one more time"...hehe...you're channeling Britney with the sweet Spring outfit and the braid! I can't wait for Winter to be over!


  5. LOL @ Petite Mom's comment. I can see Britney too, but a more grown up version. (That's a compliment!) This outfit would be perfect for Easter.

  6. Pretty!!! And that brooch is lovely!

    I like blue and yellow together:)

  7. I could almost recreate this outfit, I have so many similar pieces (including a hummingbird brooch). SO, of course that goes without saying that I love it.

  8. Great spring-ish outfit! It looks quite youthful bit I think you pull it off wonderfully! =)

  9. This look is so youthful! I like the soft, pastel yellow cardigan : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  10. Hi Jen! Thank you! I've been inspired by fellow bloggers like Kerry and Annie to eBay hunt for brooches - I love that this one is cute and inexpensive so I can buy even more LOL :)

    Kileen - Thanks Kileen!! The wedges are surprisingly comfortable - no pinching, no heel slip, and decent support - I highly recommend them!

    Victoria - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting :)

    Petite Mom - LOL! I didn't think of it when I snapped the photos but now I can see the Brit correlation - that is so funny!

    Cee - Definitely very Easter - I should have added I was also channeling a little bit of son's stuffed Easter Bunny from last year :D

    Kerry - Haha - we are definitely on the same wavelength! So funny that you also have a hummingbird brooch!

    Stylepint / Jessy - Thank you! I had no idea how youthful this would appear until I started reading some comments LOL - probably doesn't help the "are you an intern?" question I get at work :)

  11. yes, very cute! have a nice day

  12. I love your tie front blouse! And the shoes are so pretty.


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