Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Striped Cardigan: Ann Taylor vs. F21

Quickie post here (so sad that I don't have a Color Brigade post today but it's been nuts over here lately).

Oh stripes, you tug at my heartstrings every time I see you.  Have you noticed that the vast majority of spring collections (at least in the mall) have many varieties of striped garments?  My favorites have a combination of blue / white or cream.  I noticed that both Ann Taylor and F21 had a version of a navy/white striped open cardigan but with a pretty considerable price difference.  AT's was $78 and F21 was $14:

Left:  Ann Taylor Striped Open Cardigan       Right:  Forever 21 (can't find on site)

To me, they look almost identical except that the AT collar is not striped.  As for material, the F21 version isn't bad - the knit is a bit thin.  I didn't take a close look/feel at the AT cardi so can't attest for quality.  For the price and look, I'm going with F21 because I don't really anticipate wearing this for years and years.  So here's one more cardigan to add to the collection (current count is a whopping 82, up from 55 in September - hence the "no more lukewarm purchases" resolution LOL).

Which cardigan would you choose?


  1. wow, i love the striped cardigan!! i'll have to see if i can find it at my F21! and you have quite a cardi collection. you should even layer up on your cardigans to get more wear out of them. :)

    and you can still submit your Color Brigade entry later in the week!

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  2. I kind of like the Ann Taylor more. I like the how the collar hangs and how it isn't stripe.

    But the F21 looks nice too. For the price, I'll go with F21.

  3. I am with you...I love blue/white/cream stripe combos!!

    $14 is super cheap! Thanks for the heads up!

    It looks great with the gold/mustard shirt!

  4. Great find! I actually like your F21 one a lot. I like the lack of structure. Ann Taylor is very expensive for casual wear ... I try to stick to it just for necessary suiting and work pieces. The F21 one is an excellent and affordable dupe.

  5. They look so similar why not go for the budget friendly F21 since it's not a wardrobe staple?

  6. This is awesome! I love the nautical theme. I think both of these brands duped it off another "higher" quality brand. LOL I like them both, but since they look the same, why not get the F21? ;D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. Hi SPG! I would probably choose the AT over the F21. Every time I shop at F21, I always check the tags before buying. If it's made of polyester, nylon or rayon, then it's a pass for me. I'm not a fan of these fabrics as they are static-y, and tend to fuzz after a few washes.

    The sweater looks great on you. F21 is on point for design, but I wish they'd use better materials too.

  8. I tried the AT one in the store and it's strangely boxy. Also, the non-petite version has a better length to it and the petite one seemed a bit too short in the front. So, I would probably go for the F21 one because it'd be slimmer than the AT one. =)

  9. 82 cardigans?? oh my. i can't tell if i'm jealous, amused, or simply in awe... <3 i think i have maybe 5?

  10. Oh my goodness... 82 cardigans?! Crazy girl!!! Your closet must be overflowing. Would love to see how you store them all! Anyway, this is a pretty great cardigan... stripes are always such a nice touch to contrast with bright colours or other patterns!

    Have a lovely day!

  11. Great price point!! 82??? Wow!!! But this one is a really great choice. I'm loving stripes too but I'm not sure I would "invest" in too many pieces.

  12. LOL! 82 cardigans!! And not a single blue striped nautical one yet? Just kidding. I'd go for the F21 one. It gives you the exact same look of the AT cardigan for such a great price! Plus, the floppy collar and pointed hem aren't classic silhouettes so I don't see this shape sticking around forever.


  13. Well, you know me and my thrifty ways. I would never pay $78 for a cardigan, so of course I would opt for the Forever21 version.

    I am pretty excited about the striped trend because once again my ability to predict trends worked. I bought a cashmere navy and white striped sweater from A&F off of eBay back in July for $30 (MSRP $60). I bought it because it looked almost identical to the Milly striped sweater that Emma Pillsbury wore on Glee. I've worn it a few times since purchasing but haven't blogged about it yet. When I saw the spring collections I was so excited because I already had my striped sweater. YAY.

    Then I was in Savers this weekend (supposed to be on a shopping ban myself, but I actually went with the fiance looking for other things) and I found a cream colored BR sweater with black stripes. I have no idea how old it is but it has buttoned shoulder/turtleneck similar to my other BR cream turtleneck. I grabbed it and am going to make it part of "my spring collection."

  14. I prefer the F21 version too! And I can't believe you have 82 cardigans! My dresses problem and your cardigan dilemma are equally serious. :)

  15. what a great find! it's identical. i prefer the f21 version because its cheaper and you can't tell the difference. i love stripes too. this looks great on you!

  16. Personally I love the Ann Taylor cardi, i like it just a bit more than the F21... But for the price I would go with Forever 21!

  17. Oh no, are you caught in that nasty blizzard? If so, I hope you and your family stay warm!!

    I remember seeing this cardi at AT. It felt really nice to the touch but I wasn't a fan of the price. F21's is a great dupe and looks good on you. If you like it, I say keep it!

    I can't believe you have 82 cardis!!! I think I have around 6 and shake my head every time I'm about to buy another one. Must use you as inspiration :)

  18. WOW! How did you manage to find such identical items? That is amazing!!! I like the side by side view- so helpful:)

  19. Kileen - I hope you can find the cardi at your local F21 bc I think you'd look great in it!

    A. Li - Thanks for weighing in! I should have tried on the AT one and investigated it further for a better comparison.

    Michelle - Yay for stripes! :) Thank you - I really like the contrasting colors too.

    Jean - Thanks! That's where I'm leaning too - I don't anticipate this becoming a classic staple so I think F21 is a good option.

    Amyadkins - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I agree!

    Jessy - Thanks! I think the F21 is a keeper :)

    Jen - Hi Jen! :) I agree with you - I don't think F21 is really meant for buying garments to wear for a long period of time. You get what you pay for and that's generally about a season's worth which I think is fine for this type of thing since I'm not planning for this to be worn over several seasons.

    Stylepint - Thanks for the AT review! I wish I had tried it on when I saw it but I knew I wasn't going to purchase at full price so didn't want to tempt myself.

    Kat - LOL! I'm a bit of a hoarder especially when it comes to clothes :)

  20. herwaisechoice - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! My closet is a bit jam-packed - I have such a hard time getting rid of anything. I always feel like even things that don't fit can be refashioned into something else.

    Curls-and-Pearls - It's too late for me on the stripes - I've been collecting them for years now :)

    Petite Mom - Strange that you should mention it, but I do have a cream cardigan with blue stripes which is a bit similar :) I agree with you that this isn't a classic shape that will stay for seasons to come.

    Kerry - Have you had much luck with F21? I seem to recall you had a review where nothing was quite right. Excited to see your new striped items in future posts!

    Elle - LOL - to each her own right? I don't know why I amass cardigans. I think it's because they are very layer-friendly for fall, winter, and spring.

    Ping - Thanks so much! I'm going to stick with the F21 :)

    Michelle - Price definitely is a factor especially when factored in with how much I'm planning on wearing this :)

    Cee - No blizzard here but we did get a nasty ice storm a couple days ago. I don't know if "inspiration" is the right word LOL - I'm pretty sure 82 is excessive :D I love what you have because you get so much use out of everything and it always looks fresh!

    Annie - Thanks! I just have a thing for stripes and tend to notice them wherever I go :)

  21. Lol... you are still the cardigan queen I see! I myself acquired an unhealthy number of cardigans just in the last few months, so do need to cut back a bit. If I were to pick one, I'd go with the F21 like you said because I save my big bucks for more classic and versatile pieces that will hopefully last me a long time.


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