Sunday, February 27, 2011

J. Crew Fitting Room Reviews

I received the J. Crew catalog over the weekend and was intrigued with the plaid shirt + skirt combo they featured:

I thought about it and thought about it and eventually gave in.  I went to the mall to try on the combo in hopes I wouldn't be too tempted to break resolution.

Skirt:  J. Crew Canvas Military Skirt, Sz 0, $39.99
The shirt and skirt fit very well and as with most J. Crew items, the 0 is a tad bigger than what I consider a true 0.  The skirt more so because the elastic allows it more give than a normal waistband.  
Verdict:  No to the shirt - it just isn't my style and I don't know that I'd want to pay full retail for it.  Yes to the skirt - I've been looking for an olive skirt since I tried on the one from LOFT and I think this one is cuter / more classic.

Same shirt as above.
Skirt:  J. Crew Cotton Bell Skirt, Sz 0, $49.99
I actually really liked this skirt but since I already have several khaki skirts (and olive wasn't available), I put it back.  Several other petites purchased the Wool version a  few months ago.  Check out To Brighten My Day, Fast Food and Fast FashionReally Petite, PetiteXXS, and Alterations Needed for their reviews of the Wool Bell Skirt.
Verdict: No, but would be open to other colors

Top:  J. Crew Tulip Ruffle Cami, Pearl, Sz 0, $79.50
Skirt: J. Crew Tulip Skirt, Navy Blue, Sz 2 (can't find online)
 I was intrigued by the concept of this top and the ruffled tiers but it just didn't look very good on me.  On the other hand, I LOVED the tulip skirt.  The volume made me feel so feminine but the hemline is a little too short for me.
Verdict: No to the top / skirt, but keep an eye out for other tulip skirts

Top / Skirt same as above.
Cardigan:  J. Crew Stripe Pocket Cardigan, XXS, $39.99
I was thisclose to getting this but I have so many cardigans already - 2 of which are navy/white striped.  I just couldn't justify a 3rd.
Verdict: Sadly no

So it wasn't too bad.  I bought the olive skirt and also a studded brown leather belt that was on sale.

Did you do any shopping this weekend?


  1. Thank you for this review!

    The olive skirt looks really cute on you. Did you try on the 0 vs 00? If so, would you say the 00 is more of a true 0?

    I've been eyeing the cotton bell skirt even though I've already got the wool version. I actually quite like the neutral khaki version that you tried on. Must put it on my list :)

  2. Thanks for the review. I got the catalog too and I love everything in there. Although the items are still very expensive but the catalog gave me some great inspirations.

  3. The skirt in the stock pic is so cute. Is it the green one in the first pic you took? If it is, it doesn't look like the same one for some reason.

  4. I love fitting room reviews! My favorite out of the bunch may be the tulip top even though you didn't find it that flattering. I thought it looked so cute!

    I think I may try to score the cotton bell skirt on sale too, I like the color you tried on!

    Happy Monday! :)

  5. i love the olive skirt on you and it was definitely a great buy! i received my catalog in the mail too but have yet to look through it. i might have to go try that striped cardigan on in store. i love how it looks on you!

    cute and little

  6. Cee - I honestly didn't even think to look for a 00 but next time I'll try both - sorry! I really like the shape and fit of the bell skirts - the elasticized waist adjusts to a full tummy or an empty one :)

    Sydney - I agree! The catalogs are great sources of inspiration :)

    Jarucha - The skirt in the stock photo is different. It is cute - I really like the tie at the waist. I don't think I actually saw that one in the store - just the bell skirt and the sale skirts (olive and tulip).

    Elle - I'm also a big fan of fitting room reviews :) Although they have a tendency to make me want to go shopping! I think if I had a better defined waist (instead of being rather straight up and down), it would look much better. Happy Monday to you too!

    Kileen - Thank you! I'm still thinking about that cardigan LOL. The weird thing is that it was marked down in the store but not online.

  7. Thank you for doing this! I know how hard work it is..LOL

    My fav items are the olive skirt and the striped cardi! Fits you so nicely!!!

  8. Yes! Yes! The olive skirt is my first choice for you also. Looking comfortable and confidence in it. What is the material used on the navy stripe cardigan? $39.99 is a very affordable in JCrew price point standard.
    What is your take on JCrew's Spring roll out? A bit too Bohemian Hipster for my liking.
    Have you check out Talbots lately? Their Spring jackets are to die for.

  9. I like the olive skirt also. It fits you really well.

  10. Lol... good job on walking away from the last cardigan.. I'm so proud of you! :) I just recently picked up a navy striped cardigan from LOFT that's very similar to that except more cropped, which I initially didn't think I'd like but now am strangely drawn to!

  11. Annie - Thanks and LOL! It does take a bit of time to find the links for all the items but I love seeing others do reviews so I figure I can represent "larger" petites out there and give them an idea of fit :)

    Anonymous - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! The navy stripe cardigan was a stretchy jersey of some sort - it was super soft! I'm a pretty recent J. Crew fan so I'm not sure how previous seasons have looked but I do like the tweaked classics they have like the bell skirt and ruffled / tiered blouses. I'll have to check out Talbots - thanks for the tip!

    A. Li - Thank you! This was my favorite too :)

    Liane - It took so much willpower LOL :) I want to see your cardi! Do we have a future post to look forward to?


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