Thursday, February 10, 2011

Decision Time: Mama's Got Some Brand New Bags

I have to say that I unintentionally purchased 2 purple bags over the course of a few weeks.  Both were fueled by great sales and my inner deal hunter.  I've been trying to figure out if this violates my resolutions since they were really geared towards clothing purchases.  I think I can self-rationalize it in a way where it doesn't :P

I went to Saks to return my Burberry Snood (reviewed here) and a super smooth SA showed me some Burberry sale items.  One item was the below purple check bag that I had been searching for!  I had ordered it from Nordstrom during the After-Xmas sale in a military green color only to have the order cancelled a few hours later.  So when I found it at Saks for the same price but in PURPLE (one of my favorite colors), how could I say no?

Similarly, I had ventured to Nordstrom Rack to check out their Cole Haan shoe selection and found that they had Longchamp bags for half price!  They had red (only in the super small size), lime green, lavender, and fuchsia so I chose the lavender.

Side by side comparisons of Burberry (left) and Longchamp (right)

What they look like worn

Pros and cons of each:

Burberry Pros Cons
I heart the purple plaid design/color I don't really NEED this bag
Big enough to be a work bag I think I'd prefer an east-west bag than a north-south
Durable, weather-friendly nylon Expensive for nylon (but a good price for Burberry)
Dark color will hide dirt
This helps fulfill my Burberry obsession
Longchamp Pros Cons
Perfect for travel/work Once again, I don't really NEED this bag
Large east-west style for easy access to items inside I'm afraid the light color might show dirt easily
Durable, weather-friendly nylon I'd prefer a Navy Blue or Red color
Much cheaper than the Burberry bag

What to do?  Keep one, keep both?


  1. I vove for the Burberry one. I think for larger bags, the darker color will look better. That's just my opinion. Although, they both look lovely. There is a Nordstrom Rack in Ohio? I didn't know that.

  2. I love the Burberry bag! If you can swing the price of that one I would say keep it over the Longchamp. I agree with PetiteLittleGirl that the color will hide more on the Burberry, and that is always practical for a mom! But I know I'm biased because I'm not a Longchamp fan.

  3. Oh my, this is a tough one. None of the cons is making this an easy decision. From your pictures, I prefer the Longchamp because east/west looks better than north/south. Plus this is a classic that you can wear anytime in any weather. Burberry comes out with so many styles, that I'm sure you'll fall in love with one in the future :)

  4. I think if you don't LOVE either...then just return both of them...good deals will come around sooner or later...but then again, I'm learning to be picky with what I buy.

  5. The Burberry one would be my choice. :)

    However, I do agree with Jarucha...if you are "meh" about both, return both.

  6. This is a hard choice! i love all purples! The burberry one would be perfect for fall/winter and the longchamp would be perfect for spring/summer. I'm leaning more towards the burberry since I'm also afraid of light-colored bags getting dirty easily. Based on the picture, I think the burberry would look a bit better if the straps were a bit longer. So if you really really "don't need them" I would return both. although I enjoy looking at them on your blog, haha

  7. Well I should let you know that PERSONALLY, I probably wouldn't go for the purple bag (but I do like purple!). I just don't see it going into *MY* everyday wardrobe! I know it'll go perfectly well with the colours you wear! :P

    You said that purple is one of your favourite colours though so you should keep that, BUT after reading your pros/cons, it seems like the Longchamp is better to keep. It's cheap and I can see it worn all four seasons. Really! The Burberry is something I imagine wearing in the winter. I mean, the cons for the Longchamp aren't really major cons - the material of the bag won't get dirty that easy and it's really sturdy. It's also really easy to clean the bag (since I have one myself). The colour isn't that bad either. I see the navy version everywhere and it's nice to be different : ) btw what's the east/west thing? o_O

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  8. I think you should keep whichever one (or both?) you like, I don't love purple as much as you do so it's harder for me to see the appeal. But what works for one person doesn't always work for another person. :) Good luck on choosing, I know you'll get a lot of use out of whichever you choose.

  9. KEEP the Burberry. It's a beautiful violet color with an unique shape. You can always buy a LongChamp and the pliages series are so overly exposed.

  10. i personally like the burberry better!! i like the more structured look and i'm more of purple gal than pink. i'm not sure if i love the shape (short and wide) of that particular longchamp.

  11. longchamp. burb has the shape of my grocery re-usable shopping bag but w/burb print.

  12. Hum....I may be biased because I love the color of the longchamp one!! I vote for that one!!! The burb has an awkward shape IMO :)

  13. I say neither because I think there are better bags out there. If I had to choose one, I'd go for the Longchamp one because it seems more functional and the price makes it more reasonable.

    If I bought a Burberry tote, I don't think I'd be using it as a work/travel bag.

  14. I like the Longchamp! I have one in deeper purple and it is a great throw around bag.

  15. Sydney - I definitely prefer the color and print of the Burberry. The Nordstrom Rack is off of highway 71, exit 6. They don't always have many great designer items but I have seen Longchamp bags, a few Burberry things, Tory Burch shoes, Cole Haan shoes, and a Theory blazer on occasion. It gets rather crowded on the weekends though.

    Laura - The color does lend itself to hiding stains which, as you said, is definitely mom-friendly :)

    Cee - I do like the shape and classic-ness of the Longchamp but I guess I just am not a fan of the lighter color. If it were darker, I think I could make a definitive decision.

    Jarucha - That's good advice! I think they both have their good points and bad points - ultimately though, I haven't been able to really pinpoint one to love so I'll give it some more thought and if one isn't "love" material, I'll return both.

    Michelle - Thanks for weighing in! I'm still perplexed - who knew this would be such a head-scratcher? LOL!

    Olyvia - I think it's a hard choice too! You bring up some really good points. I think ultimately if I could merge the two - dark purple in a Longchamp shape - I would be a happy camper :)

    Jessy - The Longchamp was definitely a good price! And I know it's been long-recommended as a great all-weather tote because of its durability. I only wish it were a darker color although you do give me hope on the easy cleaning! East-west just refers to the shape of the bag where it is wider than it is long. North-south is the opposite where it is longer than it is wide. Hope that makes sense!

  16. Elle - Thanks Elle! Still up in the air, I'll figure it out at some point :)

    Anonymous - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I agree - the violet color is gorgeous and my favorite part of the bag.

    Ping - Thanks for the input!

    Aubrey - LOL on the reusable shopping bag - I never would have thought of that!

    Annie - I think the Burb has a bit of awkward shape too. It would look better if it had a shorter length.

    Stylepint - I agree about functionality on the Longchamp but it's primarily the light color I worry about. I have a Burb hobo (heavy canvas) I use for work and because Burb is relatively unknown here, I can get away with it without trying to look flashy.

    Jen - Oh I would love a deep purple Longchamp! Envious - maybe I should hold out for one of those :)

    Thanks everyone for the feedback on the bags! I'm still a bit undecided. I don't think I'll keep the Longchamp purely because I feel iffy on the light color. The Burberry is up in the air for now. Ultimately, I think I'll look for a Longchamp in a deeper color even if it's not on super sale bc I do really like the functionality and classic style of it.

  17. Thanks for clarifying! : ) (btw, don't know if you know, but your word verification is on!!)

  18. Jessy - Thanks! I had no idea it was on!

  19. Hi friends,

    I like the Burberry bag. Its colour is so attractive and looking so gorgeous. It is unique style. Really,Good idea! Keep it up always....

  20. Honestly, if you don't absolutely love either, hold out for one that is all pros and no cons! :) I like elements of both, but unless they were dirt cheap I'd probably wait for the perfect Burb or Longchamp bag to go on sale! I think I'm biased though because I tend to think and think again about bag purchases since they're usually more expensive (but don't get me started on shoes!)

  21. This comment is long past due but I just stumbled across this post. I hope you kept the Burberry. LOVE the Burberry.


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