Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Color Brigade - Turquoise, Peach, and Gray

If you haven't checked out Kileen's Color Brigade, you definitely need to!  She is the queen of finding great color combos and putting together fab ensembles - let her be your inspiration!

I'm veering away a tiny bit from my comfort zone of color combos in hopes that I broaden future ensemble options.  Soooo...here's the first of some possible color misses :)

Cardigan:  LOFT Ruffle Front Cardigan, Turquoise
Top:  J. Crew Pleated Flutter Shell, Peach
Necklace: DIY Pearls & Chain Necklace
Pants:  Ann Taylor Cropped Pants, Gray
Shoes:  Ann Taylor Perfect Suede Pumps, Granite

Sooo...looking at these pictures makes me feel like something is off.  I know the pant length isn't great for petites but I really like this shade of gray and it's been near 70 degrees lately (woohoo!).  What would you fix?

Still working on the giveaway!  I'm planning on making it a multi-winner giveaway so please stay tuned!


  1. I think this is a great look for you. The pant length works for your since it seems like you have slim legs, maybe slim the pants? It's kind of hard to tell but they look like they're not slim enough to be skinnies but not loose enough to be gaucho pants.

    It's great that you're exploring new colors combinations and I know I need to do that more often too since I'm really do love my neutrals. LOL. =)

  2. i really love the color combination on you!! as for the pants, i actually really like cropped pants too but also think they can be a challenge to wear. i think maybe if you belted the cardigan maybe the hourglass shape would help the silhouette of the outfit more?

    cute and little
    come check out the color brigade!

  3. super cute ruffle cardi and those shoes are sexy! i agree the outfit is a little off. i think maybe the pants need to be more fitted or the tops need to be more fitted (or even tucked in). colors are great, i need more of it!! i am working on it.

  4. i love love your ruffle cardigan!! i think your cropped pants may be a bit loose in the hips and thigh area.. be happy it means your incredibly petite!!

    i'm a new follower and would love for you to follow me back!

  5. Love the ruffle cardigan and love the way you styled your cropped pants!


  6. I like the cropped pants I think the length is good. Maybe the top of the pants are just a bit big on you? I like some of the other suggestions about tucking in the top and belting the cardi. Great colour combo!

  7. I'm a believer that cropped pants must be worn with heels. ...and that's why I don't own any, lol. It looks great on you and I think the colors work nicely together. Perhaps try tucking the shirt in and add a belt around the waist?

  8. I think the cropped pants look fantastic on you! You paired them well with the heels. The pants might need to be slimmed as stylepint suggested, but it's not noticeable unless you stare a really long time.

    I feel like something is a bit off, too. Maybe the colors of the cardigan and your top clash together somehow. I love both of those colors, though! It could also be that you have a lot of color going on top but it's all grey on the bottom. Then again, I need to bust out of my own color comfort zones. =)

  9. We actually picked the same colors (just wore them in reverse) for this week's Color Brigade, so I obviously think the colors worked :) I agree with everyone's comments about the pants being cute, but maybe slimming them would make the outfit perfect.

    Ski Petite

  10. those length pants actually looks good on you, and they show off those pretty Ann Taylor pumps well! I actually can't think of any other way to make this outfit better. It looks nice to me! I'm a working process with color combo's too, so I also just joined Kileen's Color brigade! But it's making me want to buy more colors, haha, not good for the dear wallet

  11. I second that. The pants lenght on you is actually pretty nice.

  12. Pretty colors!!!! And loving the ruffles! I actually think the pant length works on you!!

  13. Great color choices! I would not change the combo...looks great!

    Although, nothing is wrong with the current look...if you want to elongate your legs even more, tucking in the shirt and adding a belt to match the shoes might do the trick.

  14. Stylepint - You know I never thought of that! I knew there was something off about the pants but I always assumed it was related to the length rather than the width. Thanks for the feedback!! I love my neutrals too - I have soooo much gray, cream, black, and navy.

    Kileen - Thanks for the suggestion! Next time I'll try belting :)

    Ping - Thanks Ping! I think the pants do need to be slimmed but if I don't, I'll def. try tucking in!

    Lisa - Thanks! I checked out your blog - love it!

    H Rija, Aubrey, A. Li, Annie - Thanks so much!

    Curls-and-Pearls - I'm so thankful that you guys pointed out what was wrong with the pants - I kept thinking it was length instead of width! Thanks for the input!

    Cee - Do you avoid heels for comfort reasons or bc you're luckily blessed with long legs? :) I'll def. try the tucking in and belting next time!

    Cat - Thanks so much for stopping by and giving your feedback - this is all so very helpful! :)

    Ski Petite - Yay for someone else doing this color combo! This means I'm not nutty for pairing them together :)

    Olyvia - I really really heart the AT pumps - they go with everything! Yay for joining the Color Brigade! Looking forward to what you put together!

    Michelle - Thanks for the feedback! Can't tell you what I'd do without the blogosphere :)


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