Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Bargain Hunting Fitting Room Reviews

I'll admit I was a little hesitant about going shopping this weekend after making a resolution to be more mindful of my purchases.  I wasn't sure I could control my spending in the face of temptation.  BUT, I stayed true (after all, we're only halfway through January) - no lukewarm purchases and all items on major sale.

I made my rounds both at the outlet mall and the regular mall.  As always, first up is my shopping outfit:

Jacket: LOFT Twill Officer Coat, 0
Scarf: Burberry Mega Check, Ivory
Pants: Old Navy Skinny Ankle Zip, 2
Boots: Born Flat Boots
Bag: LV Piano Tote

Sweater: LOFT Shawl Collar Sweater, Navy, XS
Top: J. Crew Merino Chiffon Placket Cardigan, Gold, XS

My first stop was the outlet mall and the BR outlet. 

BR Outlet, Tweed Dress, 2P, $70
Had I not seen Jean of Extra Petite and Really Petite totally rock this, I would have thought this looked good on me LOL.  It's such a pretty dress but it seems to make me look a little broad up top.
Verdict: No for now - just doesn't look that great on me

BR Outlet, Jeweled Bolero, XS, $10
 This is cute and fits well.  Now I just have to figure out what to wear it with.
Verdict: Buy

Polo RL Factory Store, Navy Blue Cardigan, Girls Large, $14
I went to the Polo store looking for clothes for the little one (I got 5 sweaters and polos for him - $8 each!) and wound up finding a cardigan for me.  This fits really well - sleeves end right after my wrist - torso is slim rather than boxy.  I might change the buttons but that's not a big deal.
Verdict: Buy

I also visited the regular mall and went to BR and Talbots.
I've been rather disappointed in BR clothing-wise for the last couple of seasons.  It used to be my favorite store but it seems that items are either ill-fitting or blah-looking.  I did, however, find some great jewelry for about $3 each (I had a $10 reward card).  I love all the gems in these pieces (can't make those myself!)
Verdict: Buy

I also went to Talbots after being lured in by their extra 50% off sale signs.  Seeing that Elle had ordered some items (but before I saw her actual review here), I figured it couldn't hurt to take a look.  I didn't really wind up finding any clothes my style so didn't try anything on.  They did have some cute accessories so I picked up some navy blue tights for $7 and a gray croc belt.

Talbot's Croc-Embossed Belt, (mine's in gray), Sm, $12
I had to add 3 extra holes but I love that this is a medium width AND it's gray.  It seems so hard to find a good gray belt.  The only gray I had before is a F21 skinny from this summer that is falling apart.
Verdict: Buy

So now that we're in mid-January, how are you doing on your resolutions?


  1. I tend to spend less than a lot of people since I rarely shop in real stores and prefer thrift stores and eBay but I feel like I need to reign in my spending. I went to Marshall's on Saturday with the fiance because I wanted to get some tights and I wanted him to look at shoes. I ended up with 5 pairs of tights (all for $2) AND a pair of Etienne Aigner knee high boots. I was looking for black tall boots and these fit perfectly in the calf, which is rare. But now I feel insanely guilty. I will have to make a point to wear them a lot. I also bought another pair of brown boots from eBay - they were only $1.29 plus $9.99 shipping. So now I have 4 pairs of taller boots. I do like wearing them as they keep my legs warm in the winter, but I have been on such a shoe bender I feel like I need to stop. I am trying to stay away from eBay this week.

  2. I REALLY like the tweed dress on you, it looks amazing in the picture and does not make your shoulders look broad or anything.

    And the belt and accessories are a great get, I can't wait to see them in your outfit pics!

  3. I like the cardigan you picked up and also the tweed dress. Both fit you really well! Resolutions are holding strong - but now that I'm shopping in stores more than online, I find myself buying a lot more things!

  4. Ooo you found the BR Tweed dress? and it was on sale for $70? Darn it!!! I think it looks amazing on you!!!!

  5. I always enjoy seeing outfit shots with bags in it :D Probably because I don't see it on most bloggers. More LV pics please!

    I kinda see what you're saying about the BR tweed dress being broad on top. But I think it still looks good on you!

    The jewelry from BR and Talbots are great buys. Overall a successful shopping trip that didn't break any resolutions!

  6. I have that same bolero and love it! great finds at the outlet and i'm glad you're holding strong to your resolutions! i'm trying to hold true to mine as well and am watching my spending like crazy! :)

    cute and little

  7. What a great bolero and accessories! I find that Talbots has wonderful shoes and accessories even though I can't fit into their clothes.

    As for resolutions, I've been doing well with closet purge. I haven't shopped yet this year and it feels good since I'm more aware of what I already own. But I haven't started learning a new language yet...I guess I'll hold off on that until I feel more settled. Good luck on your resolutions! =)

  8. Kerry - The good thing (and I guess possibly bad thing) is that all your purchases are such great deals, but I can see how that can be dangerous too. I want to start going to the flea market for jewelry pieces, do you ever venture to one? I'm a big fan of tall boots too - I think I have 7? I got my eBay brooches today and am now very excited to incorporate them in some outfits :)

    Elle - Aww, thanks! I'm rather excited about the accessories and how to mix them in :)

    Petite Mom - I love the cardigan! It was such a great deal and I love that I can take advantage of girls sizing :) Glad your resolutions are going strong!!

    Annie - They had a BUNCH at my store - a couple 00Ps, a 0P, and several 2Ps. Thank you - you are too sweet - it looks sooooooo much better on you!

    Jessy - That's so sweet of you to say - thank you!

    Cee - I always forget about adding a bag to my OOTDs but I'll make more of an effort in the future. I sometimes forget there are other gals out there who love bags like me :) Yeah! The shoulders and chest area look weirdly wide in this dress than in other clothes.

    Kileen - Yay for doing well on resolutions! It's a bit tough at times but ultimately I feel so much better that I'm making an effort.

    Stylepint - Yes, I definitely agree! I will be venturing to Talbots in the future for accessories - I really do love the belt. The tights are a nice quality too - nice and thick. What kind of route are you planning on taking to learn the new language? Good luck to you too on your resolutions! You're doing well on the shopping one!!


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