Monday, January 3, 2011

A Tale of 2 Snoods: Burberry Reviews

Whilst in bed last week with what I thought was food poisoning (it was actually a stomach virus and I only know this because I've given it to each member of my family over the past week - sorry fam!), I did some after X-mas online shopping.  I was on the hunt for a gray Burberry scarf and wound up with 2 snoods instead.   Every time I hear "snood", I think of a Dr. Seuss character but it's actually a scarf / hood.  I think I'm starting to ramble so let's get on to the reviews:

Snood #1, Burberry Bias Check Reversible Snood, Dark Grey, one side wool and the other silk, Burberry online
This snood features 1 long loop of material that can be worn several ways.
Wool side is a lighter gray color

Silk side has more charcoal coloring

One long loop (I would probably tuck it in but I forgot to take a photo of tucked vs. untucked)

Looped through itself it looks like a regular scarf (untucked and tucked)

2 wraps around the head for a relaxed look

3 wraps around the head to be uber-cozy
Jacket:  Banana Republic, XS (old)
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny with Ankle Zip
Boots:  Born Crown Yolanda, Gray - love, love these!

  • Reversible - wool side for fall / winter and silk for spring.  The different shades of gray are also nice for 2 different looks.
  • Versatile - can be worn several ways 
  • Not shown, but you can also wear this as a hood


  • Um, can't think of any
Keep!  The color and versatility are perfect!

Snood #2, Burberry Giant Check Wool Snood, Camel, Saks Fifth Avenue
In comparison to Snood #1, this one is much thicker with a shorter loop.

I think you can really only wear this 1 way (aside from wearing as a hood) since the loop is too short to double up.  Here it is tucked and untucked.

  • Very thick and cozy
  • The color and pattern are classics
  • The wool is pretty scratchy
  • I set out to buy a gray scarf and this doesn't fulfill my need for gray
  • It looks a little too similar to the Burberry scarf I already have (below).  And the cashmere of the scarf is much more comfortable on my neck.
My regular Burberry scarf in Mega Check

Return.  This one is less versatile, is not gray, and too similar to another scarf I have.

Are you a snood fan?  Can you think of any other ways to wear it?


  1. I am so confused by the concept of snoods (but after seeing them on you and Ping I am reconsidering). The first one looks fabulous on you...didn't know they can be worn so many ways...I can't think of any other ways to wear them but I like what you've got. :)

  2. i am beginning to like these snoods! they are so easy to wear and i think they drape nicer than regular scarfs...heehe. i like both, but after reading what you said about the second one, i think you made the right decision returning it. i can't stand itchy material. love the color of the first one too.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of Dr. Seuss when hearing the term "snood." :-D

  4. I like the fact that when the trend is over, I'll let the seams go and turn it into a scarf. hahahaha.

  5. I am so behind. This is the first time I've heard of a snood! The print of the first one is gorgeous (I'm more of a fan of Burberry's obscure colorings, and not their traditional prints). I'm glad you're keeping that one and thanks for the helpful and detailed review!

  6. Snood = Dr. Suess - yeah, I am totally getting that too. I don't own a snood, but I think they look versatile. I like the idea of not having your scarf dragging around if it comes untied. I have this weird scarf/snood/tube of knitted yarn thingy that is similar but not long enough to double loop. I have struggled with ways to wear it without looking like I wrapped a half unraveled skein of yarn.

    I personally like the second plaid, but I prefer the cut/length and reported softness of the first one.

  7. I love your new header! That's a such a pretty scarf- love the color!

  8. Hmm I only own one burberry scarf, and it's extremely warm and comfortable compared to my non-designer ones. Those are more scratchy.

    I'm surprised the camel wool snood is scratchy - that's definitely a large concern of mine when it comes to scarves in general. I am still weary about snoods in general because they are a circular piece. Thank you for showing us different ways to wear them!

  9. Elle - Thank you! I was not very into snoods before. I had really wanted a scarf but when I saw the gray snood - it seemed like it could be a decent scarf alternative. Once I got it, I was very pleasant surprised with how many ways it could be worn!

    Ping - I LOVE how you wear your animal print one and I can't say I didn't think about that when I ordered them ;)

    Ruth Ann - LOL - yay for not being alone in thinking that!

    Aubrey - LOL - that's very true! It's also good that it looks like a classic scarf depending on how you wear it.

    Cee - I think other brands call it an Infinity Scarf but Burb calls them "snoods". I'm not entirely sure why - shouldn't it be a "scood" or "shood"? I'm over thinking this LOL.

    Kerry - Yay for another vote on Dr. Seuss terminology :D You could probably very easily sew your own snood in a double or triple wrap length. This one is just a piece of silk sewn to a piece of wool.

    Really Petite - Thanks so much! I've been dying to change the blog look for a while and all the time off work for the holidays was just perfect :)

  10. Christina - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I have no problem with the gray version's wool or the cashmere on my other scarf. For some reason, the 2nd snood is just a thicker, coarser type of wool that irritates my skin a little. May just be me :)

  11. definitely love the color and pattern of 1st one way better than the 2nd! That's awesome that you can wear that first one in so many ways. I got to learn more about scarf tying in general, since I only know 2 ways :) I'd probably be confused how to wrap at snood too. haha

  12. great suggestions on how to wear the snood! and i agree with liking the pattern of the first one more.

  13. Viv - Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Olyvia - Have you seen Cee's scarf video tutorials? They are super helpful!

    Kileen - Thank you! I need to try your belted infinity scarf idea too!

  14. I actually really like your white jacket... looks like it fits well and I'm a sucker for winter white :) Agree with the first scarf over the second, scratchiness is a deal breaker for me.

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