Sunday, January 23, 2011

LOFT New Arrivals & Gap Final Sale Reviews

I'm happy to report that 23 days into the year and I am still doing well on my clothes shopping resolution.  I went to the mall today to visit F21 for some colored tights - namely burgundy and olive green.  I'm often tempted into ordering enough stuff to hit the free shipping threshold and this was my way of saving myself from ordering an excess of "stuff".  But alas, the F21 in my mall is undergoing renovations so they only have a very small portion of their regular offerings.  No colored tights :(

Soooo, seeing as how I was at the mall anyway, I went to check out LOFT & Gap for their respective additional 50% off sale items promo.

No shopping outfit pic today - I was geared for comfort so imagine long skirt, thick tights, and flats - warm, but not cute.  We'll start with LOFT.  I was actually a little disappointed in their sale section which is probably a blessing in disguise so I spent more time checking out their regular price items.

Cotton Metal Zip Front Skirt, Fall Olive, Sz 0, $59.50
This runs a bit big and is not available in petite sizing.  I will say that this fits very nicely (no waist gap) after my giant dim sum outing earlier in the morning :)
Verdict:  Waiting for sale

I really liked this in the yellow stripe I have on above but only SP was available and it was huge.  This fits much better in XSP especially considering that this isn't meant to be a fitted tee.
Verdict: Will wait for sale - but prefer the yellow

Blazer - can't find online so have no idea about the name, 2P (smallest size available)
Too big - it actually makes me look so much heavier - boo.  I'll try to find a 0P or 00P for comparison.
Verdict: Definitely not

Sale racks:
Cowl Neck Sweater, Green Melange, XS, $15
OK, so I know the fit on this isn't wonderful (a little too spacious in the torso) but I really love the cowl and the green.  I'm imagining wearing this with skinny khakis and tall black boots.
Verdict: Buy

Lace Scallop Dress, 2P (smallest size available), $35
This was sooo cute on the hanger, but I think a 0P or possibly a 00P would have fit better.  It just looked like one straight, shapeless tent.  When I pinch off a little of the fabric, it looks much better.  I suppose I could slim it myself or add a belt but I try not to buy things that I need to "fix" unless it's a "must-have" item.
Verdict: No, but would love to try a smaller size

Now on to the Gap sale:
Navy Blue Cardigan, XS
Too boxy and SUPER itchy!
Verdict: No

Zip Front Sweater, Cream, XS, $4
This looks cute in the photos and fits relatively well but the material just attracted all sorts of dust bits and was already starting to pill.  Bad sign, so despite the amazing price, I had to put it back.
Verdict: No

So I made it out of the mall with just one item, the $15 LOFT sweater.  Pretty good, eh?  :)  Any shopping adventures this weekend for you?


  1. my favorite is the scallop lace dress. it does look shapeless, but i do love the material and the look of it. i hope you find a smaller size.

  2. Great self control!! :)

    I was in LOFT this weekend. I tried on the nautical top, but of course, full price is a no-go when the feelings are only luke warm. I prefer the yellowish color, too! They did not have that color at my LOFT, though.

  3. I have to agree that I haven't been overly impressed with the LOFT spring collection so far. I really like the scallop lace dress on you and actually think it would be really unique after alterations to take it in at the sides. And cowl necks are so comfortable and warm, so great buy on your side!

    cute and little
    come enter my giveaway!

  4. I am intrigued by the Gap zip sweater; at that price I might consider grabbing it, although I certainly don't need a cream colored sweater since I already have two.

    I am also interested in the LOFT cowl neck. I don't need any sweaters, but my collection is lacking longer length styles to wear with skinny jeans and leggings. I find myself wanting to wear leggings but wanting something to cover my butt and crotch, and long cardigans don't offer any front coverage. I may have to partake in some shopping soon, despite a self imposed ban.

  5. That scallop lace dress is TOO darling - it was a hit in my local LOFT, I haven't seen it since last year! Too bad it's big on you...but I do like the sweater you ended up with! :)

  6. Ping - The material is gorgeous! If I run into a smaller size, then I will know it was meant to be :)

    Michelle - Thanks! I can see you rocking the yellow nautical top! Are there any other LOFTs near you?

    Kileen - I'm liking the stripes from the spring collection, but I agree, so far nothing is screaming "must have."

    Kerry - The Gap sweater was an amazing deal but I really hate pilling :( You should check out Michelle's post on the LOFT cowl neck sizing - I think she is similar in size to you except a little taller:

    If you want me to pick you up either, just holler!

    Elle - Thank you! It is a cute dress and I can see how it'd be a popular item.

  7. I went to the mall about two weeks ago and walked out disappointed at LOFT too! But wallet remains happy, so that cheered me up a bit :)

    I'm liking the yellow and gray wide striped top on you too! It's a bolder choice but the more I see it around the more it's changing my mind.

    The lace scallop dress is beautiful. I think so many pieces would go wonderfully with it. Definitely worth considering and probably worth it to pay for alterations if you can find it on sale!

  8. I tried on that white blazer in a 00p and tweeted a pic - its weird in the sleeves.

    U did great! I tried to stay away from spending but not doing so great:-) lol


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